This week's panel suggested by [deep breath]:

James Riley
Douglass Barre (age 28)
Elan "James Brown's illegitamite son" Trinidad
Josiah Rowe
Josiah Rowe
Pete Strover
Håkan Storsäter
Al B Moore
Mark Schlatter
Lee Seitz
Michael Avolio
Steve Bolhafner
Guy Nelson
Avery J. Cohen
Doug Waldron
Harry Lagoussis
Matt Ryan
Jason Fliegel
David Goldfarb!


Well, that's definitely a record for most winning suggestions!

Special note to Carl fans everywhere: "Choose Your Own Carl" has actually spawned it's own tribute comic! This week's strip at Cayetano Garza's Magic Inkwell Comic Strip Theatre is a wonderful "Ode to Carl." Check it out! And while you're there, check out the other Cayetano's other 49 great strips!

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and please join us again next Sunday!

Sunday 01/31/1999

James Riley

  • Car sprouts helicopter blades while Daisy says, "Don't worry, we'll get away!" or some such line.
  • Car swerves around a ground hog, and heads over cliff, saying "...but that was!"
  • Helicopter hovers above car with a rope, someone in helicopter shouts, "Get in!" with question marks coming from the car.

Jesse Rimler

    Argh...this is harder than school...

  • Daisy swings steering wheel and says "Don't worry carl, I know a shortcut through the forest!"
  • Same scene as in the last panel, except a shadowy figure jumps out of the back seat, scaring Carl and Daisy!
  • Same as #2 except instead of a shadowy figure, world renowned jerk Bill Gates pops out of the back seat!

Douglass Barre (age 28)

    You know, I'd be interested in working backwards on one of these segments sometime... you know, starting at the gravestone and meandering backwards...
    And thanks to Matt Ryan for the kudo (and reminding me why the Groundhog Day panel was funny!) I'm occasionally embarrassed by the amount of effort I put into this. We ought to have some sort of "Legion of Substitute Carls" where we pastiche some of our favorites.
    Official Carl Secret of the Week: Jeff (2 time winner) is actually my cousin.
    Oh, right. Ideas for the panel. I knew there was something else I was supposed to do...

  • We see Daisy's car peeling into an airport entrance. DAISY (from inside car): "We'll never escape it on the ground, Carl! I've got an idea..." The sign to the airport says "AIRPORT" then, in smaller lettering beneath that, "a new division of Microsoft". Eerie music would play here, of course.

    (Hey, speaking of using the Internet venue to expand the boundaries of comics, any thought as to adding sound to one of these? I'm sure one of the Carl Crew out there has some musical talent...)

  • GOD appears between the Momster and the car, sleeves rolled up and ready to rassle. GOD: "Quick, kids, I'll hold it off!"
  • We see DAISY's hand reaching down for a button on the dashboard (which is filled with a variety of Mach-1 style buttons) with a helicopter icon on it.
  • CARL and DAISY, safely returned from the Microverse of Nataal, are enjoying a couple of rum and cokes at the Jug and Jigger in downtown Perotsville and licking their wounds (not literally). The head of the robot is sitting on the table between them. WAYNE and JED, behind the bar, are leering at our heroes, distrusting anyone who's out this late. Unbeknownst to our heroes, however, the German dissident programmer Viktor Dendrite watches them from the shadows. He knows that within the head of their destroyed ally lies the technology he needs to complete his contract for the Red Bag society. Then and there, he decides to pose as Carl's long-lost father in the hopes of preying upon Carl's current despondent state and using our hero to gain the Microversian technology!
  • DAISY sighs and hands CARL a futuristic raygun. DAISY (with an action hero sneer): "Then I guess it's two more weeks of winter, baby!"
  • We see FLYING CARL standing at the side of the road, looking confused at the car that has just driven by. He doesn't see the Momster racing up behind him, mouth open to devour him. FLYING CARL: "Hey, wasn't that--?"
  • CARL pulls the release lever to lean his seat back. CARL: "Hey, Daisy, look! Reclining seats!"
  • CARL suddenly notices that from the waist down, DAISY is a robot, connected to the car. DAISY: "I'm sorry you had to see me like this, Carl."

    I'd better post this before my computer decides to editorialize by freezing up on me... more later as my mind degenerates!


  • Carl: Hurry Daisy! He's gaining! split screen diagnally from top right corner to bottom left.
    Daisy: Hold on.
    Daisy's finger is on a switch labeled "car/helicopter"

Elan "James Brown's illegitamite son" Trinidad

  • The car transforms into a helicopter. DAISY:"GO GO GADGET COPTER!"
  • The car flies off a cliff (not unlike the Dukes of Hazard) and there's a helicopter in it's path. FROM THE CAR:"LOOK OUT!"
  • SHOT of the monster dancing (for no apparent reason).

Josiah Rowe

    Well, everyone else will probably suggest these, but...

  • Close-up of dashboard. Daisy's finger is reaching towards a button with an icon of a helicopter on it. Daisy: "Time for helicopter mode!", or, if you're feeling self-referential, "Only helicopter mode can end this nightmare!"
  • Outside of vehicle-- car is undergoing some sort of Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang type transformation. Monster is reaching up towards vehichle in sky, but can't reach. Balloon from car: "Helicopter mode! And just in time!"
  • Interior of car, Daisy driving. She looks disapproving. There is nothing behind them. Daisy: "Have you been drinking again, Carl?"
  • Interior of car, Daisy driving. She hands Carl a beer. Daisy: "Ignore it, and it'll go away, Carl. Have a beer."
  • Close-up of dashboard. Daisy's finger is reaching towards a button with a small "flame" icon on it. Daisy: "Time for the flamethrower!", or, "Only the flamethrower can end this nightmare!"
  • Daisy, still driving the car, turns into another monster. Daisy/Monster: "Neither am I!!" Carl: "Eeek!"
  • Daisy, still driving the car, turns into a giant groundhog. Daisy/Groundhog: "But I am!" Carl: "Eeek!"
  • Interior of car, Daisy driving. Carl's mother (now normal), is running behind the car. Daisy: "Of course not! That's your mother, Carl!" (if room, add: "Have you been drinking again?") [This dialogue might work as ext. car shot, too.]

mark coale

  • The non-Groundhog (assuming it doesn't have to be the monster from the above panel) is revealed to be King Kong, Godzilla or similar monster. This can lead, next time, to the introduction of the helicopter as an homage to the airplanes strafing King Kong.

Josh Dahl

  • Carl squints heroically and finishes his sentence from the previous panel "...and I'm no coward. Stop the car!" Daisy is shocked.

Pete Strover

  • Daisy: "And this is no ground vehicle!" [as the car morphs, Transformer-wise, into a helicopter]

Håkan Storsäter

    Uh... logical solution....

  • Car turns into a helicopter, while woman saying And this is no car!!

Al B Moore

  • Shot of Daisy's finger pushing a button on the car dashbord as she says "what does this button do?" (maybe transforms the car into a helicopter)
  • "Daisy" unzips costume to reveal a small groundhog. Groundhog says "No, but I am!"

    Scott, do you draw Carl with the computer or do you just scan the panels in? Thanks...

[100% digital! I hope to have a FAQ list up soon and I'll give everyone my long list o' tools. --Scott]

Eric McLeod

  • Daisy reveals she works for the CIA against Microsoft's evil anti-trust case...

Avery J. Cohen

  • The car crashes into a giant groundhog, with Carl flying through the roof, up into the air.

Jonathan L. Miller

  • "That's a.....Rrrrock Lobster!" And the B5s suddenly pop up.

    I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sure I'll think of something later in the week.....



Piers Beckley

  • Daisy: Don't Worry.

    And so saying she reaches to the dashboard and pushes a big lever from the end marked "Car" to the end marked "Helicopter"

Mike Caprio

  • CARL: "Let's take to the air!" (points to sign indicating a HELIPAD).
  • CARL: "To the Helipad -- It's our only hope!"

colin roald

    Okay, so in the horizontal path, Daisy(?) asks Carl(?) about Groundhog Day, possibly referring innocently to the date or to a lost videotape in the backseat. Carl notices something unexpectedly pursuing, and exclaims "That's no ground hog!" I suppose I'll go ahead and suggest the simple plotline that'll at least give some progress towards helicopters:

  • Outside view of car speeding down highway, many- tentacled horror in hot pursuit. An exit is visible ahead.
    Carl: "There! We'll be safe in the ARMY BASE!"

    [I can't help but note that next week's panel is going to be a bastard, because somehow it has to be consistent with both the Momster/Groundhog plotline *and* the multiple-Carl Mom-icide bridge-jumping plotline. Maybe we should just say the heck with it, and send Carl off heli-skiing in the Alps.:-]

dan wheeler

  • carl waggles eyebrows "That's my wife!"
  • daisy turns to carl "STOP SHOUTING IN MY EAR!"
  • daisy & carl drive off cliff ala thelma & louise

Morgan Doninger

  • Sorry, I couldn't think of nothin' last week, so I bailed. This week... Same panel as before with the sound effect "Ker-Thump!" Daisy: "No, but that was."

Mark Schlatter

    Hmmm, we need Carl (and possibly Daisy, although we're not positive it's her in the copter) up in the air.

  • Daisy shouts "But this is no car!" with a maniacal grin as she pushs buttons, pulls levers, etc. to transform the car into a helicopter. (This was independently thought of, but dangerously close to Christopher Ekmann's idea from last week.)
  • Carl is seen leaning out the window, attempting to lasso the (now flying) momster.
  • Daisy's car goes off a cliff: "And this isn't fun!"

Lee Seitz

  • As the car changes to a helicopter, a balloon (either Carl or Daisy) reads "Good thing we brought the transforming car."
  • Same scene, but balloon reads "I don't know what this button does, but it can't hurt!"
  • Same scene, but Carl says "Mom didn't say anything about drinking and flying."
  • Same scene, but Carl says "I must be dreaming."
  • Same scene, but Carl says "Did I miss the part where I got drunk?"
  • As Daisy & Carl jump from the car into a hovering helicopter, balloon reads "Good thing this helicopter was here!" or "I wonder who left this helicopter handy?"
  • Carl says "Floor it, Daisy!" while they drive by an arrow-shaped sign reading "Airport."

    I'm not a regular reader, so have you ever combined two (or more) suggestions because they were so irresistable?

[So far, I've never combined two vastly different suggestions but I often combine variations on an idea, such as a panel description from one and a slightly better word combo from another. In fact the very first panel of Segment One turned out that way! --Scott]

Jeff McRorie

  • From a position outside of and behind the car, looking back at the pursuing monster, we see the creature dropping down an open manhole. It probably makes an appropriately suprised noise, such as "AAAAAAAAAA!" or "Ut!"

pHil Rittenhouse

  • Bill Murray pops up from the back seat, exclaiming, "What's all this about a groundhog?" He hands Carl a can: "Have a beer."

Michael Avolio

  • The car is heading towards a cliff. (Daisy could say, "Hang on!" or Carl could say, "Look out!" or "A cliff!" or whatever.)
  • The monster grows and surrounds the car with tentacles.
  • Daisy looks behind them (saying, "Groundhog?") while Carl frantically reaches for the wheel.
  • Daisy says, "And I'm not Daisy!" turning into a monster herself!
  • Daisy says, "You're always seeing things when you're drunk..."
  • Scott McCloud pops out of the back seat, saying "And I'm not Bill Murray!"
  • Bill Murray pops out of the back seat, saying "And I'm not Scott McCloud!"
  • Carl says, "It's a space station!" (See, I'm making a reference to Star Wars, when Ben Kenobi says, "That's no moon. It's a space station." ...Nevermind.)
  • Scott McCloud pops up for no reason whatsoever other than because I want him to. (You can't blame me for trying!)
  • Daisy says, "And this is no regular car!" or something like that, as she presses a button(sound effects?)
  • There is a loud THUD. (Or some other sound effect.)
  • Daisy says, "I never said it was." or "What did you call me?" or "Carl, that's your mother."
  • Carl: "It's my mom!" (or Aunt Harriet, or something like that)
  • As the car speeds along, Carl opens the car door with a look of determination on his face. Daisy, horrified, screams, "Carl! What are you doing?"


    Okay, the following things could happen --

  • The monter says "Actually, I am!" The monster grows groundhog teeth. (Simalar to my last idea)
  • Daisy says "I'm taking matters into my OWN hands! Take the wheel!" She pulls out a big gun, and she is poping out the sun roof.
  • Carl says "All I have to do is dream!" Carl tries to sleep.
  • The car heads towards the ocean, and drives off the dock. "OMIGOD!" Carl screams, as Daisy jumps out of the car.

Steve Bolhafner

  • The car turns into a helicopter and Carl say "Woah! What's happening?"

    (That way the NEXT panel can be Carl in a helicopter piloted by Daisy, which will fit in the bi-directional continuity.)

Jeff Clear

  • Carl looks at Daisy and exclaims, "...And you're no Daisy!" as Daisy turns into a monster as in previous panels.
  • Daisy drives off a cliff. (I'd just want to see what people suggested for the panel following this one!)

Guy Nelson

  • Daisy: "well, this is no Car!" (shown pushing a button on the dash marked 'copter')
  • Daisy: "Carl, are you Drunk again?!" (it seems she can't see the Momster)
  • Daisy: "of course not, Bill Gates doesn't own any ground hogs... as far as I know..."

Patrick Downey

  • Carl: "it's a SPACE STATION!" Daisy: "No, it's a hideous monster from another dimension"

Avery J. Cohen

  • Carl pulling a bottle-in-a-bag from the glove compartment, "It's enough to drive me to drink!" Daisy smiles back at him, "Amen!"

David Bedno

  • Carl should say something like "It's gaining. Only a helicopter could save us now."

    (On another note, it would be nifty (but oodles of work, I know) if you could click on any panel and see what was suggested for it. I mean, disk space is cheap, isn't it?)

[Once this section is done, I will indeed link each page to its suggestions as was done with section one.--Scott]

Avery J. Cohen

  • External view of car, we see the top half of Carl, standing up through the sun roof of the car, looking back at the monster in the background. "It's my worst nightmare!" From inside the car, Daisy exclaims "Look out, Carl!"
  • "Hang on, Carl!" We see the car transforming into a gyro-copter with a "Sproing!" sound-effect, just in time to avoid running into _another_ monster (or two).

Doug Waldron

    Yay! I finally made it! Cool.

  • Daisy pulls out a Big Gun: "And this ain't no water pistol!!" (This comic needs more Big Guns if it wants to stay marketable.)
  • Carl: "Oy! I need a smoke." Panel shows close-up of Carl reaching for a button labeled: "EJECTOR SEATS"
  • Daisy: "I'll get us out of this." Panel shows close- up of Daisy reaching for a button labeled: "Helicopter Mode"
  • Scene: God and the Devil are playing the home version of Jeopardy. God: "I'll take 'What happens in the next panel' for $1000." (Apologies to Douglass Barre.)
  • "On the other hand, maybe it is a groundhog." Monster is revealed to be a cute cuddly groundhog. The marketing department immediately releases a line of plush groundhogs. A spin-off comic called "Choose Your Own Groundhog" is announced.


  • Daisy: What is that thing chasing you?
    Carl: It's what I'm going to become!
  • Daisy: I bet that thing can't fly! (they drive toward Daisy's private helicopter pad)
  • Daisy: Carl, this may be my last chance to say it- I love you! Carl: (Frantically looking back at the beast behind them) NOT now Daisy!
  • Carl: Daisy, this may be my last chance to say it- I love you! Daisy: (Frantically looking back at the beast behind them) NOT now Carl!

Harry Lagoussis

  • Daisy pushes a button in the car saying something like "Hold on Carl. This might get bumpy!". The button is meant to transform the car into a helicopter, but if you want to draw *that* too, *you* figure it out.

Carl Fink

  • Daisy says "No, THAT's a ground hog!" as the car drives toward a huge woodchuck. (Isn't "ground hog" a synonym for "woodchuck"?)


  • They pull up near a helicopter and Carl says "Quick, get in the copter!"
  • Superman flies down and bends/contorts the car into a helicopter.
  • You see Kirk screaming to Scotty "Beam them to the copter!"
  • As they are about to hit a tree, Carl yells "LOOK OUT!" The car swirves and heads toward a cliff.
  • The car heads off a cliff. (plain and simple)

Matt Ryan

    Section 2 is half complete! More deaths are just around the corner! Will Carl ever break his promise? Where's the second Carl? When will Bob Dole come through on his flying pickle?

  • Daisy pushes a button. "Don't worry. This is no Honda."
  • Daisy: "Isn't that the woman who keeps bugging you about DUI?" Sign on side of road: TO AIRPORT.
  • The monster pulls up short, noticing its shadow, and says, "Eeek". In the distance the car heads towards a structure where planes are taking off and landing.
  • Carl: "It's gaining! Turn here!" (sign: TO AIRPORT) Daisy's thought baloon: "I love him when he's hyper!" (I mean, why IS she involved with this guy? Definitely not for the family and settling-down prospects. Must be a thrill junkie.)

    Scott's permitting panel-winners one web-page plug. Since I contributed to "Get in, Carl!", here's me:

[That's right, Matt. And remember, everybody: that's winners only ('cause we all know what would happen otherwise!) --Scott]

Paul Hanna

  • They drive off a cliff.
  • The car takes off like a flying DeLorean (I'm still all for this one!) "Let's see if this bastard can do 90!"

Jason Fliegel

    Love the second half of My Obsession With Chess. Nice job, Scott.

    As for Carl, a number of things can happen:

  • Daisy says "But that is!" as she swerves the car to avoid hitting a groundhog, who is ambling across the road.
  • Daisy says "But that is!" as she plows the car into a 20 foot tall groundhog.
  • Daisy says "Never fear. I'll get us out of here." The art depicts Daisy's hand pressing a button marked "Transform to Helicopter," or something like that.
  • Daisy leans out the window, shotgun in hand, shouting "Die, Hellspawned beast!"
  • The Momster -- being a product of Microsoft, after all -- spontaneously dies for no reason.
  • The caption says "The next day." We see Carl and Daisy calmly sipping tea in a cafe. Daisy suggests "Perhaps we should go for a helicopter ride today."

Catt Jan Roxxanne

  • Daisy says "Darn it, I think we're lost. I'm going to stop." And carl does one of those "!!" things.
  • Show a back picture of the car with the licence plate reading "monster 1", and have them say "I wonder why he's chasing us?" "Say Daisy, where did you get this car?"

Winter (age 3)

  • I pick plumy plum. Sky eptry (winter told me how to spell that word...)

Sky (age 5)

  • He looks at her and says "Who are you, anyway?"

Ivy (age -- does anybody really care?)

  • Carl continues : "That's a road hog" as the monster is about to overtake them with his foot up ready to hurl the car up into the air.

David Goldfarb

  • The car sprouts a big rotor and tail. Word balloon: "Helicopter morph is GO!!!"

Ethan Heitner

  • (in preperation for Carl meeting Daisy in the Helicopter, Car Carl and Car Daisy are inside the Car)
    Daisy: Don't press that button, Carl! It's the ejector seat!
    Carl: Ejector seat? You're joking...

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