I am so proud of you people! These are fiendishly brilliant suggestions. Congatulations to Bill Randall and Mark Rosenfelder who had similar ideas. I liked the Carl-like simplicity of "drugs" suggested by Bill combined with Mark's deft phrasing.

The simple and direct approach seemed the best one for so early in the game, but those with more surreal or explosive suggestions take heart -- your time WILL come. Please feel free to resubmit any of these when you think they might be appropriate again. (Perhaps we will yet get to see our first runner-up, the "Insincere Promise Fairy.")

Suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and keep those suggestions coming!

Sunday 07/19/1998

Christopher Butcher

  • Suddenly... FISH!

Erik Hallberg

  • Carl trips on the sidewalk, and from his worm's eye POV discovers an intriguing pattern embossed into a metal grate.

Leslie Sternbergh

  • Carl is reincarnated as a guy named Bill.

Mark Rosenfelder

  • Carl: "She didn't say anything about shooting up!"
  • Carl encounters Dekko's robots!!
  • The Insincere Promise Fairy appears!
  • Carl heads off to his AA meeting.

Bill Randall

  • I'll do drugs INSTEAD!

Doug Waldron

  • "Actually, I've just joined Alcoholics Anonymous"

    I am hereby founding "Georgians for Carl's Well-Being" in an attempt to SAVE CARL'S LIFE (our motto).

Colin Campbell

  • "A giant clam!" -- A bit surreal, but okay.
  • "Oh boy! Cirque du Soleil!" -- Challenging!
  • "Time to make the doughnuts." -- Possibly a trademark violation

Lou Graziani

  • ...that I won't drive cattle! hehehe

Tony Brandl

  • A shot of Carl's hand, behind his back, with his fingers crossed.

Douglass Barre

  • Silent panel, Carl's hand behind his back, fingers crossed. In his back pocket, a ticket for an amusement park.

Bob Funkimacher

  • Carl points to window. "Ahhh! Flying monkeys!"

Kevin Moore

  • Carl asks, "But can I smoke in bed?"

Jim Drew

  • Caption: Later...
    Carl is drunk -- little popping bubbles around his head -- and says "Maybe I should >hic< call a cab."

Darren Hick

  • "'Course, a pina colada isn't REALLY a drink..."

    Naturally, if you were to show Carl with a pina colada in the panel, it'd HAVE to have a little umbrella in it.

Nat Gertler

  • Carl with thot balloon: "Dang, there go my plans for tonight! Maybe I'll stick beans up my nose..."

Michael Winston

  • Carl goes to the driving range to practice his golf swing.

Weston Markham

  • Carl ponders: "hmm. What should I have for breakfast?"

Mark Krukar

  • Daisy picks Carl up in her car. Daisy is drunk.

Andrew Kaplan

  • We see a bunch of tough-looking kids in a beat-up car, drinking.

Jason Brice

  • The woman throws a frying pan at Carl's head, knocking him out.

Barry Deutsch

  • I think the next panel should show Carl saying "c'mon, Scout!" to a cat, who should enthusiastically respond "woof!"

Joseph Chiang

  • Carl decides to drink, so he throws away the car key and decides to walk instead.

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