Congratulations to Doug Thornsjo who won by a nose against seven extremely close semi-finalists. It took over three hours to select this week's winner! As winner of our special two-week challenge Doug will receive the coveted James K. Polk portrait. Way to go, Doug!

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and keep those suggestions coming!

Sunday 08/23/1998

Michael Avolio

  • A: Carl starts walking down the street, thinking, "It's a beautiful day. Maybe I'll take a walk instead."
    B: He bumps into Scott McCloud himself! (Could say something like, "Hey, you look familiar!" ?)

Morgan Doninger

  • A: A close up of Carl's face with a maniacal look. Thought balloon: "Foolish woman! My plans involve far more than a mere "drink and drive"!!!"
    B: Upper Right Corner of panel "LATER". Carl is in a mad scientist's lab. His hand is on a big switch. Word balloon: "At last! My moment of triumph!!!"

Doug Waldron

  • A: Carl cruising down the highway: "Hey, who needs to drink when you're high on life?"
    B: Carl arrives at the "James K. Polk Presidential Museum."

    Sponsored by Georgians for Carl's Well-Being
    DON'T KILL CARL (our new motto)

Darren Hick

  • A: I STILL think Carl should think to himself, "Well, a pina colada's not REALLY a drink -- more of a light refreshment."
    B: Carl loses control of the vehicle while hunting in the glove compartment for little umbrellas and marischino cherries, "It's just not a pina colada without a little umbrella and a marischino cherry!"

dan wheeler

  • A: carls says "who the hell are you anyway?"
    B: woman says "i've been hiding this from you for long enough. I'm ..."

Dakota Goldsworth

  • A: Driving along, we see Carl contemplating his promise. "I'll just drive a little, and THEN drink!"
    B: Carl pulls into the liquor store parking lot.

Charles Sumner

  • A: Basically a variant of the other starting panel, this one would have Carl in the cockpit of a plane saying, "She didn't say anything about FLYING!" as he pops open a can of beer (SFX: "Pssht").
    B: Exterior of the plane swerving out of control as Carl says, "Wait a minute! I don't know how to fly!"

M. Damien Mako

  • I just noticed how large the word DRIVE is Mothers admonition of Carl. Walking drunk, boring who cares, how about a focher tri-plane with multiple beer cans strewn around. Carl could fly a vintage WWI plane and drink.


  • after he gets crushed he can only think of one thing to avoid the elephant....die! the minute he dies he starts to bring himself back with mold and insects. in no time he's back to drive once again but something is wrong. when he came back he didn't come to the world the thought he came to the world he imagined while his body remained dead.


  • In panel A we see our good kenny like pal carl driving the car with one hand while reading either a lengthy novel or a rolled back comic book. And carl says "She didn't say anything about reading ______" (Something like orgin of a species or the hulk"


  • Carl keeps his promise. However, it suddenly dawns on him that he only had one hour of sleep last night. He tries to stay awake but simply can't. He falls asleep at the wheel. Suddenly, he hits someone crossing the street! Carl immediately wakes up. He gets out of his car to see if the person is alive. He then finds that it is you, Scot McLoud! Scot gets up and starts to fight with Carl. After, 30 minutes of fighting, the two are arrested. While in prison, the two become friends. Carl and you suddenly die for no reason at all.

Jimmy Stewart

  • Carl glances at the elephant, only to find that it has transformed into you, the artist, the creator, Scot Mcloud, and you're wearing a t-shirt which has the "R.I.P. Carl" Picture on the front.

Jamie Coville

  • A: Carl is standing outside his car drinking a bear. He thinks "I'll Drink THEN Drive"
    B: Carl is in his car but there is an angry group of Mothers with MADD buttons on them surronding his car. They have torches and nooses waiting for him.

    Carl cries "Help Me Someone! They'll Kill Me!"


  • Another elephant is there behind the onethat flew off that Carl swerves almost into!

David Goldfarb

  • A: Carl gets in his car; as promised, he's clean and sober.
    B: Another driver comes along. He's all over the road, obviously drunk or stoned. (And I know we're not supposed to be on the panel after, yet, but I'm sure you can see where I'm going -- this other driver hits Carl's car, thus proving that one's own virtuous intentions are not necessarily enough in this life.)

Tony the Comics Guy

  • A: Exterior shot showing car moving down the road. The car is approaching a woman standing next to the road waving her thumb. She has a backpack. Carl: "I'll do a good deed and pick up that hitchhiker."
    B: Interior of car. The Hitchhiker is reaching into her backpack. Carl: "So, what's in your backpack?"

Horselover Fat

  • A: Carl's mom, with a bottle: "That boy drives me to drink!"
    B: Carl climbing into a small plane: "Who wantsh to *drive*??"

Dane Johnson

  • A: Carl drinking a can of beer while riding down the street on his Skate board! "I can't get into trouble if I leave my car home!"
    B: A menacing man with a knife standing in an alley, with Carl passing by on his skateboard in the background

mark coale

  • A: "Drive no, Fly Yes!" Carl is strapping on one of those flying jet packs that James Bond used in Thunderball (needs two hands to steer). (of course, you could modify to make it a Rockeeter jet pack also)
    B: Carl is trying to steer with one hand and drink with the other (out of a bottle? out of a glass?) and is veering wildly all over the panel.

    This presumably would lead to him being out of control, possibly running into a skycraper, an airplane, a flying superhero (hey, maybe a zot cameo) or my choice, a flock of birds (the explosion could result, WB style, in cooked birds dropping out of the sky).

Ted Slampyak

  • A: Carl gets on a rickety old bicycle, tossing beercans behind him and stinking drunk. Slurring, he mutters something about going to a bowling alley.


  • A: carl walks to his car.
    B: a guy appears and throws a bag over his head. that guys accomplice punches carl in gut.


  • A: Carl's car approaches police checkpoint, Carl's thought balloon: "Phew! Good thing I'm sober!"
    B: COP leaning into Carl's window. Cop: "Please step out of the car, sir."


  • Carl says (with a bottle in his hand) "I'd better ride the subway."


  • A: Carl pulls out a flask, takes a swig (of alcohol obviously).
    B: He mumbles "Stupid bitch" and drives off.

frank episale

  • A: carl, in car, opens glove compartment and removes a bottle.
    B: "maybe she was right." outside of car with bottle flying out the window

  • A: carl, beer in hand, decides "i guess i should walk."
    B: carl steps out into intersection


  • A: Carl is driving in his car, and looking down at his watch, he exclaims: "Ohmygosh! I'm late!"
    B: Carl's car speeds through an intersection, ignoring the red light (or stop sign, seeing as that would be easier to draw).

Doug Thornsjo

  • I've got it! In panel A Carl is drinking and _drawing_, and by panel B he has drawn a swirling miasma that threatens to engulf him...

James Langdell

  • A: Carl walks along, raising gin bottle towards mouth.
    CARL: "I'll just walk to the party."
    B: Drum kit falls out of a flying airplane's cargo door.

Neil Cohn

  • A: has girl in the car talking to him "So you're really ticklish" she says. Worried, he says "uh, no"
    B: she starts tickling him like crazy

aaron luk

  • A: another young driver, dave, smirks at carl: "race you to the drive-in, carl!"
    B: dave and carl's cars drag racing at breakneck speed

  • A: carl's car approaches a hitchhiker
    B: carl: "need a lift?"

  • A: carl attaches a rubber hose to his exhaust pipe
    B: carl brings the rubber hose into the car through the driver's side window

  • A: a masked guy with a gun and a bag of money jumps into carl's car: "drive, kid!"
    B: carl lunges at the masked guy and punches him

  • A: carl enters his empty garage: "hey, where's my car?!"
    B: carl's car coming right for him. offpanel carl: "christine?!"

Sky (Age 5)

  • A: Carl drives
    B: Carl says "lets go to the circus", driving toward a tent.

Winter (Age 3)

  • A: Carl drinks and drives
    B: Carl steps on the car

David Lasky

  • A: Carl walks out front door saying - "Well, I'm off to the tavern."
    B: Carl behind the wheel thinking - "Does beer count?" He is holding a 40 ozer in hand.

Douglass Barre

  • A: Carl is swigging from a bottle while riding his bicycle.
    B: Carl is waving his arms, riding with no hands, shouting "Two wheels good, four wheels bad!"

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