Uh-oh, Here come the Guns.

Once again Douglass Barre found the perfect twist but Howard Schiller came up with almost exactly the same idea so a big hand for both Gents. (And again I must assure Carl's loyal readers I was in no way swayed by the coveted Cookie Award at San Diego to choose Mr. Barre's suggestion!)

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and keep those suggestions coming!

Sunday 10/18/1998

Adam Ford

  • Flying carl cracks a beer.

    "...She didn't say anything about drinking and FLYING!"

    Driving Carl cranes his neck around, "Was that what I thought it was"


  • Carl with wings is hovering in the air holding his pencil. "Whatever I draw becomes real!" he shouts.
  • In the distance on the ground we see the driving Carl shaking his fist up at his flying doppleganger.

frank episale

  • carl, clearly shaken, looks down at the pills in his hand
  • carl pokes his head out from the window of his car, looking up at the sky. says, "my god...!"

Howard Schiller

  • Carl high above the city commenting "everyone looks like ants..."
  • "Blam"... Carl falls to the ground in the background and in the forground a duck hunter yells "I bagged one!"

    (btw, this is so enjoyable, i look forward to coming to work every Monday to see the new panel! Thanks Scott.)

dan wheeler

  • the carl driving the car throws a bottle of pills out the window & says to himself. "that's it! i'm going to detox."
  • flying carl looks over his shoulder as he flies over the car. "whew! that was close!" he says as he flies straight into some low hanging powerlines.

Johnny "Pickme Dammit!"

  • After Flying Carl "Passes" Overhead...

    Driving Carl: "Ewww, what's that on my windshield?"


  • Flying Carl and driving Carl come to their destination- the Multi-dimensional Carl convetnion!
  • We focus now on flying Carl who has left Driving Carl in the dust. He is flying blind through some clouds- Saying, "I can't see a thing..." and perhaps he is about to collide with something...
  • Driving Carl moves onward "These hallucinations are so life-like. I wonder if I can conjure up a cheeseburger!" (too wordy perhaps?)


  • Carl flies too close to the sun melting his wings.

Drew Hart-Shea

    Scott, I'm never quite sure if Carl has to die or not but here's a suggestion for his demise.

    [Actually, Carl only has to die if there's a gravestone in the next panel (though we do have a spare just now). A lot of people seem to be confused about this.]

  • Flying Carl is splatted like a bug on the windshield of a huge truck.
    Panel looks thus: MASSIVE Truck on the left hand side, just entering the panel. zip-line representing Carl's flight across middle of the panel, from right to left. jagged splat/impact representation on windshield, with tiny crumpled Carl, from which the word balloon:

    "I'm flying! I'm flyURGH!" emanates.

Douglass Barre (age 28)

  • (You know, I'd really kind of like to see one of Winter or Sky's panels win one of these days. They're always very fun to read.) We see a hunter aiming a rifle at flying Carl. There is a sign on a tree next to him that reads "Duck Season." Hunter: "Well, he ain't wearin' orange..."

Noah (the guy who came up with the idea to run over Carl's mom!)

  • The pink elephant starts chasing after flying Carl. "Hey, give those back!" The elephant says. Either a): Carl feels guilty and goes to return the wings, b): is scared and flies away, or c): flies away, laughing devilishly.
  • Driving Carl starts FLYING in his car after flying car, Thinking it's a giant bird that almost bombed his car. (He is drunk anyway.)
  • The Carls chase after eachother. Low and behold, they run into President Millard Fillmore. (Thanks Scott!)
  • The Carls are about to go their separate ways, but low and behold they end up running into Zot and the guy from Destroy. "So this is what you've been doing, Scott?!" they say.
  • The Carls go their separate ways. However, driving Carl get's sucked out of flying Carl's painting, into the "real" world, and flying Carl almost crashes into a pink elephant. (Weird guy am I!)
  • Flying Carl falls to the ground, not quite sure how to use his new wings. (It's not that high so he doesn't have to be killed). We "hear" a "Kerthump!" sound or something. And if you want, driving Carl could turn around to help.
  • The flying Carl isn't paying attention and crashes into the front of a semi. Driving Carl is too busy looking at the collision in the rear-view mirror that, he drive's off a cliff. (R.I.P. scene just for the fun of it!)
  • Because Carl says "...HEY!", He could (and probably should) turn around, to see what this freak of nature is. Carl looks puzzeled (as well he should be) and so, the chase begins!

    Scott, first, I know these are a lot of ideas here, and I understand that still my idea may not be chosen, after all there are A LOT of great ideas here. I just enjoy doning this.
    Second, I have to say, that this is one of the most inventive and funnest things on the web. This is revolutionary for the web--interactive art. Thank you for this site.

    [Hey, Special Bonus: If I choose your suggestion, I'll let you plug your site in the next message! Here's Noah's: http://onlinestuff.web-page.net/ Remember, that's winners only -- cause we all know what would happen otherwise! --Scott]

Michael Avolio

  • We see Driving Carl turn his head to look backwards. What he doesn't see is that he's heading straight towards a building (or a brick wall, or another car, etc.) He could say something like "How--?" or "What the..?" or "He's flying!"

    (Or of course we could go non sequitor and have a of Abraham Lincoln, or a pipe, or Scott McCloud, or... me!)

dominic sagolla

  • driving carl's car sprouts wings and follows flying carl, eventually intercepting the two guilty carls in the other sequence, crushing them both, so all four carls eat it in a graveyard!

Doug Waldron

  • Close up of driving Carl, very angry. "That thing stole my hood ornament!"
  • Close up of driving Carl, looking thoughtful. "This reminds me of a weird dream I once had..." (Cue flashback.)

sandy carruthers

    "HEY, MISTER... WATCH IT!" (boy scout)
    "SORRY!" (carl)
    "BASTARD!" (little old lady)

M. Robert Turnage

  • Car-Carl looks out the window to see a monkey jumping up and down after the Flying-Carl. Quote the monkey, "Give those things back!"
  • The flying elephant snakes its trunk around the Flying Carl's wings. Flying Carl says "Help!" Car Carl is turning the car around saying, "Hold on"

Sky (age 5)

  • The flying Carl accidently falls and hits the driving Carl.

Winter (age 3)

  • A pig steps over the car in a while.


  • Flying Carl lands on the back of the flying elephant. CARL: coool!!

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