Special Offer!!

As I mentioned on the main page, the winner(s) of this special two week contest will receive a one-of-a-kind original ball-point pen drawing on a regulation sized blank U.S. postcard of JAMES K. POLK, THE ELEVENTH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!! I pledge to you that this drawing will take me at least FIVE MINUTES to complete. This offer may never be repeated!!

Congratulations to Tony the Comics Guy who perfectly split the meaning of our last panel!

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and keep those suggestions coming!

Sunday 08/09/1998


  • Carl hangs a sharp right only to find himself driving towards a giant pink GIRAFFE! (Ostrich? Tweety-bird?)

    Carl: "Eeek!"

Tony the Comics Guy

  • the elephant sprouts wings and flies over the car. We hear a loud "Whew! That was close!" from Carl.

Winter (age 3)

  • I think the elephant will eat the man in the car.

Sky (age 5)

  • I think the elephant should step on the frog.


  • The elephant turns into the gang ramp for a big boat that carl is now boarding (unbeknownst to him).

Charles Sumner

  • It's a real elephant and Carl drives up its trunk, screaming as his car goes hurtling into the air above the poor dumbfounded animal.
  • The elephant's a hallucination and Carl drives through it as The Red Basher lands on his hood, but is this just a hallucination as well?

tim harrison

  • carl sez: "better take a downer to counteract this upper."
  • carl gets on the elephants back so that he can get to where he's going in style.


  • Why can't anyone see me?? WOW! No one can see me.


Horselover Fat

  • Carl's car travels along the elephant's back; background is psychedelic.
  • Carl covers his eyes: "Oh no, not the bats!"

Michael Avolio

  • Carl drives by a circus tent, saying, "Hey, there's a circus in town

Erik Hallberg

    Okay, then... this is essentially a retread of my idea from last week, but the timing seems more appropriate now:

  • Shocked and offended look on the elephant's face, as Carl's car, seen from behind, narrowly avoids a collision. The car is perhaps up on two wheels.

    CARL (head out window): Wa-hoooo!

    ELEPHANT (thought balloon): Idiot.

Aldo Alvare

  • Carl drives past elephant, right into the circus parade. A Volkswagen beetle filled with clowns swerves to avoid collision. Other big animals in the background begin to panic.

    Carl: Hey, the circus is in town!

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