The Episode with the Dog

Oh my God, the episode with the dog…

Discussion (5)¬

  1. What’s that a reference to?

    • Scott says:

      I didn’t design the shirt, so I can’t say with authority, but I know what *I* think it’s a reference to.

      I won’t spoil it if anyone else wants to guess, but I’ll confirm if it’s the same thing I had in mind.

  2. Futurama is an interesting show. Most of the time it’s nothing that impressive. Just a few chuckles here and there, especially for sci-fi nerds. But every once in a while the writers must drink some “essence of perfect flavor” because the product is AMAZING. Jurassic Bark, any episode with a holophone, Fry’s seven leaf clover, Human Horn. There’s literally a small handful of Futurama episodes that if they’re on, I will watch them.