A Day of Reckoning!

This week's classic morality play twist comes via the diabolicalNoah -- soon to be proud owner of the coveted Millard Fillmore Drawing!

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and keep those suggestions coming!

Sunday 10/04/1998

Douglass Barre

  • A: Driving Carl looks down at the body in front of his car. It is Drawing Carl, but in inverse tones (black skin, white hair, etc.) Driving Carl: "He looks like me... but made of ANTI-MATTER!"
    B: Driving Carl reaches down to touch Drawing Hit-By-Car Carl.

dan wheeler

  • A: carl gets out of car & sees that he hit and killed someone. he quickly looks both ways for witnesses. "i hope no one saw me"
    B: carl's tires SQUEAL as he leaves the scene of the accident. dying carl groans.

Adam Ford

  • PANEL A:
    a) Driving Carl is standing over a rather mangled Falling Carl, who is in foreground silhouette, one hand reaching skywards. Driving Carl says something like "OH, MY GOD! I HIT MY LONG-LOST TWIN BROTHER"
    b) or, alternatively, it could be something more straight, like, "OH MY GOD! I'VE GOT TO GET YOU TO A HOSPITAL!"
    (I know it's a bit dialogue, heavy, but trust me on this, it'll work)
    PANEL B:
    a) Carl confronting his mother, "Mom, why didn't you tell me I had a brother?" Tears in his eyes. This is a nice jump off to another storyline, the "Untold story of Carl's mom", so to speak.
    b) Driving Carl in car again with mangled Falling Carl in passenger seat beside him. "Hold on, we're nearly there!" Mangled Carl burbling something about "pretty..."
    c) FLASH! A bolt of lightning surrounds our hero, standing resplendent in his new costume, complete with cape, boots and a really nifty "EC" logo on his chest. He has an evil grin and is chuckling to himself. He's proably got his hands on his hips or something...


  • A: Oh Well, if it was a person God would smite me.
    B: Hand of God in Sky, Carl narrowly avoids lightning bolt smite.


  • A: Carl get's out of his car and looks at the banged up Carl. "Hey mister, are you ok?" Carl askes himself. "Oooog......" replies Carl.
    B: Carl and Carl are in the hospital with one of them bandged up from head to toe. A Doctor is with them.

    "I'll need $50,000 to heal him." Says the doctor. "Gulp!" says Carl. "oog" says Carl.

Ben Rossi

  • A: Carl says, "I better go check out what I hit." As he opens his car door, an approaching tractor-trailer is headed in Carl's direction.
    B: Carl screams as the honking truck plows right into him and his car door.

Howard Schiller

  • A: Since they're the same carl, they should have somewhat of the same reaction. So, the panel should be "druggie" carl being hit by the car saying "Something Hit Me!)
    B: Along the same lines, this panel should have them seeing each other for the first time. Both scratching their heads and saying "huh?" (you know, using one speech baloon but two arrows).

Jason Alderman

  • A: Carl, getting out and looking over the hood, notices the damage to the car, but not the body (offpanel) that looks just like him: "Awwww, no...Mom'll never let me borrow the car again!"
    B: Carl muses... "...but not if I can hide the body somewhere...?"


  • A: carl gets out of his car and stares down at himself. "man. these drugs really ARE strong."
    B: carl reaches into the dead carls pocket and takes out his car keys. "ha ha ha! now i have an extra set of keys for free!"

Mark Coale

  • A: Carl's car runs into an invisible wall. The wall is being created by that scourge of humanity, the street mime.
    B: As Carl gets out of the car, the mime is scrunched up under a tiny umbrella. Unseen by Carl, the bottom of a safe of 16-ton weight is just barely coming into the panel.


  • Idea #1-
    Carl looks to see who he hit. Low and behold it's his mother! Either she get's up, is O.K.,and starts yelling at a flustered Carl, or you show the R.I.P. cell. I like this idea because nobody wants to or thinks of bringing Carl's mom back into the equation.
  • Idea #2-
    Carl spins out of control and flies off a cliff, and I mean flies! he looks out and sees that he's being carried by that pink elephant. (Him again.) For a follow-up, he could see that the entire sky is filled flyig elephants.


  • A: Carl in the car is confused looking "I hit myself!" Carl Exclaimed, "How can this be?"
    B: A Rod Serling like figure exclaims something about Carl being in the "Create your Own Carl zone" Carl has created himself!

Dakota Goldsworth

  • A: Carl 1 looking down on Carl 2, lying with X's in his eyes. Carl 1: "Wha?!" Carl 1: "No more drugs for me!"
    B: Pooking fun at all the R.I.P. scenes, Carl 1 is in front of the classic tombstone of "Carl". Carl 1: "Wow." Carl 1: "Really puts things in perspective." Instead of the classic "END", perhaps in small letters at the bottom it can read, "END?"

Jeremy Heywood

  • A: carl realises he has run over himself
    B: usual r.i.p. carl scene, but with carl at gravesite
  • A: carl and carl come face to face
    B: both suffer heart attacks because of the the shock

Drew Hart-Shea

  • A: Carl looks down at body bleeding beneath the wheels. It's Carl! He's run him self over! Driver-Carl says "Oh my God, It's me!" road-kill-Carl says "Urgh!" (or comics style groan of your choice.)
    B: Driver-Carl shoots road-kill-Carl in the head with a pistol, saying "I'd better put him out of his misery"

    Thus we get a death of Carl, but still have a living Carl to go on into a new adventure!

    I think the new adventure should be: Driver-Carl is awoken that night by road-kill-Zombie-Carl! who has risen from the grave to avenge his death, and rips Carls limbs off. Carl then of course dies...

elson las pinas

  • He should pull up next to J. Robert Opppenheimer's laboratory and say to himself, "Think I'll visit my friend, J. Robert Oppenheimer."

Neil Ottenstein

  • A: The flying Carl was actually scooped up by an elephant and that is what driving Carl had hit.
    B: The scooped Carl and the elephant go "rumpeta, rumpeta, rumpeta, all down the road."

    [Yes, this is a crossover with the famous children's book "The Elephant and the Bad Baby" by Elfrida Vipont and Raymond Briggs. Carl was the original bad baby and this is their reunion.]

Sidney Teles

  • A: Carl looks outside the car and see s himself on the ground. he says "first a pink pachyderm, now this! What will happen next?
    B: Carl says "I think I'll call 911."

Allen B Moore

  • A: Carl looks out of his car and sees himself sitting dazed in the road. He says "I look hurt!"
    B: We see Carl jiggling his car door handle to get it opened. He says "It's jammed! I can't help myself!"

Chris Watkins

  • In panel A, both Carl's have survived their respective impacts by virtue of a giant Twinkee (or other suitable cream-filled cake, perhaps a ho-ho?). The front end of driving Carl's car is submerged in the end of the Twinkee, while falling Carl rests atop it (or with his legs plunged into it). Both look suitably confused, perhaps with question marks or exclamation points over their heads.
    In panel B, driving Carl has gotten out of his car, standing beside it with the door open. Falling Carl remains on (or in) the Twinkee. Both are scratching their heads and staring at each other, bewildered and silent. OR Panel B is the same as above, except that falling Carl (or now, stuck-in-a-Twinkee Carl) is saying: "Umm... Care for a bite?"

Michael Patrick

  • A: Carl gets out of car and looks at body of other Carl he has just run over.
    B: Carl in shock "Oh my...I just ran over..."
  • A: Carl gets out of car and looks at body of other Carl he has just run over.
    B: Recently run-over Carl rises and attacks driving carl- ZOMBIE STYLE! (I must admit I'm a little shaky about the premise-must he die in this very panel?)
  • A: Driving Carl sees that the other Carl has a sign on him saying "10pts" Driving Carl: Wow! this is the best VR game ever!!
    B: We see Carl in a virtual reality arcade complete with VR helmet, gloves and steering wheel.

dan wheeler

  • A: carl sits up straight in the foreground, miraculously unhurt. the car squeels away in the background. carl says "thank goodness i'm not hurt"
    B: close-up on carl "but who am i?"

Michael Avolio

  • A: Falling Carl falls screaming into another vortex. (Or maybe he should be pulled in? By a voice saying, "Only one Carl per comic!"? Maybe pulled in by... Scott McCloud himself? (I REALLY want you two to meet...) Or maybe falling Carl should just become invisible... (Maybe say something like, "Hey -- I'm invisible!")
    B: Driving Carl sticks his head out the window to look behind him(or maybe he should just look in the rear view mirror). He could say something like, "Strange, there's nothing there now," or, "Maybe it's just a flat."
  • A: Driving Carl, now out of his car(which could be in the background), cradling the body of the other Carl, saying something like, "He's !" Or maybe, "Hey, he looks familiar..."
    B: We "hear" sirens approaching(soundfx). Close-up of Carl, panicked, saying something like, "Oh, no! The police!" ("And I've been drinking!"/"And I've just ed somone!")

    (I'm assuming the bottom right corner is starting a whole new story, and so that means we don't have to finish this one; the last panel could be Carl saying, "What should I do?", which leaves a lot of room for imagination as to what happens in the second panel of the new one. I love leaving things hanging...

frank episale

  • A: carl, wide-eyed kneels over what seems to be his own dead body. their faces are close to one another.
    B: dead carl has opened his eyes and reached up to grab living carl by the throat. perhaps he says something like "brains..." (or perhaps not)

Tom Hart

  • A: Carl looking to his left, out window towards what he's just hit, his face: stunned, confused, surprised: "huh??"
    B: (I assume this is the second panel in a new strip beginning with A) Shot of road, littered with rats, mice. Carl: "Rats!!" or "Rats everywhere!" or "Vermin!" or some such.

Troy Merritt

  • A: Carl looks at a can of beer CAPTION "Man, I should stop drinking and Driving"
    B: Carl Stops the Car.

    Please note, this was sent at 12:02AM just after the deadline, Australian Time. I think were ahead of you, so I should be within the limit. But really, It is the first time I found the page.

    Indeed, Troy, Australia was a day ahead -- you had plenty of time. -- Scott

Sky (age 5)

  • A: Carl hit a pig.
    B: The pig jumps over the car.

Theresa Secor

  • A: Carl in the car and Carl on the car come face to face through the windshield.
    B: Both say "What a fine looking fellow!"

Winter (age 3)

  • A: The mouse went on the car.
    B: He needs to go to the tombstone.

Ivy (ageless)

  • A: Falling Carl is lying in a multi colored pool with "pain " marks eminating out of his head he thinks "what happened?"
    B: Both Carl's looking at all the colors say "oooh, pretty".

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