This week's panel suggested (more or less) by yet another Gargantuan Horde!:

  • Jesse Rimler
  • James Riley
  • David Goldfarb
  • Douglass Barre (age 28)
  • frank episale
  • Mark Rosenfelder
  • Paul Hanna
  • Erich Mees
  • TimmyC
  • Josiah Rowe
  • Mark Schlatter
  • Mike Taub
  • colin roaldcolin roald
  • Matthew B Ryan
  • Jeff

Happy Valentines Day!

You hopeless romantics you...

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and please join us again next Sunday!

Sunday 02/14/1999

Nathan Kuruna

  • Before Daisy can speak, the Microsoft Monster grabs the tail or bottom of the Chopper. Daisy: I... Aaaah!!!

Jesse Rimler

    This may be a little hypocritical of my plea last week but it's just TOO perfect to pass up.

  • Daisy is hugging carl, letting go the controls of the helicopter "Of course carl!". Carl is looking towards us and shouts "Daisy, LOOK OUT!" This will lead to the next panel: The helicopter crashes into a chapel and which leads to: RIP Carl.

    Now THATS irony (no matter how my moronic english teacher defines it.)

Daniel M. Laenker

  • Carl is kicked out of the helicopter and begins to fall into... somewhere. You pick. Daisy to Carl: "Let me think.... No."

Jay Sabicer

  • Daisy: What.. are you nuts? You still at home with your folks. Carl looks like his heart has been thrown into an Insinkerator.

James Riley

    This should be interesting...ignoring the simple "yes" or "no":

  • Daisy screams "YES!" and hugs Carl, and out the front window we see mountains...
  • Daisy screams "YES!" and accidently pushes Carl out the side.
  • Daisy scratches the ring against the window, discovering it's fake, and saying so, leading to the follow-up next week where she dumps him out the helicopter for being so tacky.
  • Close up on Daisy's face, with Carl over her left shoulder. Daisy looks into the distance saying, "My Love, It simply cannot be! What about Scott?"
  • Daisy bursts into tears, and says "We can't Carl! You're going to die in two panels!"
  • Daisy says "Carl, we're to young! I can't even fly this helicopter!" which again, leads to a follow-up of "Uh-oh's" next week.
  • Daisy says, "Jeez, Carl, couldn't you have picked a more romantic time?"
  • The helicopter is shown flying across the US to Nevada and Las Vegas.
  • Just a caption: "And Thus, the year long planning session of the wedding began..." which would make him die of boredom by the next panel, over talk of white roses over red roses...
  • Oh, I guess it could just end nicely for him, cause it is Valentine's Day. Daisy says "Yes!" and they land safely. That would make the next panel all that much harder, I suppose.

    Scott, I absolutely loved the way you ended your chess piece. That was fantastic!

David Goldfarb

  • Daisy pulls a mannequin of Carl from the back seat. "Don't be silly, Carl. Now, come on -- it's important that the world believe you dead."
  • Daisy throws her arms around Carl. "Oh, Carl, yes, yes!" As she does so she bumps into the helicopter controls.
  • Shot from outside POV. Dialogue: "Oh, Carl, yes, yes!" The helicopter is on a collision course with a jumbo jet.
  • Outside POV again. The helicopter fires jet afterburners. Dialogue: "Hell, yeah! Next stop, VEGAS!!"
  • Same dialogue, except the shot is a closeup on the fuel gauge...which hovers near "empty".
  • Dialogue: "Oh, Carl, yes, yes!" Art: a shot of the back of the helicopter, where a time bomb is counting down.
  • Carl and Daisy in the same pose as last panel. Daisy has a cold expression. She says a simple, flat, "No." (I don't care if it *is* Valentine's Day, I think we need some concession to the non-romantics out there. Besides, it gives us an easy followup of Carl diving out of the helicopter to his doom.)

    (And just where the hell did Carl produce that ring from anyway?)

    On a meta-topic, I see nothing wrong with anticipating upcoming panels. We want smooth story flow here. Personally I would have liked to see the double-Carl thing from last segment continued, so that the whole big picture would have become one continuous story.

    I note that this week you gave Douglass Barre (age 28) sole credit; but Harry Lagoussis made a substantially similar suggestion.

[Harry's "I love you" variant was similar. Hmmm, well, can we make that one a retro-active honorable mention? --Scott]

Slurpee E.

  • Daisy says, "Only if you promise me you won't drink and drive, Carl."
    Carl screams, "Anything but that!" and jumps out.

Douglass Barre (age 28)

    Hey, what kind of writer would I be if I couldn't handle a little editorial tweaking? Now I just need to find an editor to tweak some of my larger-than-a-panel works.
    (Just for fun, all this week's suggestions require no dialogue... we haven't had a panel like that since the elephant foot panel!)

  • We see CARL falling backwards out of the helicopter. From the side of the helicopter, we see DAISY's boot.
  • From behind, we see DAISY kissing CARL, neither of them looking out the windshield. In the windshield, we see a mountain looming.
  • Close-up of DAISY. She is putting one hand to the side of CARL's head affectionately, but she's biting her lower lip and looking downward sadly. It is evident in her expression that she is going to say no.
  • The DEVIL stands, palm out, smirking at GOD. GOD is rummaging in his pocket for money. In the background, on their cosmic viewscreen is a stat of the last panel.
  • Close-up of the diamond. Inside is a tiny CARL, banging his hands against his crystalline prison. He seems to be shouting, but we cannot hear him...
  • Rescued from his deteriorating orbit around Planet X, CARL finds himself in a docking bay of a gigantic warship. He is approached by a group dressed in black and red armor, whose leader, in a black gown that trails on behind her (covering her feet completely) looks up at CARL with an odd expression. CARL is shocked to see that this Space Queen looks exactly like the Barefoot Girl! Meanwhile, DAISY and Carl's father, ED, are thrust into the Mole People's gladiatorial arena to fight for their freedom. Thy face off against Gargoom, the Stalactite that Walks. However, just as Gargoom corners them, from the ceiling of the cavern drops the armored hero of the Mole People, Mole Diver!
  • We jump ahead in time to see CARL trying to pull tuxedo pants on. They seem to be too small.
  • We see two hands clinking wine glasses at an obviously expensive restaurant. One hand is male, the other female. The female hand is wearing CARL's diamond ring.
  • DAISY's attention is pulled from CARL by a light on the dashboard. The light is right next to the fuel gauge, which is all the way at empty!
    Woo-hoo! No dialogue!

    For my one-in-twenty win, I'd like to plug my own site again (now that many happy new people are Carling), at (pointing out that my Web Page Design business is under the heading "Design") For this week's win, I'd like to plug the Cheapass Games Secret Web Page at CAG puts out some of the most entertaining board and card games available today, and most of them cost less than $5. Unfortunately, I'm not at all affiliated with them, but they're still great.

[Thanks, Douglass. And remember everybody, the one-time free plug offer is for winners only... 'Cause we all know what would happen otherwise! --Scott]


  • Daisy's skin rips off and she sez' "i'm not daisy"

Bill Schlimme

  • They hit a flying squirrel. "Omigod, I hit a flying squirrel!" Daisy screams. ("Borrowed" from TimmyC's suggestion for the last panel -- I thought it was funny. Bonus points if said squirrel bears a resemblence to a certain Mr. Rocket J. Squirrel...)
  • Daisy: "Oh Carl, I didn't want to have to tell you like this, but there's another man..."
  • Daisy: "Oh Carl, I didn't want to have to tell you like this, but I think I might be gay..."
  • Daisy: "Oh Carl, I didn't want to have to tell you like this, but I think you might be gay..."
  • Daisy (increduously or ecstatically): "Is that a Little Orphan Annie super-secret decoder ring?"
  • Daisy: "You're kidding, right?"
  • Daisy: "Uh...nope."
  • Daisy: "Carl, is that REAL??"
    Carl: "It's 100% Cubic Zirconia! The guy on the street told me so!" (Note: Unsure of spelling of cubic zirconia...Be warned.)

David Bedno

  • Daisy says "If you really love me, you'll fight an army for me.
  • On a *slightly* more romantic note, she says "But I can't marry you and fly a helicopter at the same time."

Piers Beckley

  • Daisy: No.
  • Daisy looks straight ahead, shocked
    Daisy: Oh my God...

frank episale

  • "oh carl!" (she takes her hands from the controls)......... "look out for the!"

M. Robert Turnage

  • Daisy says, "Uh, Carl... I..." and there is a loud 'WHUMP!' on the outside of the helicopter. Carl says, "What was that?!?"

Mark Rosenfelder

  • Daisy: But I'm already married!
  • Daisy: How romantic! If I were really Daisy, I'd accept!
  • Daisy: I only saved you so I can *get my revenge*!!
  • Scene of Daisy and Carl kissing. But no one's at the controls...

Paul Hanna

  • "Ehh ... I LIKE you, Carl, as a FRIEND."
  • Daisy: "Alri-- er, I mean, Oh, NO! We're headed right for that mountain!"
  • "Bwahaha! Oh, I'm laughing so hard, I can't fly the 'copter, Carl!"
  • A ticking sound is heard coming from the ring. Carl says, "Oops, I brought the wrong one ..."
  • "Yes, Carl! I WILL marry you! I know you'd do anything for me!"
  • A twin monster (like the Microsoft one) tears out of its Daisy costume. "Oh, Carl! I thought you'd NEVER ask!" it says with the look of love in its eye(s). Carl either screams, or looks scared enough to soil himself.

Guy Nelson

  • Daisy: "only if you stay sober through the whole ceremony..."
    Carl: "hey, Mom didn't say anything about Drinking and getting married!"

    Oh, and since I was one of the 20 lucky winners a couple weeks ago here is 1/20th of my home page address: http://

    (sorry, can't resist a bad joke for the life of me...)

AL B Moore

  • Daisy replies "I would...if I wasn't already married!"


    This should really be a juncture of course. With one path leading out from where daisy says yes (and carl looks delighted) and the other where she says no and carl looks destraught.

  • So since there is only two panels until a death Daisy says No, and carl looks crestfallen.

David Eves

  • [long shot - we see a tenticle just about to grap the landing skid of the helicopter] DAISY: Oh, this is so sudden...

Jason Louv

  • In helicopter: Daisy--"Sure! Let's fly to Vegas!"
  • Daisy--"Never!" (tips Carl out of helicopter)
  • Diasy--"That ring's plastic!" (tips Carl out of helicopter)

dan wheeler

  • daisy: "oh carl, that's so sweet but there's something i have to tell you..."
  • daisy: "of course i'll marry you. i've always loved you, dave."
  • carl: "life is meaningless without you. we must never be apart. not for a single instant. we can't exist without one another" daisy has a very worried look on her face
  • daisy: "no."

Erich Mees

  • Daisy turns to Carl and says "Oh, yes, Carl! You've made me the happiest woman on Earth" (or something to that effect). She might just be turning her head to face him, or she might be giving him a big smooch...but wait a minute, are her hands still on the controls?!

    Needless to say, you've got to have little fluttering hearts flying around Carl & Daisy's heads...


    Hoboy, time to ring out my brain with odd ideas again...

  • Daisy wraps her arms around a smiling Carl, leaving the wheel unattended. "I say yes!" Daisy says.
  • Daisy slaps Carl, saying, "No, I always get stuck saving you rat-bastard!" (Okay, rat-bastard may be harsh, but it's optional). Again, her hands are off the wheel.
  • The ring falls out of its place and out the window. "I'm going after it!" Carl foolishly screams.
  • Carl thinks, "Actually, beer is my reason to live. She's number 2..."
  • Carl smiles and says, "By lookng into this ring you can see into the future..." Daisy cries, "And I see your death!!"
  • Daisy says, "Ah! The light reflecting from the ring is blinding! I can't see!" Her hands cover her eyes, the wheel left alone.
  • Daisy says, "I'm sorry, no." Carl says, "No -- no! I'm gonna end this all NOW!" He gets ready to jump and kill himself.
  • Daisy says, evily smiling as she swipes the ring, "It's beautiful, Carl! I don't want to marry you but I'll keep the ring!"

Eschel Hamel

  • Daisy says "No way! Are you nuts?" (Helping lead Carl to suicide)

Michael Patrick

  • Daisy: You're putting too much pressure on me! Can I give you my decision when we return to my planet?
    Carl: You're planet?
  • Daisy: That's what I've been meaning to tell you; I'm ALREADY married!
  • The Momster pops up behind them: Not without MY consent!

Greg Lam

  • Daisy pulls a gun and says: "Get out, but leave the ring." (He does have to die in two panels).

Avery J. Cohen

  • Carl, drunk at a bar, talking to the tenacled monster and the pink elephant. "Then s'says her work's too _important!_"
  • Caption: "And so..." This looks just like the first panel, "Promise me you won't drink and _drive_, Carl Jr." (you may have Carl Jr. saying "OK" instead of "I promise," just so that there's room for the caption).
  • "But if my enemies ever find out, you'll never be safe!"

Christopher Ekman

    All right, I've learned my lesson. No more torturous, multi-panel suggestions. This one is simple, even, dare I say, elegant. Ready? Here goes:

  • Daisy to Carl:
    "Shouldn't you take off that bungee cord first?"

    There are quite a few interesting ways one could off Carl with that set-up...

Josiah Rowe

  • Extreme close-up of Daisy, with "shock lines" coming from her. She exclaims, "But what about your mother?!" (This works with almost any of the possible timelines -- it could be "but your mother just died!", or "but your mother is a monster!" or even "but your mother wears granny glasses!")
  • Daisy and Carl in cockpit. Daisy: "Oh, Carl! You're so romantic! And I don't have any champagne! How about -- a BEER?"
  • Daisy and Carl embrace passionately. Maybe they kiss (preferably with a big "SMOOCH!" sound effect). Daisy: "Oh, Carl!" Of course, she takes her hands off the controls of the helicopter...
  • Daisy scoffs, "In your dreams, Carl!" and pushes him out the side of the helicopter! (I don't really like this one, especially this week.)
  • Daisy is about to try on the ring, but drops it out the window! Daisy: "I love you, Carl... OOOPS!"

Peter Merholz

  • Daisy, angrily, "That doesn't look worth 2 months salary!"

Doug Waldron

  • YES: Use an animated gif to have Daisy's speech balloon switch between the following phrases: "Carl, my answer is --" & "-- YES!!" The delay generates suspense in the reader, get it?
  • NO: "Carl, you know I can't marry you unless you defeat the dreaded Squidro in battle."
  • INDECISIVE: Use an animated gif to switch back and forth between "I mean yes..." & "I mean no..." (Poor Carl!)
  • INCONCLUSIVE: Use an animated gif to switch between "Carl, my answer is --" & [SFX: "Bang!" "What was that?!?"]
  • COP-OUT: Full-panel caption: "Will Daisy say yes? Will Carl regain his will to live? Find out next week in another thrilling episode of Choose Your Own Carl!"
  • OTHER: "But Carl, wasn't that your wife in the first panel?" Carl looks confused, "Uh... I'm not sure, actually."


    Well, I've played before to no avail, but I've got a good idea this time:

  • Daisy says, "But I'm already married to..."
    THEN, fill in with your favorite from these suggestions:
    * the mob
    * your real father
    * the evil twin carl
    * a monkey
    * a highly intelligent shade of blue
    * a woman (hey, she's from Hawaii)
    * Scott McCloud (egad, she's really Ivy!)
    * or some other goofy little thing that you wanna put in the panel

Mark Schlatter

  • Interior shot with Daisy saying "Carl, have you been drinking?"
  • Interior shot with Daisy clearly taking her eyes off the sky onto the diamond, saying "Yes, Carl, Yes!"
  • Interior shot with Daisy saying "Carl, is that a real diamond?"
  • Exterior shot of helicopter next to *gigantic* momster with a word balloon of Daisy saying "Yes"
  • Shot of Carl and Daisy in tux and wedding dress coming out of a church
  • A caption says "Years later". Daisy in the same position as Carl's mom in the starting panels is telling a somewhat older Carl "Promise me you won't drink and drive, Carl" with Carl responding "I promise".

Mike Taub

  • Okay, I was morbid last week, and didn't get anywhere. (grins) I'll be romantic this week and see what happens.
  • DAISY: (turns to hug carl close, her eyes closed in pleasure) Of course I'll marry you, Carl.

    Now if you want to go morbid after all, leave the dialog the same, and just have something large, and unwieldly approaching the helicopter in the background: Say one of those elephants from section one.

Gerald Slomka

  • show Daisy and Carl from behind saying their vows at their wedding and Daisy is holding a small axe behind her back

Pete White

  • Daisy kicks Carl in the butt, launching him out of the helicopter.

colin roald

    Two thumbs up for last week's panel! It perfectly blends Carl's forward momentum with CYOC's death obsession.

    While cold rejection is always a possibility, I vote for:

  • "Oh, Carl! Of COURSE I'll marry you!" Daisy flings her arms about Carl's neck, unfortunately forgetting that she's currently flying. (Daisy's a bit of a flake.)
  • Alternately, there's always, "Silly Carl, SUPERSPIES can't get MARRIED," as Daisy bails out of the copter 35 feet above the harbour, leaving Carl to wrestle with the sabotaged controls. Will COMMANDO CODY in his ROCKET SUIT arrive in time to save the day?!

    Actually, it's too bad we're not on a forking panel, 'cause it would have been fun to see Daisy's answer get drowned out by noise of the engine exploding, and then have it be different in each branch. Ah weel, we'll just have to make sure her answer is different in the connecting path in Section 4.

Matthew B Ryan

    [I wrote this off-web, so it's easier to email it to you than web-post. I might have been embarassed about length, but then remembered that strange viking text that showed up in Section 1. But you can still reassure me if you want. :-) -MR]

    I didn't sit down for CYOC until too late last week. But, I had no suggestions better than Douglas Barre's! I'll say twice as much as usual this week, just watch.

    All good things must come to an end. Choose Your Own Carl, being a great thing, comes to an end every few months. As another tombstone draws near, I am thinking again about Carl's compulsive mortality. The most recent panel (Marry Me) made me laugh, but it gave me the heebie-jeebies as well. The two deaths we've seen so far in CYOC have been whimsical, and the original linear Carl death was straightforwardly tragic (flawed hero does not escape his doom). However, "You're my reason to live!" foreshadows *suicide*. Will we go there?

    We've already seen him attempt it once. I foresee suggestions on the theme of Carl getting bad news and impulsively jumping out of a flying object. I'm going to argue with that theme in advance. I say to you that it isn't Carl's style to successfully kill himself, but rather to get himself killed. If he was that competent, he wouldn't have survived puberty! He's more like one of those bouncey-balls with flat surfaces and sharp corners. His actions have consequences, but rarely the ones he had in mind.

    So, here's my suggestions for the week:

  • At top: "Later..." The helicopter is flying off into the sunset, with a just married sign hanging from it.
  • At top: "Later..." Top view of Daisy and Carl's helicopter, with two groups of other helicopters below and behind them, and one in front facing them, from which come the words, "Do you Daisy, take Carl..."

    (Notice there haven't yet been any scene-to-scene transitions like those? Scene-to-scene crosses "significant distances of time and space" (_Understanding Comics_, p71). CYOC has been all action-to-action and subject-to-subject transitions, which suits our hero. He's too hyperkinetic for the more pensive moment-to-moment and aspect-to-aspect transitions. But scene-to-scene could fit.)

  • Daisy: "Oh Carl, I will!" She lunges over to embrace him.
  • Daisy: "What, so you can end up running from me like you run from all your other problems? I don't think so!" (Okay, too much to fit in a panel, but she has a point.)
  • Daisy: "Hm...". Carl sweats.

    Notes to others:

    Harry Lagoussis -- Dole on a flying pickle wasn't my idea, I was quoting someone else (I forget who) who suggested it for the panel that became "Only DEATH can end this wretched nightmare!". Scott admitted he was tempted, but sanity won out. That time.

    Jesse Rimlero -- I like your challenge of not looking forward, but in practice I think it would lead to constrained suggestions as people struggle with relatively limited means of connecting the panels with some degree of sense. For example, two months ago we were looking for a way to connect Carl being chased by a monster to Carl bouncing on a bungee noose. The panel that worked best didn't really add much to CYOC, it just achieved the connection.

    I would counter-propose that people design to-be-merged-with panels (like the one below the one that we're doing now) to be more ambiguous, so that the other path coming in can lead to a different interpretation of that panel. This would open up more creativity when we get there from the other direction.

    Hey, has anyone noticed that vertical transitions tend to be more coherent than horizontal ones, on the average? Especially the current bottommost: Promise Me -> Groundhod Day -> Monster -> Helicopter -> Marry Me. But, coherence isn't the ONLY criteria in use here -- I'm certainly not complaining. Since the vertical paths are always groundbreaking and the horizontal ones always have to deal with merging plots, this is probably to be expected. We may get better at this as the years go by. It'll take us until the end of '00 to finish the grid!

    Scott -- your embellishment to Carl's proposal was great. I think we'll forgive you.

    All -- if you think I'm thinking about this too much, you don't know how much fun I'm having.

    A little surprised to be writing from Somerville, MA,

    Matt Ryan

[Aaah, Somerville... --Scott]


  • Daisy: Yes, I will marry you. but I have a secret... Carls heart beats irratically, dangerously so.

Jeff McRorie

  • Daisy: "Of course! Let's celebrate! Grab me a beer out of the back, would ya?"

Adam Ford

  • Oh, I think a few people might throw this one in, but what the hell...
  • Shot of the wedding, with the priest saying "...'til death do you part..."

    leads nicely into the possibility of some horrendous death scene for the penultimate panel.


Avery J. Cohen

  • The ring accidentally flys out of the open door of the helicopter. "oops!" If that's not enough, you can have Daisy saying "oops" with Carl in the mid-ground holding the bungee cord in one hand, obsessively and stupidly leaping after the falling ring. "I'll save it!"

Brendan Wright

  • Daisy is smiling at Carl. Carl: (afraid) Watch where you're going!
  • Daisy: Actually, I just wanted the $15 you owe me.
  • Daisy: Yes! Carl: (Pointing) Daisy, look out!

Erich Mees

  • Daisy says: "I can never marry you, Carl..." (the ellipsis leaving the next panel open for either an explanation from her, or a reaction from him--though whatever happens next, it'll have to be pretty extreme).

    You might want to include a little broken heart floating over Carl's head as Daisy breaks the bad news.


  • There is a side view of the copter. Daisy screams "YES!" as the copter approaches a cliff.
  • Daisy: "No, I won't marry a suicidal depressant."
  • Daisy screams "YES!" and leaps and hugs Carl as the copter begins to spin out of control.
  • Daisy says "Sorry, but I don't think my boyfriend would like that" as Carl gasps. Unfortunately for a college freshman at a tech school, this happens all too often. I can relate to Carl's pain ;)
  • Daisy says "Uhmmm..." as her finger heads toward the eject button.

    Now back to the joys of finding planes tangent to a surface at 3:40 in the morning.

Ilka Brummenbaum

  • She says: "Sorry, but I´m already married" He says: "Hgr, I need a drink..."

    Hey, Scott! Your page is great fun!

Bob Bolin

  • Daisy hands Carl a manila envelope. "Before I answer you, Carl, your doctor asked me to give you this. He said it was important that you read it ... while there's still time."
    Carl: "What th..?"
    (Skull and crossbones on the envelope would be optional)

Howard Ian Schiller

  • An exterior shot of the helicopter getting swept up in a tornado and the ring falling out of the copter. Daisy is yelling, "The Ring!" and Carl is yelling "Tornado!" [Tornado being shorter than Hurricane]

    or what about

  • Close up on Daisy's MAD face screaming - "You choose NOW to do this!"

James Brophy

  • Daisy: Carl, I cant (marry you), Your just too self-destructive.

    Off topic, "My Obsession with Chess" is a classic. Thanks for putting it up for us. Do people thank you alot? ...because somehow I dont think you get enough thanks for maintaining this site.
    More of the same please!

bryan young

  • Daisy replies, "Not if that's the best ring you can afford!"


  • Diasy: "Yes, but not until we deal with that pink elephant falling from the sky!"
    I leave the picture to your imagination.

Ethan Heitner

  • Daisy: Sorry, Carl, but I've got to go to Borneo.
  • Wedding scene, Carl and Daisy and the Helicopter and the Momster at the Church, bells ringing Caption: Later that day...

    The only reason I wanted the wedding scene was so that the next panel could be Carl 40 years later drinking beer and watching TV in his underwear or something.....

Winter (age 3)

  • Carl says: "Please, please can I have a baby?" Carl's mom says:"Please can I have a doll baby?" And Carl runs to the house, he gets hurt and then he gets a bandaide because it's bleeding and then they gave him a baby. (He wants a real baby and his mom wants a doll baby).

Sky (age 5)

  • Carl steps on Daisy and Carl gets a bandaide. Then he sings. Then Carl gets a pizza and he eats it all up. Then he sings "more more more" Then Daisy says yum and then he shares. and every one says "mommy mommy"

[Sky likes Winter's suggestions too apparently. --Scott]


  • Daisy says: "Can we do it while Sky diving? I've got the parachutes..."

    By the way for all the fans of Winter and Sky out there; They (and Scott and I) will be at APE in San Jose at the end of this month. If you're there, find us and say HI!

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