This week's panel suggested by Jason Fliegel (with an honorable mention to dan wheeler who had a similar idea last time we followed this panel!)

"A Pree! A Pree! A Ree! A Ree!"

I love my kids. (The above quote comes from Winter's suggestion to be found third to last this week.) This week was a record-breaker for Carl, perhaps due in part to the number of first-timers visiting the comics section for my new online comic My Obsession with Chess. A warm welcome to all our newcomers and a hearty welcome back to Carl's loyal brainstorming regulars!

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and please join us again next Sunday!

Sunday 12/13/1998

Adam Ford

  • "She didn't say anything about drinking and SURFING!"
  • "She didn't say anything about drinking and FLYING!"
  • Carl is on an Air New Zealand plane, pouring one of those tiny plastic vodka bottles down his throat as a stewardess looks on, smiling. Carl: "She didn't say anything about drinking and GOING TO NEW ZEALAND!" (Isn't it New Zealand where bungee jumping came from?)
  • "She didn't say anything about drinking and DRINKING SOME MORE!"

James Riley

  • Carl watches a samurai film with a beer, saying, "She didn't say anything about drinking and Kurosawa films!"
  • Carl plays a drum set, saying, "She didn't say anything about drinking and drumming!"
  • Carl is doing stand-up comedy, saying, "And then I says, 'I promise.' Whatta maroon!"
  • Carl yells at a fishtank, saying "She didn't say anything about drinking and hassling aquariam fish!"
  • Carl says, "Well, if I can't drink, I'll find another way to get high!"
  • Carl's mom drives off with the car, drinking, saying, "At least Carl will be ok!"

Catt Jan Roxxanne

  • a group of "tuff-guyz" approach Carl at his car and say: "Hi CARL!! WE HEARD MOMMY SAY YOU COULN'T DRIVE DRUNK, SO *WE'LL* DRIVE YA SOMEWHERE!- heh heh!" Carl:(shivering) uh, uh, sure.

    I apologize for my past weird ideas, I have been reading alot of "the Maxx" lately. Meep!

Tricia Valdez

  • Carl pours out his heart to a bum (who shares his drink with him)... "My wife is always nagging..."
  • Carl goes to a shrink
  • Carl goes to a gun shop to get a gun to kill his wife...
  • Carl goes to a restaurant and an attractive woman offers to buy him a drink.

Pete White

  • Carl's wife says: "I mean it, don't..." and Carl slaps her and tells her to shut up.


  • Carl pulls up in front of a house where a party is taking place (he can pull up in front of a house with a lot of noise coming from it or show him in the party).
  • Carl goes to see his girlfriend at her house or goes out on a date.
  • "I'll watch pure Na (sodium) react with distilled water or figure out how much carbon dioxide is produced when you ignite the hydorcarbon ethane!" (sorry about that one, chemistry final tomorrow and I've been studying for way to long)

dan wheeler

  • carl on a coin operated pony ride (like the ones outside the grocery store) drinking a 40.
  • carl drinking a 40 and operating some piece of heavy machinery preferrable something that could do grevious bodily damage to many people at once like a combine or thresher

Douglass Barre (Age 28)

  • Carl appears before us in a Japanese theatre costume, replete with makeup, a beer in one hand. "She didn't say anything about drinking and acting in Kabuki theatre!"

    (Well, I don't feel so bad about missing last week since apparently Sky and Winter did too.)

Tom Dougherty

  • Carl just outside the front door, "God, that woman is driving me nuts with that nagging!"
  • Carl's mom, "Don't forget your coat dear, its a bit nippy." Carl, "I'm too old for that, Ma!"
  • Carl really letting Mom have it, "QUIT TELLING ME WHAT TO DO!!!"
  • Carl sits down and says, "Without beer, what am I going to do now?"

    Never mind the ones where Carl is yelling. I forgot he said, "I promise."

  • How 'bout.... Mom saying, "Don't have sex, dear!" Carl, "I pro... waitasec..."

frank episale

  • carl with hands around mother's neck, strangling her "mom, just stop your meddling and give me the @#*^& keys!!!"
  • repeat of "drink and drive" panel, from a different angle, revealing carl's fingers are crossed
  • carl collapses, in tears "mom, how could you even think i might do that; not after what happened to..."

Lou Graziani

  • carl runs up to the river side, chugging a beer, wearing his bathing suit.
    He says "I didn't promise I wouldn't drink and DIVE"


  • Carl drinks, but leaves the driving up to his dog.
  • Carl is driving to the Mountain Dew commercial auditions. (this may tie in nicely with the bungee cord).

Howard Ian Schiller

  • Carl in the cockpit of a plane with a brew in hand...

    "She didn't say anything about drinking and flying!"

Elan Trinidad

  • Carl finds the driver's window smashed open. "NOT AGAIN!"
  • Carl driving, a dead circus clown is on the street. "OHMIGOD. IS THAT...?"

Addison Godel

  • Carl stands in front of what is recognizable as an oil rig; he is plainly wealthy (nice suit, holding cash, whatever). "She didn't say anything about drinking and -drilling-!"

Morgan Doninger

  • Carl, while keeping his wide mouthed smile, pulls out a gun and shoots his mother's glasses off. To obtain optimal comdic effect, they should remain in the same stances as well. Mom pointing etc.

Enrique Garcia

  • Just plain and simple; "minutes later.." show carl drinking while driving, thereby ignoring the lady's request. 'nuff said.

J.J. Reinhart

  • Well, I said it before, and I'll say it again... Carl's at the local marina, hopping into a cute little sailboat with a 6-pack of beer. Speech bubble: "She didn't say anything about drinking and boating."
  • Alternatively, if you wanted to make a slightly more efficient transition, and one that would jive with the other Carls' adventures, you could just have him sitting in the boat holding the tiller with one hand and tossing back a beer with the other. Same bubble.


  • carl walks down the street, drinking beer. He thinks:"i never drive, it keeps me from thinking straight." or something like that

R David Francis

  • Shot of Carl in a lab: "She never said anything about drinking and cloning myself!"

    This, of course, gives us back two Carl's in this line.

bryan young

  • Have a panel with mom or whoever that woman is behind the wheel of a car with a bottle saying "Good, because it wouldn't do for BOTH of us to drink and drive."


  • "What a boring town I live in, there's nothing to do here." Says carl driving around looking bored.

Jason Fliegel

    There are so many ways to go with a new begining! How about:

  • Carl is on a golf course, having just driven a golf ball. He thinks
    "Well, a promise is a promise, after all."
  • Same art, but Carl thinks "Oh, to Hell with my promise!" as he takes a swig of liquor.
  • Carl driving a car. He thinks "I'm so thirsty! But I can't break my promise."
  • Carl driving a car. Caption: "But soon enough ..." Carl is saying "I can't take it any more! I need a drink!"
  • Carl does a double take, saying "Wait a second! Who the Hell are you, anyway?"
  • Carl in the back of a taxi, liquor in hand. Carl is obviously drunk. (Optionally, the taxi driver could be a pink elephant).

    And, of course, the obvious:

  • Carl on a bridge, beer in hand, thinking "She never said anything about drinking and bungee jumping!"
  • And, although it's on the "forbidden" list, I think "Help! I've burst into flame!" could be interesting at this early juncture.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone else's suggestions!


  • Carl at a golf course about to tee off. Thought balloon: "Would she mind if it was a glass of water?"

Ben Rossi

  • He looks at his choice of transportation and thinks "hmmm, maybe I'll take the unicycle"

Greg McElhatton

  • The new panel has Carl flying a small airplane. "She didn't say anything about drinking and flying!" Carl crows.

Benjamin Hauger


  • ...outside a small dirty bar in a bad section of town, an obviously intoxicated man stumbles towards his car.

Jason Brice

  • Mom: "And promise me no dangerous adventure sports..."

    "I don't think I can promise ya that"

Bill Randall

  • Carl festers in a seedy bar, nursing his brew, significant stubble on his chin.

Jim Drew

  • A tipsy Carl hand his keys to to an unseen person (just a hand protruding into the panel) and says, "Here. Take these before I do something stupid."

Piers Beckley

  • Carl walks to his car, looking upset. Carl: But I _like_ to drink and drive.


  • Carl: She didn't say anything about drinking and dangerous sports!

Jon Delorey

  • Carl calls a friend, says he has some beer but needs someone to drive for him
  • Carl drinks and walks
  • Carl asks mom to drive so he can drink
  • Carl drinks while deciding if he should drive
  • Face it .... Carl is thirsty

Avery J. Cohen

  • Carl riding a mountain bike, drinking from a bottle in a brown bag.

    "There are other ways to travel."

  • Carl drinking from a flask, turning up the gas on the burner ("Fwoosh") as he stands in the wicker gondola of a hot air balloon,

    "There are other ways to travel."


  • I think carl should say something akin to " I promise alright, promise not to take any crap from you you old hag!" while shaking his fist or pointing at his mom. ( He has issues.)

Avery J. Cohen

  • Another alternative mode of travel:

    "Well, that didn't work!"

    Carl sitting on the ground, legs splayed. A broken bottle next to him, a pogo stick laying behind him.

Ryan Sieroty

  • Carl, who has a very nasty grin on his face, hops in the car. He revs up the car in haste and speeds off tearing through the neighborhood. Carl thinks: "Who does she thinks she is? I'm a responsible drinker!" Carl has a sinister laugh! Something out of a Young Frankenstein/Austin Powers Dr. Evil laugh!

matt sandiford

  • ....pogo stick?
  • .....a special prosecutor appears and threatens to arrest carl for untruthfulness?

[Now, now, Matt... People come here to get away from all that. ;-) --Scott]

Barry Deutsch

  • The lady from the first panel is shown drinkin' and drivin' and havin' a fine old time. "God, what a drip that Carl is!" she says.

    By the way, I really enjoyed the first half of the chess comic.

Brian Zimmerman

  • Well, the bungee cord mishap is crying out for a follow-up panel: "Thank God for this fortunately placed trampoline!"
  • Which can be followed in time for the gravestone by: "Watch out for that helicopter blade."
  • Or, after surviving the bungee cord mishap, Carl decides to give up his risky life as a professional stuntman/daredevil, fake his own death, and retire to Key West. Penultimate panel: Carl sitting in a lounge chair, sipping a margarita. Last panel: the gravestone.

    Can't wait for the second half of the chess story!


  • Meanwhile in Hell:"Step up for 'Send Carl to Hell'. What do you think should go into the panel with the red dot?"

Eric Rosenfield

  • we see Carl at a golf course driving a shot home. Carl: Gosh, my Mom sure cares about my golf game.

Dark Artist

  • "I won't drink and drive! I'll just drink! A LOT!" (Panel shows Carl getting high fast. Next panel could show Carl contemplating what might happen if he tried bungee jumping or something.)


  • Carl is shooting up his car. "Heroin, however, is a-okay"
  • Carl gets out of his car at a voodoo ritual.

Kathryn Coler

  • Carl, whistling, is in the car. over his shoulder we can see a coil of rope in the back seat.

Stéphane Lussier

  • "Poor mom, she's completely gone. I just need to go to the attic."
  • "Darn! Now I have to find another way to kill myself!"

mark coale

  • Just for a change of pace -- The woman is in her car, drinking and driving & says -- "I never said I (bold) wouldn't!"

Douglass Barre (still age 28)

    Wow... inspiration twice in one week. And what weird-ass inspiration this week has granted me...

  • Carl steps outside his home to see a familiar skyline shaking in the background. CARL (looking at his watch): "Wow! It's the San Francisco earthquake of 1906!" I promise not to submit during "free verse hour" next week...

Michael Avolio

  • Close-up on Carl, saying, "Hmm, what to do..." (maybe he should be driving?)
  • Carl screams, "I'll shoot you to pieces instead!" and points a revolver at his mother, maybe firing it?
  • Close-up on Carl's fingers crossed, behind him.
  • Here's an obvious one -- Carl says he'll go rock-climbing or something...

Pete White

  • Carl sez: "Geez, I never get to have any fun"
  • Shot of Carl's crossed fingers behind his back

Winter (age 3)

  • He has a boa loa roa hoa, then he needs to get a prish of soda. Then he says "a pree a pree, a ree a ree".

Sky (age 5 1/2)

  • He drinks and drives.
  • Carl drinks.


  • I imagine prescription medicines are exempt from that promise...

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