You Wascally Weaders

Well, despite a healthy Warner Brothers contingient and a group of good-hearted souls, doing their best to keep everyone alive; a little death seemed, nevertheless appropriate -- not to mention symmetrical. Congratulations to: Jonathan L. Miller, frank episale, and Jeff who all knew where to take aim! Note: Frank took our winners-only offer to link to his sight --just click on his name. Remember, that's winners only ('cause we all know what would happen otherwise!)

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and keep those suggestions coming!

Sunday 10/25/1998

mark coale

    I wouldn't be surprised in the least if this suggestion is given repeatedly, but what the hey --

  • As Carl flies off in the distance, we see a pair of black arms enter the panel from underneath, replacing the "Duck Season" sign with one that says "Rabbit Season."

    Word balloon "Yes, I'm Despicable."

Erik Hallberg

  • Flying Carl, attempting to "put on the brakes" as buckshot whizzes past him, his feet are forward in classic Looney Tunes screech-to-a-halt posture. He has a shocked expression.
    SFX (off) Ka-Pow!! (as the shrapnel brushes a wingtip) snick!
    CARL: Weeee-- Hey!!

    I realize this isn't a two-panel deal this week, BUT.. the idea is that in the next panel, Flying Carl will plummet to earth, fatally wounded, landing squarely in the graveyard, preferably right on top of Original Carl and Formerly Falling Carl.

Johnny "pickme!!!"

  • "Hey Hunter!" yells Carls mother, unfortunately she startles him and so she is riddled with bullets.

Adam Ford

  • Close up on Carl in the air, some clouds behind, a bullet streaking through one of his wings. Carl: "Owww", and beginning his "descent"
  • Carl catches the bullet in his teeth. Tiny silhouette of hunter on ground. Hunter: "What the?"
  • Carl gets it right in the chest and falls to earth, bleeding profusely. Carl: "Oh, if only this were all a dream" Except it isn't because that's against the rules, but it's not against the rules for Carl to WISH it was a dream, right?
  • The hunter misses Carl and brings down Snoopy in his Sopwith Camel instead. Carl: "Whew, that was close"
  • Carl at the gates of heaven, turning to the "camera". Carl (indicating his wings with a thumb cocked over his finger): "Well, at least I came prepared!" In the background we can see Carl's Mom, but Carl hasn't seen her yet...

    Oh, that's about enough. Thanks, Scott.

dan wheeler

  • flying carl's corpse crashes in a heap on his mom's front lawn. she look out her front window & screams "Carl!"

David Goldfarb (age 30)

  • A bullet slams into flying Carl; he begins to fall towards a nearby graveyard.

Jonathan L. Miller

    This is almost too easy. We have to tie in (somehow) to the tombstone panel that will be above the next panel, so how about this...

  • The bullet flys at Flying-Carl, who is too unused to his wings to do anything! Suddenly! Mom appears, taking a bullet for her son!

    Mom! I never knew you could fly! Mom: We...can..all beloved son......


Charles Sumner

  • The hunter shoots off Carl's wings and he lands on his mother (I know it's busy but we've only got two panels to get these storys to merge back together).

Mark Schlatter

  • Panel of Carl (with wings) up in the air. As the blast hits him (BANG with explosion from the chest), we see that Carl is starting to divide in two (two heads, several arms, several legs).

    BTW, with two Carls around, a gravestone panel doesn't have to indicate the end of the story!

Michael Patrick

  • A famous black duck steps in and changes the sign to read "Wabbit Season"!
  • Driving Carl comes to the resuce and runs over the hunter.
  • Driving carl and the hunter drive away in the car with flying carl strapped to the hood.

Morgan Doninger

  • Drving Carl plows through the hunter, saving the flying Carl. Flying Carl in the distance goes, "Weee-huh?".

frank episale

  • carl catches bullet in his teeth. there is a wicked, swirly-colored gleam in his eye.
  • bullett has passed carl. he whirls around to see his mother, now also with wings. "MOM!! OH NO!!"
  • carl, a bullet hole in one wing, plummets toward earth
  • carl looks on as pink elephant, struck by bullett, falls past him

David Brennan

  • White gloved hand from behind tree whips off the Duck Season poster to reveal one which says "Wabbit Season", we see ears but nothing else (to save copyright infringment). Hunter is stunned and forgets to fire.


  • Carl's mother should fly by, saving carl, but unfortunately meeting her demise. Maybe even show her head on a trophy in the hunter's house with carl looking longingly from outside through a window.

James Riley

  • The caption from this week's panel should fall, hit the hunter on the head, and throw off his shot, only winging Carl, cause, you know, why not?


  • Flying Carl throws a beer bottle at the hunter, at which he runs away, shown to be a coward.
  • Driving Carl drives to see flying Carl. However, he isn't looking and hits the hunter. (For once, a bad guy dies in this series.)
  • 1st the hunter has pullen out his shotgun. However, flying Carl pulls out a bigger shotgun. Either a): they laugh, or b): Carl shoots the hunter, thus beginning the tale of Carl's life of Crime (endangering both murdering-flying Carl AS WELL AS as driving Carl!).
  • The giant pink elephant, seeing Carl again, lunges at him. The hunter fires at the elephant. Either the elephant dies, or he and Carl attack the hunter.
  • Carl, in desparation, says "Hey! Try this!" He then throws him a bottle of beer. "Mmmmm!" says the hunter. Could this be the start of an UNUSUAL relationship? Flying-painting-drunk and pshycho- hunter -- friends.
  • The hunter fires. Yet, rather than it being a bullets, it turns out to be a squirt-gun, or maybe a litle flag that says "BANG!"
  • The hunter, sadly, shoots Carl. He is then confronted by Carl's mom. (If there are two Carls, aren't there two Carl's moms?) She see's the beer bottle next to him and cries.
  • Carl is sucked back into his canvas, saved from the hunter's rifle.
  • After the hunter makes his chilling statement, Carl magically turns to orange. His hair turns to red. He could say, "AHHH! I'm on--no! No wait! WEE!", or something. (This story gets stranger and stranger!)
  • Seeing Carl in the hunter's sight, either a): a sworm of ducks attack the hunter, causing him to flee in terror, or b): a duck, seeing Carl in danger, sacrifices his life. (In a sick way, it would be a little amusing to see "R.I.P. Duck".)
  • In the last cell, Carl said "WEE!" In this cell, the hunter says "WEE!", and shoots Carl! (Short and simple.)

Howard "so close" Schiller

  • "Blam"... Carl gets shot in the wing (you know with feathers flying everywhere) and starts his fall towards the ground

M. Robert Turnage

  • Car-Carl ert-smashes into the hunter and the tree. A shot goes off, sending the Flying Carl spirialing downward.

Matt Springer

  • A duck appears and takes a bullet for the flying man.

Cullen Stapleton

  • Show the hunter with a giant bullseye on his chest as the pellets fired from the gun are whizzing past carl. (The view should be as Carl is in the air looking down at the hunter.)

Colin Campbell

  • The bullet whizzes over Flying Carl's head, because he ducks ... "Good thing it's duck season."
  • The bullet lodges in an actual orange (the fruit) that Flying Carl is carrying (oh, the irony!)
  • Flying Carl spirals toward the ground. "Yahhhhhhhh! That smarts!"


  • "then again neither am I...." hunter puts head to shotgun
  • Bambi charges Hunter "THE KILLING ENDS NOW!! WITH YOU!!!"

Sky (Age 5)

  • He shoots Carl, Carl falls down dead. The next panel is a tombstone.

Winter (Age 3)

  • The pig steps over the car.


  • Carl in car hits the hunter accidently, as he's too busy looking up at flying Carl and has, hence, driven off the road.

    CARL: He looks like m-- SFX:BAM!

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