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Hibernation Week: Five-Minute Face #3

[See Monday's post for details.]

Hibernation Week: Five-Minute Face #2

[See Monday's post for details.]

Hibernation Week: Five-Minute Face #1

On a self-imposed deadline, so I’m going into a brief hibernation this week.

Each morning, though, I’ll take five minutes to draw a face and post it here. Just ’cause, um…

I’m not sure why.

‘Cause I can.

Anyway, back to regular blogging on Monday!

Friday Odds and Ends

Not comics, but everybody keeps sending me I am Sitting in a Video Room (be sure to watch the other 999!) and this recent news piece on “the writer who couldn’t read” on the assumption that I’d find them interesting—which I did, so here they are.

Via Spurge, his annual Comic-Con Survival Guide and an awesome Jack Kirby Quote.

Finally, here are some nice immersive comics pages from concept artist Justin coro Kaufman.

So, yeah… truly random, but there you go. Go back to playing Angry Birds and enjoy the weekend!

Flight 7 Preview

Via Kazu’s blog comes word that the Flight 7 preview is up. And—no surprise—it looks gorgeous.

Volume 7 will be the last penultimate(?) Flight (at least in its current incarnation). Volume 1 came out in July of 2004, only six years ago, so I might be overreaching to tag this with “Comics History,” but it feels that way to me.

One of my favorite memories of Comic-Con 2004 was when the boxes of Volume 1 arrived at the Flight booth and I ran over from our funky, inflatable furniture-filled booth nearby, in time to see them opening the first one with a box cutter.

I asked if I could buy the first copy. Someone (probably Kazu himself) offered to give me a copy since I’d written an afterword, but I said Hell No, I wanted to buy the thing and insisted on giving them a twenty.

Nobody cares who gets the first “comp copy.” I wanted to be Flight’s first paying customer, and so I was.

A small moment in comics history, maybe, but one I’ll always remember fondly.

Scenes from a Multiverse

I didn’t know this would be New Site Week when I started, but here we go with another and it’s a big one.

Jon Rosenberg of Goats fame has launched his brand new Scenes from a Multiverse and (after a few hiccups) it’s up and running smoothly. Check it out today, click back to last Monday and read it from the beginning!

The Spiders Return

True to his word, Patrick Farley has begun posting new pages at electricsheepcomix.com: A new prologue for his epic, SF, alternate history gulf war comic “The Spiders.”

Mr. F. writes:

“‘The Spiders’ will update WEEKLY, from now until the story concludes. Also in the works: the site redesign (I’m *going* to make it work on the iPad if it kills me) as well as the reboot of ‘Apocamon’ and ‘Delta Thrives,’  both of which will appear later this summer.

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for allowing me this opportunity!  You’ve made me a very happy primate. “

Regarding the iPad mention, this is a decision a lot of cartoonists and other artists are making this year: abandoning Flash for the uncharted territory of HTML 5′s equivalent offerings.

Flash was a key ingredient for experimental webcomics artists like Farley and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey. It’s not clear yet how easy the transition is going to be, but Farley at least has decided it’s a necessary one in the long run, and I tend to agree with him.

Paul Chadwick Pours a New Foundation

Paul Chadwick has a new site featuring excerpts from his award-winning series Concrete, as well as other features.

Ivy and I have a running joke that every time I get nominated for anything, we just assume that Chadwick will beat me since that’s what happened for years while I was working on the Zot! series (at least until I did UC and invented a category he wasn’t competing in).

Truth is, though, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Check out his swanky new site and the great comics within.

[Link via Comics Reporter.]

Comics Around the Pacific

Although the official 24-Hour Comics Day won’t be until October 2,  it looks like artists in The Philippines will be sitting down to draw on Saturday, July 17 at 9:00 am. in preparation for PICCAGood luck to all participants!

Only a few days later, across the Pacific Ocean, Comic-Con will be starting here in the U.S.

Since I’m deep in the middle of my own project right now and not ready to show anything yet, I’ll be on four panels focusing on other comics creators this year: Friends Kurt Busiek, Larry Marder, James Sturm (heard a lot from those names on the blog recently) and a tribute to the great Will Eisner.

I’ll have an official announcement once the schedules are online. No table this year. Just happily wandering.

Ivy has written up her feelings about the prospect of Con moving to LA or Anaheim and why she’s resolved to only attend comics panels this year. We both agree that it would be a depressing development for Con to land in LA, especially because the glut of Hollywood programming is the reason Con is so overcrowded in the first place. Guess we’ll see what happens.

Randomy Randomness

Okay, lost time in LA yesterday so I wanna get right back to the drawing board, but in the meantime, here’s the new international trailer for Scott Pilgrim (via Mal), a new OK GoVideo (via our friend Lori), and one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while.

One other important item: Comic-Con has identified some fake hotel scams. If you’ve been contacted by anyone claiming to have hotel rooms available for Comic-Con, do your homework and make sure they’re legit. One outfit, “Elite Locations,” is apparently not.