This week's panel suggested by Matt Hutchinson, Drew Hart-Shea, Doug Waldron, and Michael Avolio

Merging Traffic Ahead!

Oh yeah, like I'm really gonna kill a pregnant Daisy...

Ah, well. Tough one this week. Annoyingly easy one for next week! Let's get it over with.

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and please join us again next Sunday!

Sunday 03/14/1999

Morgan Doninger

    If I wanted my comments I'd of asked you for them.

  • What we need here is a mirror image of the other panel leading to the last tombstone of the section. Daisy hugging Carl from the left side, hearts beating in upper right corner, and I say the dialog should be the same, but the letters reversed as if looking at them in a mirror. Or....
  • To honor the late Stanley Kubrick, turn Daisy into a Starbaby, and have Carl respond with "Uh..."

    I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that....

Jesse Rimler

  • Jenny: "I need you! marry me!" Carl:Looks nervously through front windsheild.
  • Jenny:"We're heading right for that chapel!" Carl:"Gulp!"

    This is a bit unrelated, but I'd like to take the time to mention this, as it is very important to me. My hero, Stanley Kubrick, died today. Take time out and rent some of his classic films. His work inspires me to no end. His influences on the film industry are still clearly visible today. His passing is a true loss. I've made a list of his films: Killer's Kiss, The Killing, Paths of Glory, Lolita, Dr. Strangelove, 2001:A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, (Upcoming)Eyes Wide Shut. Make sure that one day soon you take time out and watch these works of art.

[Very recently The Shining was on TV. I hadn't seen it for awhile and got sucked in before I realized it. I was reminded of Kubrick's mastery when I noticed that I was far more unnerved by a pair of twins standing at the end of a hallway, than by any 2 hour gore-fest ever made. In the world of film, Kubrick is probably the closest thing I've found to a role-model. I'm glad -- as I'm sure he was -- that he got to finish one more movie before he died. --Scott]

Piers Beckley

  • Daisy: That's not a real gun! Use this one instead.
  • Daisy: I'm pregnant.


Doug Waldron

    Since you people like repetition so much, all of my suggestions are recycled from previous panels.

  • Daisy sprouts tentacles. Daisy: "I'm your worst nightmare!" SFX: "RRIPP!!"
  • Daisy: "Will you marry me?" Carl lets go of the wheel: "Oh, Daisy! Yes!!" Daisy: "Uh..."
  • SFX: "KER-THUMP!!" Carl: "I hit something!"
  • Carl: "Hey! Who the heck are you anyway?"
  • Daisy: "This is no ordinary car!" SFX: "Sproing!!"
  • Carl: "What is this? Ground Hog Day?"
  • Daisy: "Only death can end your wretched nightmare!" Carl: "Uh... yeah; that's what I was saying."
  • Daisy: "This gun belongs to Microsoft!"
  • A giant pink elephant's foot steps on the car.

Lee Seitz

  • Daisy: But first, why don't you let me drive?
  • Daisy: You're actually a cartoon character.
  • Daisy: Your horoscope says you're going to have a bad day.
  • Daisy: But first, let's climb into my helicopter.
  • Daisy: You see, it's like this...
  • Daisy: Your horoscope says you're going to die in a helicopter crash! Carl: But I'm not in a helicopter.
  • Daisy: All your friends chipped in and bought you a tombstone.

    Hey, I was a winner (one of many back a few panels), so can I plug my (Useless) Super-Hero Generator (

[Sure, Lee. Newcomers, take note, though. The free plug offer is for winners only... 'Cause we all know what would happen otherwise! --Scott]


Matt Hutchinson

  • repeat of previous panel "wait Carl I have something to tell you"

howard Ian Schiller

    Cue the obvious...

  • "I'm Pregnant" confesses Daisy. (and don't forget Carl letting go of the wheel as he hears the news!)

Elan "Oogely Moogely" Trinidad

  • The car's about to crash into a pink elephant Daisy: "Look out Carl!"
  • Daisy talks and Carl looks REALLY freaked out. "You're just a caroon being jerked around by internet junkies."
  • Daisy: "We're near the end of the comic. You're gonna die!"
  • Daisy: "As a birthday present, I had an early gravestone carved for you."

Avery J. Cohen

    Tying in with the theme of "endless repitition", I'd suggest repeating one of two panels from earlier this section:

  • "I'm your worst nightmare," complete with monster.
  • "Hey, who the hell are you?" Only this time with daisy as the object of Carl's objection.

Catt Jan Roxxanne

    Hey. Howzi' 'goin.

  • Daisy sez "Heeeeeeeyy I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of-" (y'know, like the song)
  • "You rock my world, carl-man."
  • "well um, I, uh-" "c'mon, Daisy, you can say it-"
  • "I bought you this 6 pack 'cause I know you like beer!" Carl lets go of the wheel and says "Thanks!"
  • "I lied, I just wanted to take the gun from you-" "Hey!"
  • "oh Daisy! I could've killed myself, Thank you!" says carl as he lets go of the steering wheel to hug daisy. "um, Carl-"
  • "DON'T KILL YOURSELF! GEEZ!" (smacks him across the back of the head, making him lose control of the steering wheel.
  • "Carl, I- AAA! WATCH OUT FOR THAT STOP SIGN!" "what- oh- AAA!"
  • "You can't kill your-self unless you marry me, first!" Carl lets go of the wheel and does a "(gasp!)"

    Um, I was thinking of "You rock my world, baby." But "Carl-Man" sounds funnier. Sorry.

dan wheeler

    even though it's more than a little hypocritical for me to say it, i have to admit i agree with Chantal B.T. who was critical of folks who make lots and lots of suggestions. even though i won this week and made like 7 or 8 suggestions i usually try to limit myself to just 2 or 3. it's not my place to step on anyone else's creative urges but i think if scott's nice enough to give up part of his sunday to do this for us we could have a little more consideration and not make him read every little thought that comes into our heads just the 2 or 3 best ones. my excuse for making all those suggestions this time is that he gave us 2 weeks and that was just too much time without carl. as for my excuse why this comment i'm writing right now is so long .... i, umm .... well ....oops

  • daisy: i'm pregnant!
  • daisy: i'm your sister
  • daisy: i took the bullets out of that gun yesterday. here you go. she hands him the bullets.

souther salazar

  • Daisy : It's not loaded! But don't worry, I have bullets RIGHT HERE!
  • Daisy: I'm pregnant!
  • Daisy: You're pregnant!
  • You may have already won ONE MILLION DOLLARS! (draw Daisy's pinky pressed crookedly and Dr. Eviledly to her lips)
  • Daisy: (holds out a bottle to carl) Drink this first!
  • Daisy: The pirate treasure is hidden in the--
  • Daisy puts on "rap" gear(sunglasses, backwards hat, gold chains) and, with arms crossed, hands flashing signs, and cocked head, says: " My name is Daisy Not Martin Scorsese Allow me to amaze thee With my rhymes which are crazy"

Rowan Lipkovits

    i am NOT a fish

  • Daisy to Carl: There is a helicopter landing pad on the top of your car. (Carl: "huh?")
  • Daisy to Carl: I am a robot, not programmed for emotion or melodrama. My circuits are over-heating! (lead-up to a supposedly inevitable explosion in the next panel.)
  • Daisy takes gun from Carl. Daisy: If you shoot the gas tank, we'll both be freed from this inane game we call life!
  • Daisy to Carl: I am a Scud robot, Jezebel model, and you are my target. If you kill yourself, I will self-destruct!
  • Daisy to Carl: I've been hearing this funny noise from the carburetor... I hope it's not serious.
  • Daisy to Carl: I switched your revolver with a chocolate replica.
  • Carl to Daisy: No time for that, there's a helicopter on a direct intercept route!
  • Daisy to Carl, as background gets wibbly-wobbly: The experiment is over. You failed the psychological stress test.
  • Daisy to Carl: If anybody gets to kill you, it should be ME! (holding lit bomb)
  • Carl to Daisy: Never, EVER surprise a man with a gun. Terrible things could happen!

    this one was a bit too open-ended for my likings. If I ever use all the spaces again, somebody shoot me.

Jon Delorey

    I miss a few weeks and come back and nothing changes. Kinda like a soap opera. Though I am partial to the Ground Hog theme. Oh, maybe thats the problem.

  • You are no Bill Murray.
  • I'm Pregnant.
  • You've got to wait one more frame before you kill yourself.
  • I'm sensitive to load noises, please use a knife.
  • Watch out for that .....
  • For a minute I thought that we were restricted to only a finite number of suggestions, but I see more boxes opening up. Is this a challange? What do I do now? Can I intersperse comments in the suggestion section? I need to get back to work, but I am faced with this... oh well ....c-ya

Tom Dougherty

    Hi, You're really great, you know that?

  • Daisy: "Carl... I'm pregnant."
  • Daisy: "Watch the road Carl!"
  • Daisy: "Carl, somehow you look different, has your style changed at all recently?"
  • I like suggestions.
  • Daisy: "I don't want to marry you, Carl." (reverse psychology)
  • Daisy: "I want to kill you personally."
  • Daisy: "I'm gay, Carl. I don't like you."
  • Carl: "I can't get this nasty feeling outta my head that I'm already dead... but please... what were you going to say, Daisy?"
  • Carl: "I don't think we should date anymore Daisy, you keep showing up in the wierdest places."
  • Both characters gurgle.

Mike Sharp

    Really funny stuff, man.

  • Daisy says "I'm really a guy"
  • A big rooster named Slam Evil comes out and pecks the car
  • Daisy says "I never learned to read"
  • Daisy says "uoY evoL I" Carl's fallen into a twilight zone backwards world
  • Daisy says "Help! I've burst into flames!" (Hey you said we couldn't pluralize it):-)
  • Daisy says "Nevermore" and starts quoting other Edgar Allen Poe poems
  • Captain Picard comes in and tells Carl(Barclay) to turn off the damn holodeck
  • Daisy says "asdofimnvaoiweonxvclkam" She's really a Talaxian space alien from the planet acsnvopaw coming to take over the world
  • Daisy says absolutely nothing and just stares blankly at him
  • Daisy raises her own guns and shoots Carl then shoots her self There are then two gravestones, one for Daisy the other for Carl

    May the rooster be with you, always. SLAM EVIL!!!

Jonathan L. Miller

  • Daisy: "Carl, I love you! I can't live without you! And, by the way, look out for that" mountain/cliff/tree/whatever you can make work with the helicopter panel. I think this ties in well with the Valentine's Day panel....but it could just be me.

Drew Hart-Shea

  • bottom of panel: close up of Carl's eyes looking very worried. We can still see the barrel of the gun trembling against his sweating forehead. Above is Carl's thought ballon saying: "this sounds like bad news, maybe I oughta just end it now..."
  • Same panel as before, almost... Daisy says again: "Carl wait, I have something to tell you..." Carl says: "uhh.....?" and puts the gun to his head again.
  • Daisy: "you're going to be a father..."
  • Daisy, handing Carl some ammo: " forgot to load the gun."


  • Daisy says " I'm really a MAN" as she takes off her wig. Carl is noticably upset.

Mark Rosenfelder

  • Daisy: You're going to be a FATHER! Carl (not focussed on driving any more!): What???
  • Carl (looking at her): What? Daisy (alarmed): I'll tell you later! Watch out for that-----
  • Daisy: A helicopter has been trying to kill me! (And it's visible in the rear view mirror.)
  • Carl covers his eyes. Carl: Don't tell me, let me guess!

Mike Taub

  • Daisy, turning to Carl, "Will you marry me?" Leading to the wedding scene in the next box. Perhaps we can give them a nice long happy life together before Carl bites it at the end of the horizontal line.

Matt Ryan

    Okay, I'm being cruel to Carl this week...

  • Daisy: "There's no bullets in this gun!"
  • Carl: "Oh Daisy, I have something to tell you too!" (Neglects steering wheel.)
  • Daisy: "I can't take this ENDLESS REPETITION EITHER" (Holds gun to her head.)
  • Daisy: "It's GROUNDHOG DAY!"

    Sigh. Despite my rantings, Carl committed suicide. And sooner than I thought. Well, in the democratic deterministic universe of Carl, I guess it was bound to happen someday...


  • Daisy: Carl, I'm pregnant!
  • Daisy: Wait its not loaded! Let me load this gun for you! Carl: Oh Thanks!
  • Daisy: Neither of us can take this repition any longer! Lets kill ourselves together...
  • Daisy: I cant stand you anymore Carl! (Daisy then starts to push Carl out of the car, she doesnt want to get a good car all messy now does she? :) )
  • Daisy: Will you marry me? Carl: Never in a million years! (carl lets go of the stearing wheel...)
  • Daisy: Can I have your car after your gone? Carl: Hey now! You materialistic person you! Why I outta... (starts fighting w/Daisy and lets go of the stearing wheel)
  • Daisy: Hey whats that up there in the sky? Carl: umm I cant quite tell, its too far away...
  • Daisy: oh it was nothing Carl: No! Tell me!
  • Daisy: Oh it was nothing Carl: Oh well then! Gimmie that gun back!
  • Daisy and Carl fight over the gun, Daisy accadentally gets shot, Carl feels guilty...

adam ford

    One of these days, lord, I'll get a suggestion and Scott will like it...

  • Daisy: "It always helps to watch the road when you're driving!" The car is driving towards (or off) a cliff (see, they can be falling from the helicopter in the next panel if you read down, or from the car if you read across.)

Drew Hart-Shea

    Boy, that Carl, he sure does hog the lime-light ;) How about the other cast members? I think we should see Daisy and Carl's Mom in a fight to the death, so...

  • Daisy begins to speak thus : "Carl I love yoummmph..." but is grabbed round the throat by Carls mom who springs up from the back seat enraged, saying... "You stay away from my boy you no-good slut!"

Doug Waldron

  • Daisy: "That gun's not loaded!"
  • Daisy: "That's a flare gun!"
  • Daisy: "That's my gun!"
  • Daisy: "That's a water gun!"
  • Daisy: "The gun shop just called. They forgot about the mandatory waiting period, and they need the gun back!"
  • Daisy: "You have some food on your cheek!"
  • Daisy: "If you die, you take all your passengers with you!" Mom (in the backseat): "Yeah! You dope!"
  • Daisy: "Carl, wait! I have something to tell you!"
  • Daisy: "You're about to run into a propane storage tank!"
  • Daisy: "You can't die yet. I need you to open a can for me!"

colin roald

    I haven't managed to submit for the last couple weeks, so I still haven't claimed my plug from the Daisy-loves-Carl panel. I figure my name is odd enough that anybody who really cares can find my home page and Matt already plugged Bruno, so I'm going to go with Carol Lay's Story Minute, Seriously clever stuff.

  • The Obvious. DAISY: "I'm having your baby!"
  • The Cruel. DAISY: "That's a water pistol. Here, use this." She hands him a bigger gun.
  • The Weird. DAISY: "I'm not who you think I am. I work for the CIA." (I still want an explanation of where that transforming heli-car came from, and where the Momster fits into all of this.)
  • And Now For Something Completely Different. External shot of airliner, high in the clouds. Something like 'Tahiti Air' might be painted on, if there's room. VOICEOVER: "We won the lottery!" (Just 'cause yet another panel of Carl and Daisy talking in the car seems boring.)

Paul Winkler

    Shameless theft.

  • Daisy: "Carl, you're my reason to live! Will you marry me?" (Carl is not watching the road...) (And obviously, in the next panel the car hits a helicopter... but I'm getting ahead now.)

Thom Marrion

    The immediate gut reaction spur o' the moment idea

  • Daisy looks at carl and says, with a small tear in her eye, "I'm pregnant."

    so there.

Harry Lagoussis

    I'm gonna stick to one suggestion this time, since I'm never gonna win anyway.

  • "Meanwhile..." Interior of a helicopter. The pilot, holding a bottle of wine, says: "Mom didn't say anything about drinking and flying a plane". He has one of those Herge whirlwinds above his head. (This way, in the next panel we can have a crash where Carl and Daisy are either in the car or the helicopter, depending on which side of the story you're reading from. We could call it McCloud's Uncertainty Principle).

    I hope my name isn't in green.

[You're in luck! (about the name, I mean.) --Scott]


Nathan Kuruna

    I guess it's not very profound, but here goes...

  • Outide of car: We see a helicopter swerving wildly through the sky, but going down fast and obviously about to crash into the car. Word balloon from car: "Wait, look out!" Word balloon from copter (if there's room): "IIEEEeee!"

    And now, back to my thousand word synthesis paper...


  • Daisy jumps toward Carl and says, "I love you and I can't live without you!"
  • Daisy - "We're about to drive over a cliff!"
  • Daisy - "Carl, I"m really your sister!"
  • Daisy - "Carl, that gun only has blanks in it!"
  • Daisy - "I think I failed my chemistry final!"
  • Daisy - "I can't integrate xe^(2x)dx!" Carl - "Just integrate by parts."
  • Daisy - "oh wait, i forgot."
  • Daisy - "Carl, i figured out what the syntax error in my program was! I can pass my class now!"
  • Daisy - "I"m pregnant, and you're the father!"
  • Daisy - "Carl, you won every first round game in the NCAA tournament poll!"

    Some of these were weak, sorry. I have finals this week, and my brain is drained.

Sky (age 5)

  • Carl runs away, Daisy tries to follow.

    Why did Daisy just appear? And now she keeps being there

[I know what you mean, Sky. Daisys are popping up everywhere. How does that keep happening?]


Michael Avolio

  • "Oh, never mind," Daisy says with a bored look on her face as the goes off. (BLAM!)
  • Daisy pushes a button as the car morphs into a helicopter. "This is no ordinary car!" (I'm following the theme of repitition, see?)
  • The same monster as before RIPS out of Daisy's skin, saying, "I'm your worst nightmare!"
  • Carl asks, "What?"
  • Daisy says, "I love you!"
  • Here's my last suggestion: just repeat the last panel, as sort of an ironic joke... He says he can't take the endless repetition and then there's two of the same panels in a row. Then the last panel could just be black filled with sound effects (BLAM! CRASH! etc.) I know, it's kinda weird, but what do you think?

    By the way, I just wanted to thank you for doing this, on behalf of all of us who come here. We appreciate you doing this. Long live (or die, rather) Carl! (Oh, yeah, and Scott McCloud.) ;)

Winter (age 3)

  • sky winter hiylukujuk,hb,mmcf

    Well, the allure of the keyboard was just too much and Winter decided to type her own suggestion again this time. (By the way, translated the suggestion reads: Sky Winter apple) Just thought you would like to know... Ivy (oh, no suggestion from me this week, too hard for my blood)

Bill Schlimme

  • Daisy (Trying to recall what she intended to say): Uh -- oh well, nevermind...
  • Daisy: Now you're sure the gun's loaded?
  • Daisy: I'm PREGNANT!!
  • Daisy: This really IS Groundhog Day!
  • Carl: DAISY?! Where the HELL did you come from? I was alone a minute ago!

[You see, Sky? We're not the only ones wondering about this. --Scott]

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