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Spain Part Two!

Yes I know I was only in Barcelona a few months ago, but it’s back to Spain again this week, with Ivy, for Viñetas Desde O Atlántico.

As usual, updates may be spotty while I’m on the road, but we can hopefully offer some cool pictures and memories before we’re done.

While you’re waiting, be sure to check out Ng Suat Tong’s lengthy round-up of peoples’ reactions to Asterios Polyp, my favorite GN of the year (in case you hadn’t already guessed from my relentless plugging).

Another One from the Vaults

This time, courtesy of Mr. Busiek.

That’d be 63 Years in Internet Time.

The Webcomic Overlook takes a look back at a 9-year-old list I wrote of 10 suggestions for beginning webcartoonists. Won’t quibble with the article’s conclusions (whether I agree or not, they’re reasonable points) but it’s a brief, funny look back at a very different time — literally the Web’s first decade (post-Mosaic).

[via Journalista]

In other news: OMG, even his bees are winning awards now.

Kane Lynch

Kane Lynch has a lot on his mind. His site features comics, videos, and photocomics, each section with its own oddball set of sensibilities. It’s hit-and-miss, but I liked several bits for different reasons which is always refreshing in a sea of mono-talents.

Of special interest to comics fans is his ongoing long-form comic The Relics. The figure drawing is pretty raw, but the story feels solid and well-planned, and you can see the art gradually improve as it runs to catch up. Given enough time, (and life drawing courses) you could see Lynch developing in a similar fashion to Jeph Jacques (compare: early JJ vs recent JJ).

Or he might just make music videos. The guy is obviously restless.

Either way, another one to keep an eye on.

Misunderstanding Markup

Yeah, there are some things I’m kind of obligated to mention here.

Mr. Farley’s Electronic Graphical Amusements

Patrick Farley’s webcomics have been sorely missed in recent months due to his former domain, e-sheep.com, being hijacked by zombies.

Now he’s restored most of his terrific comics to the newly-minted domain electricsheepcomix.com and added a one-bit placeholder front page that had a lot of us old fogey’s shaking our 5.25 inch floppy bones laughing.

Despite the antique placeholder though, Farley remains one of the most forward-thinking artists in webcomics. Check out his archive if you’ve never seen it, and keep an eye out for new work in the coming months.