Here are the prodigal posts delivered to my box this week. These are from several different weeks, going back as much as three months. If yours are among them, my apologies!

peter purgathofer

  • another herd of stampeding ibex tramples carl.

Andreas Dieberger

  • You see Carl and Daisy in the middle of a HUGE crowd at a "Singles anonymous" convention.


  • Daisy: "Sunlight... ARGH!!!..." (begins to dissolve)

    (or does that fall under the "Help! I've burst into flame" interdict?)

Jake Young

    I am probably the 50th guy to suggest this.

  • Carl/Carl Jr. is shown getting into the car, he looks exhausted, he says "whew! I wish I hadn't parked so far away!"

Morgan Doninger

    This one's obscure, but fun.

  • Electra, bloody knife in hand walks past Carl from the opposite direction. Electra: "Tell me about it."

    Classic Greek theatre, gotta love it.

Lee K. Seitz

  • Daisy: Let me drive you home.
  • Carl: You know, Daisy, I could use a drink.

Travis Pelkie

  • Carl sez: "Or are you really a vampire!" Dunh- dunh- duhhhhh!!

    Wow, that was so lame, it probably wasn't worth it. Happy Holidays!