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Well, That’s not even Subtext…

Rich Johnston has a snappy write-up on the big announcement that Archie Comics is introducing its first gay character.

In 2010.

Let that one sink in for a moment. (Fun fact: Archie first appeared in 1941).

Best of all though are the clips at the bottom of the article, with some very easily “misread” panels and covers from Archie Comics’ history, including my favorite above.



Why is nearly every ice bag in nearly every ice bucket in nearly every hotel in America too small for the bucket??


Why do Zuda’s webcomics blur needlessly between pages??


Why is it so hard to find black bottled ice tea without any kind of sweetener in it?? (Especially in NYC)


Why is it so hard to find official confirmation (instead of just message board chatter) on whether uncooked French green beans are really toxic or not (something I hadn’t even heard of until recently, but is apparently a “well known fact” in Europe—WTF??).


How can the employees at my local UPS office watch as people go in the wrong door due to the bad signage, day after day, month after month, year after year, FOR TEN YEARS yet never think to change the signs??

(Okay, that’s not something anyone can answer, but I had to get it out of my system).


Why are some people so passionately devoted to the movie Apollo 13? I mean, it’s a perfectly competent movie, and the box of junk scene is awesome, but what’s the big deal??


Why did it take centuries for people to realize they could put wheels on suitcases?? Is there another super-obvious design solution that we’re overlooking??

And in Honor of Halloween…


Have a great weekend!

What is Monkey Punch Dinosaur?

No seriously, what is it? I don’t even remember anymore. It’s been too long. Did I contribute at some point? Explain yourself, The Internet.

Anyway, it’s still there, I guess, and nearing the #100th drawing of, well…

Monkeys punching dinosaurs.

And Now, A Moment of Prudery

Thanks to Dirk, I have seen that two-page spread, and I have to say I’m with the Spivock family 100% on this one. Sex is a legitimate topic in all media, including explicit depictions, but putting vodka in mayonnaise jars is just not fair to consumers.