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Professor Jenkins Suggests…

Henry Jenkins is a long-time friend of the comics medium (and many other historically marginalized art forms). Recently he tapped up a list of graphic novel recommendations along the lines of DC’s recent “After Watchmen” campaign, except in this case, it was an “After Zot!” list for a friend who had enjoyed the recent collection. On the assumption that a few of you might benefit from the same list, you can read the full entry here.

Gotta Love that Music

Recorded in Barcelona in May.

Note that I don’t always talk that way. When getting translated in real time overseas, I enunciate a bit more and avoid too many exotic terms. Still I guess it adds a bit to the wonky atmosphere.

The Imagination of Aaron Diaz…

…is a bit scary sometimes.

Two Down, Two to Go

I wrote about four upcoming graphic novels a while back, and since I let you know when the first one came out, I might as well mention the others as they’re released. Check out David Small’s terrific, creepy graphic novel debut here (and, one hopes, in bookstores everywhere).

Short Notes on Recent Movies

Taking Woodstock: Why are two of Ugly Betty’s boyfriends in this scene (with beards)?

Inglourious Basterds: OMG, the ending feels like Gondry’s video for Björk’s “Bachelorette.”

500 Days of Summer: Is Zooey Deschanel always thinking of something else? Pay attention, Zooey!

Paper Heart: Well, that’s real, that’s not, that’s… hmm.

Away We Go: Wheee, it’s us!—oh wait, that’s bad.

Julie & Julia: Streep + Tucci = Enough for any movie, stop there please, STOP.

(Seen again) Gigi: It’s the Song of the South of Gender Politics!

(Seen again) Gregory’s Girl: Such wonderful timeless inventions, such tragically dated music.

(Seen again) The Seventh Seal: Everyone in that movie had such great FACES.

Time Traveler’s Wife: I’m sure it all looked good on paper.

Ponyo: I… I… I’m crying and I don’t know why!

Happy Labor Day. I’m Laboring as usual.


New Trondheim strips in my iPhone every day for a month? For a buck? I’m there.

Despite the long load times (a problem with all iPhone apps due to the fact that we actually USE the things), I like the format of the comics. They look like they were actually designed for the device instead of repurposed from print.

Also: Trondheim!

Now THAT’S Collaboration

Link via Ivy.

NEWSFLASH: Large Company Buys Smaller Company

This is bound to affect all of us in comics eventually, but I have to say that for now it seems strangely remote.