Just to reiterate: I will miss next week's Carl (due to SPX '98 -- see the Welcome Page) so once again we have a Special Two-Week Carl Challenge! Post your suggestions for panels "A" and "B" anytime until Saturday October 3rd at Midnight and if your suggestion is used this time I will send an original, ballpoint pen drawing of Millard Fillmore, Thirteenth President of the United States on a plain, regulation-sized U.S. postcard. I pledge to YOU my loyal readers that this drawing will take at least 6 minutes to complete. Can you resist?! Make your suggestion today!

Congratulations to Michael Avolio whose excellent suggestion leaves plenty of lattitude for our two week follow-up.

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and keep those suggestions coming!

Sunday 09/20/1998

Adam Ford

  • I guess this is a bit obvious, but seeing as we probably have to take out two Carls with one panel, how about the lying down Carl (or as I like to refer to him, "psychedelic Drawing Carl") getting squished under the tyres and at the same time "pink Elelphant Carl" pitching forward through the windscreen and straight into a brick wall. the RIP panel should read: "RIP. Carl x2"
  • Or, alternatively, you might not want to spell it all out (or there might not be enough room for all that) and let the gutter do the talkingójust a huge panel of "SMASSH!!!!" and then the "RIP Carl x2" panel. Implication is so much more fun than spelling it out, right?

Note: Adam was one of several people who assumed that both Carls had to die on the corner, but in fact that's just a turning point. Remember, if Carl must die, I'll always give you a gravestone panel. As it happens, no death is necessary for a while (though we do have a spare, don't we?) --Scott

dan wheeler

  • carl standing in front of the "RIP Carl" gravesite.

mike jozic

  • comments: Carl swerves to avoid hitting the other Carl and hits a street light on the side of the road. This kills Carl instantly and causes the street light to fall towards the other Carl...Two Carls with one pole, you might say.

Nick Pluto

  • The Carl that just fell from the sky lies in a pool of his own blood, bleeding to death. The other Carl smashes on to a wall cause because he got distracted of the first, falling, Carl. [Yup, they doth die].
  • Driver-Carl, goes near Falling-Carl and says 'Are you all right? Here take some pills. I took some too earlier' [Winners don't use drugs]

Harry Lagoussis

  • Whoosh! "Whoa!" A UFO appears out of nowhere and the falling Carl is taken along for a ride (O.K., so I stole this idea from "The Life of Brian"... Whoosh "Whoa!" A flying pink elephant appears out of nowhere and... well, you know the rest. Another portal appears on the hood of the car, and Carl falls into it. Carl hits himself with his car (I know this is obvious, but it has a Marshall McLuhan thing). Close-up of both Carls screaming (in a shared balloon).

frank episale

  • the windshield splits the screen. carl, face pressed against the outside of the windshield faces carl, inside the car. inside the car, the world is black and white. outside the car, the world is all pretty swirly colors.

Charles Sumner

  • An anime-style split panel, based on those great scenes that happen when enemies meet in combat. All of the motion is frozen and the top half of the panel has "falling Carl's" face on the right with lots of movement lines and the bottom half has "driving Carl's" face on the left with lines going in the opposite direction.

Douglass Barre (Age 28)

  • Drawing Carl sprouts wings and flies over the car. Driving Carl says, "Whew! That was close!"
  • Carls come face to face through the car windshield, both thinking, "Boy, what a handsome guy this is!"
  • Driving Carl speeds on, crushing Drawing Carl beneath his wheels. In the background, we see that he is driving past a whole graveyard of "R.I.P. CARL" gravestones.
  • Both Carls stand in front of their mom, each saying, "No, I'm Carl!" Mom is thinking, "2 x food, 2 x clothes, 2 x car insurance..."

Howard Schiller

  • Carl's has to die in the next panel on the right, right? So, Carl (in the car) swerves out of the way into a stoplight.

Michael Avolio

  • Falling Carl lands on Driving Carl's car with a THUMP.
  • Falling Carl crashes through the car's windshield.
  • Driving Carl jerks the wheel, saying, "I think I hit something!" or, "What was that?" There's some sort of loud sound fx... ("crash"?)
  • The whole panel is covered with a loud CRASH! or something to that effect.

Jeff Sharman

  • Carl 1 is standing over Carl 2's gravestone. A tear travels down his face. "What hell is this?" he moans.

S. Krystal

  • As Carl hits the ground he shatters into many several Carls, something akin to the broom splinters in Fantasia.


  • Carl is hit by the car. Carl flies through the air, saying, "This ain't pretty...."


  • Carl looks in the car. You, Scot, are driving.You speed-up, laughing with an insane cackle(hope this isn't too much over the top).
  • That flying pink elephant falls out of the portal. He ends up crushing the car. This isn't a very good idea, but since I can have as many ideas as I want....
  • Carl is inside the car. Carl is falling. The Carls (or "Carli" or "Carlites") colide, turning into a two-headed Carl.

eric hess

  • "camera" pulls back to show preceding panel is a panel on the drawing board of yet another 2075-era carl, who is apparently suffering a fatal heart attack (a la terry gilliam in "monty python and the holy grail"). (no spontaneous combustion allowed? jeez, you're really limiting us here, scott.) :)

Tomas Clark

  • Side-shot of car, with Carl behind wheel bent forward over steering wheel looking at another Carl, somewhat contorted on the hood of the car with his face pressed up against the windshield. "Doppleganger!" says the first Carl. "Dybbuk!" says the second Carl.

Terence Chua

  • Carl, out of the car, looking down at the body in front of it. The car's fender is bashed in. He cries out in alarm, "Oh my God! I killed myself!"


  • Carl gets a talking erection named Frank. Frank saves the day.

Sidney teles

  • Carl fall on the Carl's car and look through the front car's window and see Carl and think 'I must be drunk!'

    Sorry about my terrible english, I'm brazilian!

    Your english is far better than my portuguese, Sidney; no need to apologize. Thank you for posting! --Scott

Jason Brice

  • Falling Carl lands on the roof of the car and starts "surfing" on it. Driving Carls sticks his head out the window.

    Driving Carl: "Whoa, Dude! Its me!"

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