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How Many Schools in Laos have You Helped Build Today?

Now available through BreadPig, with their profits going to Room to Read. And if you need a reminder of why everybody loves this strip, today’s entry ought to do it.

One-Bit Universe

Marjane Satrapi would like you to sign a petition (thanks to Mark Siegel for the link).

Yesterday, some cartoonists I know expressed sadness over Michael Jackson, which I understand. Personally, I thought it was a sad ending to a sad ending. But others were baffled by how anyone could sympathize with anyone accused (and presumed guilty) of such horrible things.

Fortunately Adobe just released a new Photoshop filter for just such occasions (screenshot above). I like to work in grayscale and RGB myself, but some out there might find it useful.

[Hypocrisy disclaimer: Anyone wanting to knock me off of my high horse can just point out my own rant about Fredric Wertham on that audio interview the other day. Guess we all do it from time to time.]

Yeah, That’s About Right

Patrick Farley makes it visible.

The S. Clay Wilson Trust

It’s all here. Help out one comics’ greats any way you can.

Also going the distance is David Chelsea who’ll be dedicating his next 24-hour comic event to raising money for Wilson.

Just Saying…

Just found out that the CBLDF had a Facebook page (yeah, I’m slow), but I noticed that they’d like to get 5,000 members and they’re already at 4,920 as I write this. Seems awfully close to me.