Why were they stuck on a server somewhere for months? Why were they all dumped in my mailbox at the same time last week?? We may never know, but in the interests of completeness, here they are now.

Markus Gerwinski - May 12, 2000

  • The obvious one first: Carl turns out to be a hologram, so in his attempt to bite him, Dad falls through him.
  • After having tasted Carl's blood alcohol level, Dad tumbles away singing. Carl touches his neck: "Ouch! What's that?", One more tombstone. Thought balloon: "This is getting kind of a bad habit...", Dad bites Carl. Sound effect: "CRUNCH!" with little "That hurts"-stars. (Carl is harder than his good old Dad would have guessed...)

Katherine McBeth - June 9, 2000

    This is my first time visiting this site. I'm impressed so far. When I took a look at this Carl stuff, I decided that I had to do something to further the gender revolution. Great new book by the way. My boyfriend and I just picked up RC yesterday, and while he hasn't started it yet, I'm on page 96 Good job.

  • Mom, holding broken bottle and panicing, Mom:Oh no! That wasn't beer, it was H2SO4 and it's all over me!
  • Mom turns on Carl with the broken bottle in her hand, and a maniacle gleam in her eye and sais:
    And this is for taking my lesbian lover Daisy away from me!
  • Mom turns on Carl and sais:
    And this is for being such a bad boyfriend to your sister Daisy!
  • Suprising both Carl and his mom, the earth begins to shake and Satan pops out of the ground, pointing at the murdered vampire dad, he sais:
    D@mn you! That was my last one!
  • A group of animal rights activists comes out of nowhere and murders Carl and his mom while screaming:
    You just killed the last of an endangered species, for this you must die!

Grant Schreiber - July 4, 2000

    Just finished reading RC and came to the site to see what was going on. Carl is a close relative to the exquisite corpse game. What great fun.

  • Given that dad is about to staked by mom and covered in holy beer suds, dad should be melting into a slippery goo. Carl can then slip on the puddle and break his neck. As always, Mom is left to clean up after.

    Gee, is that too much? Why am I now thinking about SQUEAK THE MOUSE? How the heck should I know? Visiting the horrible Cat Dragged Inn at should give you an idea of how little I understand computers, the cyber world and life in general.

Michael Avolio - July 4, 2000

    Almost two years we've been doing this! Wow!

  • Carl (in close-up, look of shock and horror): "DAD?!"
    Off panel there's a scream of agony.
  • Daisy, in a helecopter, swoops in.
    Daisy: "GRAB HOLD, CARL!"
    Carl: "DAISY?!"
  • Caption: "YEARS LATER..."
    An elderly Carl sits at a bar with a sad look on his face, talking to someone in the shadows.
    Elderly Carl: "...AND THAT'S ALL I REMEMBER."
    (The caption might not be necessary.)
  • Mom stabs Carl in the back by accident.
    Carl: "MOM?!"
    Mom: "OH, NO! CARL!"
  • A panel with Scott McCloud and Carl.
    Carl: "SCOTT McCLOUD?!"
    C'mon, Scott, you've GOT to appear SOMEwhere in this Carl comic... I've been trying for two years now..!
  • Nuclear war. (See, it's funny because it's one of the "forbidden" things, and I'm suggesting it anyway. Funny, huh? Yeah, no one's used anything like this joke before. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Hoo boy. I'm a really funny guy. "Nuclear war." What WILL I do next?)

    Scott, could we work backwards from a gravestone panel at some point on this one? And remember, everybody, we still have that spare Carl from Section One...

Glen Seymour - July 5, 2000

    Okay, so Carl's mom may have been run over by a car, may have been shot, may have wings, and may have just attacked Dad with a stake. This is one of the really complex junctions, therefore, I feel a need to simplfy

  • Carl says, "Dad's dead again." We see carl's dad lying there.

Dan Liebke - July 5, 2000

  • Carl is at a graveyard with his mother, examining his father's grave.
    Carl says 'But... if dad was a vampire, surely that means...'

Jen - July 7, 2000

  • We see a close up of Berts face, twisted in pain, he is screaming: "Arrrgggh!"
  • We see a close up of Berts face, twisted in anger, he says "Crap! I just got this suit!"
  • The panel is blank, with the words
    "Will Bert survive?
    Will Carl join AA?
    Tune in next week!"
  • Or perhaps the panel just goes to one of those PBS pledge drive people, asking us for more money to see more Carl...

jonathan boggess - July 20, 2000

  • carl runs, tries to hide, blindly jumps into a
    coffin (his dad's?) to escape his mom.

Markus Gerwinski

  • The obvious one first: In panic, Carl tumbles backwards towards an open manhole.
  • Mom grabs Carl's throat and raises the stake, ready to sink it into Carl's heart. Carl shouts: "Why?!"
  • Mom is shot by someone outside the panel with an MP.

Ross Horowitz - July 20, 2000

  • Mom attacks Carl with stake. Carl blocks with beer can.
  • Mom attacks Carl with stake. Carl blocks with cross.
  • Mom attacks Carl with stake. Carl blocks with bottle of holy water.
  • Mom attacks Carl with stake. Carl blocks with bottle of holy water. It spills on Mom and she starts to melt.
  • Carl: You are my worst nightmare!!!!
  • Carl kills mom with light saber. (Why not?)
  • Carl: I thought you were dead.
    Mom: Oops.
    Mom dies.
  • Carl: I thought you were dead.
    Mom: I got better.
  • Carl,while running from Mom: I want to wake up now.
  • Carl, while running: I hope this is all a dream. (This is not quite forbidden.)