This week's panels suggested by dan wheeler . As winner of this special two-week Carl challenge, Dan will soon be the proud owner of an original ball-point pen drawing by Yours Truly of Former President Gerald Ford on a regulation-sized U.S. Postcard! Congratulations, Dan.

Honorable mention this week also goes to Kevin Pease and his alternate gun-to-the-head suggestion.

Carl is Dead! Long Live Carl!

'Nuff Said!

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and please join us again next Sunday!

Sunday 03/07/1999

James Riley

  • Carl in car with word balloon saying, "Jeez, I wish something different would happen..." for A.
    For panel B, Carl's car goes over a cliff, with him saying, "Uh-oh..."

Jesse Rimler

    Yeah, I love that movie too. Hey Scott, when is this site updated on Sunday? It's been updating at around 12:00 or 1:00 but today it was at around 3:30. Maybe my computer isn't reloading right or something...I'm just wondering when the best time to check the page would be.

  • A:"What is this, Groundhog day?" panel except this time car is smaller becausewe have "zoomed out" and we see him heading towards an enormous brick wall.
    B:Car crashes through brick wall.
  • A:Daisy holds gun to Carl's head as he is driving. She says "say that again and you're toast!"
    B:Carl sweating with the gun pointed at him: "But daisy...I love you!"

    Your new layout is handy, Scott.

[No guarantees, but most weeks, the new panel will go up between 10:00am and 3:00pm Pacific time. Occasionally, they can be much later or earlier, especially when we go on a day-trip on Sunday. --Scott]


frank episale

  • A: cut to a mushroom cloud
    B: mom at window, looking at mushroom cloud. "um carl: never mind; can you pour me one too...?"

Erich Mees

  • A: Shot of Carl's car driving along. He swerves to avoid hitting a groundhog in the road, and the car veers toward a tree. Carl shouts "LOOK OUT!" or "What's that in the road?! "
    B: Carl manages to avoid the tree and regains control of the car. He says "Phew, that was close." If at all possible, you might want to include the narrowly-missed ground hog behind Carl's car, shaking its fist and cursing angrily.

Dark Artist

    Uh.. I wasn't expecting this! Both panels at once, huh? Okay...

  • Okay, here's the idea I wanted to post last time. This is for panel A: Scott McCloud descends from the sky (on a flaming pie) and says unto the characters, "I am the writer, and because of this I am going to kill the main character just because I can." Optional dialogue for Carl would be: "What is this? Ground Hog Day?" OR "What is this? A ground hog?"
    In panel B, Carl shouts to the writer Scott McCloud, "Hey! I said I wouldn't drink and drive! Now let me prove it!" and speeds away from the flustered writer, whose pie is falling fast...
  • Panel A Variant: Scott McCloud drops from the sky and lands next to Carl and his mother (or whoever she is) as Carl is getting into or out of his car, and says unto them: "You're going to die because I say so!" An optional follow up dialogue balloon for Scott would be: "Die! NOW!"
    Panel B Variant: Carl shouts in Scott's face, "NO! Not yet! You're ahead of schedule!" Scott looks shocked.
  • Panel A Variant: Scott McCloud RAPIDLY drops from the sky and falls into the path of the driving car. Scott's dialogue is "YAAAAGGHH!!" Carl's dialogue is "What is this? Ground Hog Day?"
    Panel B Variant: Carl looks out of the car back to the previous panel and says to himself: "Oh, good, HE died that time instead of me..."
  • Panel A is completely different this time, really: The car from the panel overhead is seen dropping out of the sky onto Carl AND his mother from the panel to the left, with Carl and his mother from the left both going "YAAAAGGHH!!" and Carl in the car saying, "What is this? Ground Hog Day?"
    Panel B is completely different this time, NOT!: Carl looks out of the car back to the previous panel and says to himself: "Oh, good, HE died that time instead of me..."
  • Panel A: uh..... oh, forget it. I'm tired.
    Panel B: I said, I'm tired. I give up. Forget it...
    Panel C: Okay, what's with this? I said I give up!
    There's not a panel C anyway?
    Panel D: What is with you? Let me out of here!!

    I hope I win.

Al B Moore

    Monkeys are funny.

  • A-Carl sees a groundhog in the middle of the road and shouts "Groundhog!" as he swirvs towards a tree.
    B-Carl sits in the car seat dazed from the crash and the groundhog looks in his window saying "Yes, how may I help you?"
  • A-Carl is driving the car holding a bottle saying "Why on earth would I say such a thing?"
    B-Carl looks at the bottle and says "What is this stuff?" or "This is some good stuff!"
  • Same as before, except in B he truns to Daisy next to him and asks "Where did you get this stuff?"

    Even if I don't win, could you send me a picture of Thomas Jefferson? He's the MAN!!

adam ford

    We actually don't have groundhog day in australia, so any references to what happens when the buggers see their shadows should be fixed up for accuracy's sake. I also want to point out that this multiple window thing only serves as impetus to write lots 'n' lots of suggestions.

  • Panel A: Carl crashes into a big groundhog.
    Panel B: Carl steps out of the smashed car and looks down at the dead groundhog and says "Does the shadow of Death mean three more weeks?"
  • Panel A: Carl crashes into Bill Murray.
    Panel B: Carl steps out of the smashed car and looks down at Bill Murray and says "THAT'S for The Man Who Knew Too Little!"
  • Panel A: Carl crashes into Bill Murray.
    Panel B: Carl steps out of the smashed car and looks down at Bill Murray and says "THAT'S for Ghostbusters 2!"
  • Panel A: Carl crashes into Bill Murray.
    Panel B: Carl steps out of the smashed car and looks down at Bill Murray and says "THAT'S for Scrooged!"
  • Panel A: Carl crashes into Bill Murray.
    Panel B: Carl steps out of the smashed car and looks down at Bill Murray and says "Oh,no! Now there'll never be a Ghostbusters 3!"
  • Panel A: Carl crashes into Bill Murray.
    Panel B: Bill Murray wakes up in bed. The clock radio is playing Sonny & Chers' "I Got You Babe".
  • Panel A: Carl crashes into Bill Murray.
    Panel B: Carl wakes up in bed and a clock radio is playing Sonny & Cher...


    Although i don't believe that Asparagus will ever lead to someone's death, Asparagus beer onthe other hand is another story entirely!

  • panel a: Carl, driving, "Well, it is Ground Hog Day, one beer won't hurt."
    panel b: "Well, he did see his shadow, so another that means i can hae anotherone, right?"
  • panel a: carl driving and talking "Asparagus beer doesn't have much alcohol in it, so that's ok for me to drink an drive!"

Doug Waldron

    Blah, blah, blah. This is where my comments go.

  • A: Carl is fidgeting with home movie projector. Screen shows 'Groundhog Day' panel in miniature. Carl: "Sorry, guys. I'll get this thing fixed in a jiffy!" Man in chair next to him: "If he doesn't fix that thing soon, I'll kill him!"
    B: Carl: "Ah, there we go! Here's a shot of my recent helicopter ride... A ride that ended in... tragedy!" Screen now shows 'Daisy will you marry me' panel.
  • Variation on a theme: A: Carl is fidgeting with a VCR while holding a beer. "What's wrong with this durned thing?" TV screen shows 'Groundhog Day' panel. VCR cord is laying in a puddle of water.
    B: Carl (still holding beer): "Fooey. I'll have to drive this into the shop." This one is easier to draw and fits in better with the 'Don't drink and drive' panel.
  • A: Carl in ambiguous close-up: "I need to stay sober. Today's the day I planned on attacking the President."
    B: Shot of secret service agent listening to ear piece. Voice: "Look out Agent K. There's a shooter headed your way."
    Alternate B: Carl looking at map: "I forget. Does the President live in Washington DC or Washington state?"
    Alternate B: Carl: "Look out, Millard Fillmore. I'm your worst nightmare." Carl's mom: "Uh, Carl, do you know what year it is?"
    Alternate B: Carl grabs a beer: "On the other hand, maybe not."
  • A: Shot of car smashing into a tree.
    B: Carl stumbles out of car: "Oy, Mom was right!"
  • A: Daisy in thought balloon: "If he tells one more bad joke like that Groundhog Day one, so help me..."
    B: Carl: "Did I tell you the one about the blonde helicopter pilot?"
  • A: Repeat of 'Groundhog Day' panel.
    B: Angered fan stalks Carl with a big gun, muttering: "Enough in-jokes already!"

James Moar

  • A: Carl says "What is this, Groundh- ", and runs the car into a wall.
    B: Carl crawls out of the car's wreckage. Daisy's helicopter is visible, and she dangles a rope down, saying 'Need a lift?'
  • A: Carl says "What is this, Groundh- ", and runs the car into a wall.
    B: Carl crawls out of the wreckage, in front of the video store.

    Okay, so I'm not all that inventive...

Kyle Hollingsworth

    To play off a classic movie and into the Valentines day story...

  • A-Yet another copy of the groundhog day panel
    B-Carl in car stopped waving at Daisy who is on sidewalk "Daisy, I love you!"
  • A - Car tire coming towards a groundhog coming out of a hole in ground
    B - Carl and Daisy looking down at a small tombstone Carl - "Poor little guy"
  • A - Carl looking at calendar showing Feb 29 "Oh no, it's Leap Year"
    B - Daisy enters - "Carl, will you marry me?"

David Bedno

  • Carl in the car, one hand on the wheel, holding a bottle or can of something, toasting "To Groundhog Day!"
    Panel B would be Carl passing someone on the road, at high speed... perhaps Daisy?
  • Alternate A: "Time for a demonstration of some high-speed driving!"
    B: Carl is being followed by the police thinking/saying "Maybe I should slow down..."

    The next in sequence (in case I forget to visit) would have Daisy popping up from the back seat, saying "No Carl, floor it." (or words to that effect).

adam ford

    um, I'm not sure if i included this one in my last suggestions (yesterday), but it's another permutation/ combination of the other ones that I think works well.

  • Panel A: Carl crashes into a giant groundhog.
    Panel B: Carl wakes up in a motel room, with the alarm clock playing "I Got You Babe" by Sonny & Cher.

    Sorry to belabour the point. I just haven't had a good run of suggestion ideas lately, and I decided to run with it. cheers.

Catt Jan Roxxanne

  • carl unoticiably drives into a ground hogs mouth, and in the second panel have him look out the window saying " hey, that lymph node looks just like my girl-freind daisy... Waitaminit, Lymph node!?"
  • this can't be ground hogs day, because if it were the car bomb in my trunk would have gone off... wait-" , then show daisy in the car with him and he says " why did you put that thing there, anyway?" and she says "I didn't put a car bomb in the trunk..."
  • Carl stops his car by something that looks like the robot from 'the day the earth stood still' and asks it "excuse me, sir. do you know what day it is?" and the second panel shows daisy taking liting up the visor from inside the robot and saying "Carl! it's me! Geez!" and carl says "DAISY?!"

    oh man, my head hurts, I gotta stop sittin' so close to this computer... geez.

T Campbell

    I always want to participate in these, and I always blank out when it's time to suggest something. I like to THINK I'm creative...

  • A: Carl swerves to avoid a groundhog that has mysteriously appeared from a manhole. Carl: "A groundhog!" Groundhog! "Wreek!"
    B: Carl's car encounters a sudden blizzard.
  • A: Repeat once more: "What is this, Groundhog Day?"
    B: Same as panel A in the first suggestion.

dan wheeler

  • A: carl "she didn't say anything about driving and sleeping. *SNNNNXXXXX*"
    B: carl's car plows into a schoolbus full of screaming children.
  • A: "I got you babe" is playing on carl's car stereo. carl grabs his head "if i hear that song one more time i'm going to go crazy" (at least i think that's the song from groundhog's day)
    B: carl's car plows into a schoolbus full of screaming children.
  • A: carl's radio "what is this? ground hog day" carl is leaning under the dash ripping the radio out. "i'll make it stop if it's the last thing i do!"
    B: carl's car plows into a schoolbus full of screaming children.
  • A: 20 years later.
    B: carl "help! I've burst into flames!"
  • A: carl & mom driving in the car. mom "if you don't shut up i'm going to kill you!" carl "what is this? ground hog day?"
    B: mom "fine! i'll drive. just have a beer and shut up!"

Morgan Doninger

    Hi! I'm a comment.

  • Panel A: A close up of Carl with a devilish grin on his face. He has the thought balloon "As if!"
    Panel B: Carl's car swerving wildly on a major highway with a beer can flyin' out the window. Word ballon from the car, "Wheee!"

    Hi! I'm the comment again. Have a nice day.

Greg Lam

    A-ha! So that's what that reference meant. Curse me for not finding this site earlier.

  • A: Repeat: "What is this, Groundhog Day?"
    B: Daisy yelling at Carl: "Will you stop repeating yourself?!"

Thom Marrion

  • Panel A Once again repeat the Groundhog's Day panel
    Panel B Carl is in the front seat looking at Daisy, who is driving. Carl says, "Ever get that feeling of Deja Vu?"

    That.'s my suggestion. ta-dah.

Matt Ryan

    Two suggestions for A, two for B. Either goes with either.

  • A: Carl has a big thought-baloon of a branching path. One path has a sign that reads "Endless Repetition". The other path's sign reads "Sudden Death".
    A: Close up on Carl, who blinks. "Is this just going to keep happening until I DIE?!?"
    B: Car turns a corner. Carl: "No! I have free will!"
    B: Car turns a corner. Carl: "Maybe DAISY can get me out of this!"

    I was one of the people who suggested the Daisy-hugs-carl panel, so here's my victory plug. I've already plugged my own web-page, so instead this is my vote for the best non-Scott-McCloud comic on the web: Bruno, by Chris Baldwin.
    Enjoying myself but suddenly horribly busy,


    Woah, here I thought I'd never win and then I win twice in a row. What luck. Oh, and to Joseph Cauotte, loved the Wireton Willie (sp?) suggestion, what with me being a Canuck and all.

  • Panel A -- A groundhog pops up from a hole in the road, and Carl screams, "AH!!" This trips his car into the air and leads into the RIP CARL panel.
    Panel B -- Carl's car flips but is still in pefect condition.
  • Panel A -- Carl takes a beer bottle and says, "Ah well, I haven't had one for a while." You know the rest.
    Panel B -- Carls coughs and says, "God, this is beer is terrible. I'm gonna chuck it."
  • Panel A -- "Promises were meant to be broken!" Carl says, with his beer in his hand.
    Panel B -- Waitaminute!! Lying to your Mom is a sin!" Carl puts down the beer.
  • A -- The car in on fire! "Help! My car's burst into flame!" (Buahahaha!) B -- "Better stop, drop and roll!" The car stops, drops and rolls.

    Scott -- I think the ending for 'My Obsession with Chess' was amazing! I loved it, and that thing at the beginning of the story about the Chess Clock had so much more significance.

Michael Avolio

  • Close-up of Carl, head spinning. "I don't feel so good..." Medium shot of Carl, driving, saying, "I should've listened to Mom."
  • There's a huge explosion. Then, A figure is seen through the smoke. "What happened?"

George Broderick, Jr.

  • A, of course, would be "What is this? Ground Hog Day?" and B would have a foreign spy with a briefcase chained to his wrist pop up from the back seat, pointing a gun to Carl's head, saying "No! This is The Day of the Jackel! Take me to the airport!"
  • The Ground Hog panel again, followed by a shot of a giant Ground Hog on top of the Empire State Building swatting at planes and copters. The caption reads "Yes, Carl, it IS!"
  • The Ground Hog thing, yet again.
    Panel B has Carl's burn out friend Stu, flagging down his car and saying "Carl! Dude! Let's go to the Airport Lounge and hoist a few in honor of the 'Hog, man!"
  • Carl looks horrified! "Sweet Jesus! A ground hog in the road! Gotta swerve!"
    Panel B, Carl and the ground hog in the front seat toasting their good fortune "Whew! That was close, eh Phil?" (y'no, from Punxatawney Phil?)

Rowan Lipkovits

    this is a test, it is only a test.

  • A: Carl (from newest juncture) steps out of house onto sidewalk and is nearly run over (gets his foot flattened?) by Groundhog Day Carl (you may note he just consecutively ran two stop signs in the previous panels), who swerves wildly out of the way and crashes into a brick wall / plunges off of a cliff / is consumed by Godzilla just in time for the bottom gravestone. Our newest Carl exclaims "Mom was right - someebody oughta do something about those crazy drunk drivers."
    B: It's up to me: I shall become... the DRUNK-DRIVE-INATOR. (Carl in new pose wearing sci-fi-ish outfit carrying tanks of fresh water on his back and a gun that shoots Aspirin. They snap together to form the Sobermaker .45. Give him a glowing red eye and a metal foot and we just might get some lawyers after us too.

    Moving the plot along is a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. (Without aid of penguins, swirling vortexes, dreams indecision and ... SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION.

Chantal B.T

  • For 'A', as Carl drives, he sees this giant blimp full of beer in the air, and on it is a picture of a groundhog.
    'B' has Carl thinking, 'I must have broken my promise to Mom already!!

    What kind of a LOSER will give 10 suggestions, anyway?!

[Actually, it's been known to pay off. Check out the last few weeks. --Scott]


Kevin Pease

    I just discovered this site! Groovy stuff, Scott! I think the trickiest bit here is the three-panel strip on the 90-degree angle. Can't ignore that. I bet a lot of people will fail to notice the grave panel altogether.

  • A: "Well, one beer to celebrate the holiday couldn't hurt."
    B: Overhead view. Carl's car is swerving all over the road, and a police helicopter has noticed and begun pursuit.
  • A: "I'm sick of hearing you nag me every morning! Goodbye, mother!" Carl holds a gun to his head.
    B: -click- "Darn, where's the bullets?"

    If I did good, here's my Cerulean Studio web site for plugging purposes:

[Well, you didn't win, Kevin, but you came incredibly close so, yeah, plug away. Newcomers take note: The plug offer is for winners only... 'Cause we all know what would happen otherwise! --Scott]

Howard Ian Schiller

  • A- Close-up on the tire of the car squishing a groundhog (or cat, or other animal). That animal has a collar and tag that says... "Carl" (Why does it have to be OUR Carl that gets the tombstone)
    B- Carl's car is driving away from us, jumping over the horizon. Carl's arm is out the window holding a bottle of alcohol or something. Another arm's out the right window with a baseball bat (you know the scene... teenagers gone bad, out for a joyride)... "YEA! Roadkill!" screams someone from the car.
  • A- Hey that looks like a stop sign that carl ran in the panel above!!! How about another car slamming into the side of Carl's car.
    B- STAGGERING out of the car that hit Carl is... a drunk Daisy! "hiya there Carlth..." she utters.
  • A- SLAMMMM! Carl slams into a wall. His body flying through the windshield. (maybe a bottle of gin on the dash starting panel continuity)
    B- An ambulance appears with Daisy coming with the stretcher. Carl, dazed, comments "Daisy?.." (Maybe some animated stars circling his head?.. we love those animated gifs)

Adam Gensler

  • a: carl says "Mom didn't say you couldn't drink and drive." as he hands her a beer, while she's driving.
    b: Carl says "I wonder what this button does."
  • a: carl says "My wife didn't say you couldn't drink and drive." as he hands her a beer, while she's driving.
    b: Carl gets a devilish look and says "heh heh heh come 'er Daisy."

Piers Beckley

  • A: Carl's car crunches into a tree, in a repetition of the CRASH panel at the end of the original Carl strip. (Gee, what is this, Groundhog Day?)
    B: Carl gets out of the car, bloody but unbowed. Carl: That was close...
  • Panel B the same as above.
    A: The car crashes into a brick wall Carl (from inside): No!

matt kemp

    after reading your piece on chess and its mind traps, i'd like to suggest a book to you. here it comes. The Defense, by Vladimir Nabokov. if you've already read it, great!

  • panel A- carl leans out car window, spies woman on street, says, "andie macdowell! shoosh she's good lookin'!
    Panel B- andie macdowell shakes fist and warns, "quit your rubber neckin', you sleeze!"

[I have indeed read The Defense and yes, it is absolutely fantastic! I also liked Walter (The Hustler) Tevis' book The Queen's Gambit --Scott]

Kean Soo

  • Panel A- Carl's car driving off the end of a cliff. Carl: I'm going to end it all!
    Panel B - Carl (still in his car) crashes through the roof of a pillow factory Carl: YAAaaaAAAaaa!
  • Panel A- Car's interior as we see a groundhog in Carl's path & Carl swerves to avoid it. Carl: What is this? Grou... Gah!
    Panel B- Carl crashes into a wall and is sent flying out the front of his car...

Matt Saint


  • A: Shadow seen of what might be a groundhog on the car or road in front. Carl, "What was that?"
    B: Daisy laughing, inside of car. "It's just a little leprachaun!" -Daisy

Jeff Clear

    Alright! I get to plug a website. How about These guys put out great board games very inexpensively- we're talking around $6.00 each. You usually have to supply the dice, pawns, etc.- but that's what keeps the price down.

  • A) Carl swerves to avoid a groundhog and runs into a tree.
    B) The tombstone panel here as well (minus the END caption). Carl dies in the middle of a story!!!

    Keep up the great work, Scott!

dan wheeler

  • A: a picture of gerald ford with caption "OH NO! Gerald Ford!"
    B: carl "oh it's just dad" carl's gerald ford looking dad walks in "hi son"
  • A: carl holding a gun to his head "i can't take the endless repetition!"
    B: daisy suddenly appears "wait carl! there's something i need to tell you!"

Jeff Clear

Josiah Rowe

    This is the third time I've tried to submit these ideas! (I'm having browser trouble.) Oh well, third time lucky, I hope. On with the motley...

  • A: Caption: Meanwhile... The scene is a MAD SCIENTIST's laboratory. The Mad Scientist in question is huddled over a piece of ridiculously complicated machinery (Kirby homage, Scott?). Behind him, we can see a number of defaced photographs of CARL. Mad Scientist: "Bwa-ha-ha! Carl is helpless in my trap! Now at last I can achieve my lifelong ambition!" (If we're coming to this panel vertically, we can assume that the Mad Scientist has trapped Carl in some sort of time loop or chronic hysteresis [kudos to anyone who catches the reference]. If we're coming horizontally, the trap could be anything; the important thing is that if the Mad Scientist succeeds, the next panel is down... six feet down! (bwa-ha-ha!) But if he doesn't succeed, the next panel is:
    B: CARL enters the Mad Scientist's lair with a flourish. "Not so fast, Dr. Grool!" he cries! [You're welcome to change the name, if you like.] The Mad Scientist wears an expression of astonishment mixed with fear. To make things more interesting, the heroic figure coming to destroy the Mad Scientist's Evil Plan could be DAISY, CARL'S MOM, or even ZOT!
  • A variation on the above theme: A: Caption: Meanwhile... A group of GANGSTERS is huddled around a table in a small, dimly lit room. Perhaps the VIDEO STORE GUY is one of them -- I always thought he had an untrustworthy face. CHIEF GANGSTER: "So it's agreed. Carl must die."
    B: CARL (or DAISY) rushes into the room with a flourish, crying, "That's what you think, bozos!"
  • A: Caption: Later... A POLICEMAN is interviewing CARL'S MOM. He has a notepad and pencil out. CARL'S MOM has been crying. Policeman: "And that was the last time you saw him, ma'am?"
    B: There are a number of directions you could go from here, but my favorite is: Carl's Mom: "But why would anyone want to kill my little Carl?" I think that we should have a timeline in which Carl is already presumed dead. Preferably, this storyline would include a panel in which DAISY, CARL'S MOM, the VIDEO STORE GUY, the MICROSOFT MONSTER, SCOTT McCLOUD and ZOT! are all in a police line-up...
  • A: Caption: Later... CARL lies on the ground, apparently dead. A MEDIC crouches beside his body. DAISY and CARL'S MOM stand by nervously. Medic: "I'm afraid that he's..." Two options from here.
    Either B1: Same scene as last panel, but Carl's eyes are beginning to flutter open. Medic: "...going to be paralyzed for the rest of his life. He should never have tried to drive in this state."
    or B2: Same scene as before. MEDIC: "...beyond my help." CARL'S MOM faints. DAISY catches her.
  • A: Caption: Later... The scene is a well-furnished living room. CARL's body lies on the floor in front of the sofa. A MAID, who has just entered the room, cries, "Aaaaah! It's Master Carl! He's been murdered!"
    B: A DETECTIVE has entered the room. He smokes his pipe thoughtfully. "You're right, of course. The question is: by whom, and why?"
  • If you don't want to use a caption to get out of the pattern of the repeated panels, you could try: A: Car interior. Carl is driving and talking to Daisy, who is in the passenger seat. Carl isn't paying much attention to the road. Carl: "She's always after me about the same things! It's like I'm living the same day over and over again!" But Daisy has noticed something up ahead in the road, and cries: "Look out!" Perhaps her speech balloon overlaps Carl's, so we have to do a little work to figure out what his [last?] words are. If he survives, we go to B: Exterior shot. Another car has just missed hitting Carl's car. The other car is still swerving dangerously (wavy motion lines behind the car?) Balloon from Carl's car: "That was close! I think that guy must be drunk!"
  • If you're tired of the car, the previous scene can be played out in much the same manner on foot. Just have Carl and Daisy walking along the side of the road; Daisy is on the sidewalk, and Carl is next to her in the street. The dialogue can be the same as the previous suggestion. In panel A, Daisy tries to grab Carl's arm to pull him out of the way of the oncoming car/truck/helicopter/elephant/spaceship/whatever. If she fails, we go down. If she succeeds, we have Panel B, a shot of a winded Carl looking at the vehicle that nearly killed him, saying "That was close! I think that guy must be drunk!"

    Well, I won again last week! I may not have any original ideas of my own, but I seem to be good at sensing the Zeitgeist of my fellow Carl fans! Again, since I have no web site of my own, I'm going to reccomend another favorite site: the Shrine of the Lemur Goddess, Don't ask -- just go there. It has to be experienced to be believed. Yours, Si Rowe

Michael Patrick

  • A) Carl Is in Car and thinking to himself, "If this is Groundhog Day, then I can drive blindfolded without fear of death!" You can draw him with or without the blindfold-whichever seems funnier as a set up to the tombstone panel.
    B) In this panel he definitely is wearing the blindfold and swerving all over the road like a guy driving while blindfolded (perhaps a birds-eye of the car with a line to denote the swerviness and pedestrians and animals running out of the way). "Hey, this is pretty easy!" he shouts to himself


  • A. Carl, walking, exclaims "She didn't say anything about drinking and WALKING-- AAH!" And at that point, of course, he's getting hit by Carl driving.
    B. We see Daisy along the side of the road as Carl drives. Carl: "Did I just hit --- hey, there's Daisy!"

Jay Sabicer

  • a: A large, rotund, groundhog-like creature falls from the sky, crushing the car with an equally loud "SPLORT" sound. The creature says "Yes, yes it is!"
    b: Carl emerges from the wreckage, dazed, but otherwise unhurt. The groundhog has the roof of the car partially wrapped around him from the extreme impact. Zed (Groundhog): "little help here?"

    Make the groundhog LOOK like a Zed. You know, Hell's Angels biker-type, german army-style crash helmet, etc.

Mike Taub

    Scott, thanks again, and this is loads of fun, even if it is time consuming.

  • A: A panel with DAISY driving, and both Carl and Daisy drinking heavily. CARL leaning out the window, saying, "Look Ma, No hands!" Or, just, "Ma, I'm not DRIVING... Daisy is!"
    B: DAISY and CARL in car, kissing. (The romance between the death Panel Beneath A, and the upcoming death at the end of this line.) If possible I'd still love to have the monster from the beginning of section two to show up in the background here. Everyone loves a good monster. *smirks*
  • A: Siskel and Ebert giving two Thumbs Down, with the car on a movie screen in the back ground. Siskel saying: "The plot device here was fresh and funny with the original movie,Groundhog's Day, but become overused in this format...." (Obviously leading to the death of Carl in the theatres. *grins* And a nice tribute to the late Gene Siskel.)
    B: To continue the Carl as movie theme: A newspaper with Carl's picture (Perhaps even flying again, like in section one.)showing beneath the headline: SPOOF MOVIE TAKES OFF IN SPITE OF CRITICS.

    Well, that's it for now. I'm trying to avoid excessive morbidity. *grins* Though, what counts as excessive for Carl is an open question.

Terry Johnson

  • A - Carl drives the car off a cliff, gleefully! Text: "That means I'm immortal! I can never d-"
    B - Carl and Daisy in the car, Daisy looking in Carl's direction. "Carl...before it all ends, there's something I need to tell you..."


  • (A) Car smashing into lamp post.
    (B) Carl standing outside smashed car, looking mad, "Dang Nabbit"

bryan young

  • A: carl is in the middle of the street and gets hit by the car.
    B: carl is lying on the ground saying, "That guy in that car looked familiar!"

Avery J. Cohen

    A: The left side of the panel shows the front of Carl's car, driving into the pannel following the pattern established in the two panels above. The left side of the car shows the swerving arc of another car that crashes into Carl's car. This car is positioned in the panel so that we can see that the driver is waving out the window with a bottle in a paper bag in his hand. SMASH! Carl: Every day she... Other Driver: hic.
    B: At the scene of the accident, Daisy, an EMT, is hooking a very damaged Carl up to an IV. Either they are inside the ambulance or we see the ambulance in he background. EMT Daisy: You're going to be OK, Carl. Carl: Daisy? C: Carl's mom confronts Daisy in Carl's hospital room, with Carl wrapped in bandages and a body cast in the background. Mom: He was drinking and driving, wasn't he!?! Oh, just A and B? Sorry, I got carried away. Ignore "C", then.


  • a: carl swerves to miss a groundhog and smashes into a tree.
    b: carl stumbles from his car holding his head: "where am i? WHO am i?

Sara Rosenbaum

  • Panel A: Closeup on Carl's bland face, thinking, "Well, I guess one beer won't hurt..." Moving downwards, we can extrapolate the rest of the story from the RIP; and it's also a G-Dayesque repeat of the original Carl strip. Moving sideways, we come to
    Panel B: zoom out from Carl's face; he's in a helicopter! Thot balloon: "...And she didn't say anything about drinking and FLYING!!"

Lukas Chen

    Groundhog's day? Love that film. ("It's like I said: I love this film. I've seen it over a hundred times.") No, brain filling with take-offs from the movie...

  • Panel A is Carl pointing out of the car as something off-panel and saying "Oh No! It's Judgement Day!"
    Panel B is Jesus holding a clipboard replying, "Carl? This way to heaven."
  • Another throwback to the Bill Murry movie, we see Carl letting a groundhog drive the car, while he asks "You're not drunk, are you?" Escape panel (B) shows Groundhog pushing car-to-helicopter conversion button
  • Panel A shows a Groundhog popping up in the back seat, saying "Watch the Road!" just as Carl (holding a beer) turns around to gawk. Of course, the escape panel shows Carl swerving... into the path of another Groundhog!!!
  • Like the movie, the car drives off a cliff.
    Panel B shows the car turning into a helicopter.
  • Carl says "If it's Groundhog's Day, I can kill myself & it'll be okay..."
    Panel B promptly shows the car driving & Carl saying yep, It's Groundhog's Day..."

    Maybe I shouldn't have played up the Groundhog aspect... AAHH!! Must...Watch...Movie...Again... -LCD

Harry Lagoussis

    Great... I really wanted to work hard on these suggestions, having two weeks to prepare them and everything, and here I am now filling in last minute ideas. Well, anyway...

  • A: Same panel as above, but this time Carl crashes on the road sign. Words and sound FX: What is this...? CRASH!!
    B: Carl standing outside the car, looking at it while scrubbing his head -if there is a language barrier here, what I mean is that he's thinking- and saying: Gee, and I didn't even get to drink...
  • A: As in my first suggestion.
    B: A truck stops next to Carl who has exited the crashed car and is looking at it. Truck driver: Hey, man, need a hand?
  • A: As in my first suggestion.
    B: An ambulance speeding to the hospital.
  • A: As in my first suggestion.
    B: Carl, at the wheel of the car, all bloody and shaken, barely conscious: Gee, and I didn't even get to drink...
  • A: As in my first suggestion.
    B: Carl is hovering above the Car, a pair of wings on his back, confused: What is happening to me?
  • A: As in my first suggestion.
    B: Daisy pulls over next to Carl, saying something like: Oh, Carl, are you alright?

David Goldfarb

    We seem to be getting a lot of "Gargantuan Hordes" lately. (Although I may well be the only one of the latest one who has actually *not* seen the movie....) There ought to be some special recognition for solo winners. (Of course I may only think that because I *was* a solo winner back in part one. :-)

  • A: A man in a movie director's chair shouts, "Cut! Geez, who told you you could act? You're fired!"
    B: "Carl" (who is really not Carl but an actor" looks for work at the set of "The Twilight Zone: The Movie". (See, in real life there was a fatality on the set of "TZ:TM" involving a helicopter....)
  • A: We repeat the panel from part 1 (see, Groundhog Day, repetition...) with Carl in his car, popping pills, saying "She never said anything about *drugs*!"
    B: The car morphs into a helicopter as Carl says, "Wow! These are strong!"
  • A: Carl says, "I have the feeling that I'm going nowhere fast," as he drives off the edge of a cliff.
    B: The car turns into a helicopter.
  • A: Carl presses a button: "Time to hit the EJECTION SEAT!!"
    B: Carl, still in the car: "Darn. Didn't work."
  • A: Carl presses a button: "Time to hit the EJECTION SEAT!!"
    B: The car turns into a helicopter. "Darn, wrong button."
  • A: Carl says, "I have a sudden feeling of impending doom."
    B: Carl says, "Whew! That's better."


  • A: You see the car smash into a tree (from the original Carl, keeping with the Groundhog theme)
    B: Carl is being taken away in a medical helicopter.

Ethan Heitner

    Y'know what? I'm sick of Carl. I think we should devote this storyline entirely to his mother (or whoever she is...) Just to make it that much harder for whoever it is to figure out how to get to an RIP Carl panel at the end. Thus:

  • A: A giant explosion, with accompanying sound effect, should obscure what actually happened.
    B: Everything is charred and blackened, and Mom (in rags) is holding up the body of Carl (also in rags) shouting "Why, God, Why?"
  • A: Driving Carl says, "What is this, Gro-" SFX: Bump!
    B: Behind the car, we see Mom over the body of the other Carl, who has just been run over by Driving Carl

Winter (age 3)

  • A: Heart, blart, tart, trart, apple
    B: hy5356hn fotkkfrjhxjriyoshnm3olzpxzhdgrt3635

    As you might have guessed, Winter chose to write her own suggestion B!
    -- Ivy

Sky (age 5)

  • A: He drinks and drives and he sees a ground hog in the road. The ground hog was bigger than him and he drives into him.
    B: He drives through the ground hog and gets stopped by a cow.

    Ivy here again; I like Sky's suggestion so much that I have decided I can't top it, so, none from me this week.

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