This week's panel suggested by Addison Godel (with a similar suggestion from dan wheeler) and yes, that is one godawful drawing of a helicopter.

Happy New Year -- let's get OUTTA here!

Not a bad turn-out for one of the most distracting weeks of the year. Addison's suggestion came in the nick of time to save us from an increasingly difficult collision. For those who haven't met Daisy, check out the original carl strip.

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and please join us again next Sunday!

Sunday 01/03/1998

Howard Ian Schiller

    Lets go for something a little different!

  • Cut to a couple of Judges rating Carl's Xtreme sport jump. 9.0, 9.3, and poor rating from Carl's Mom (2.1) Maybe even have it looking like its on a TV screen with a little television logo in the bottom corner!

    I happy new year to all of you!

David Brennan

  • Carl shoots up into the air into the part of an on coming aircraft.
  • Carl bumps into his flying clone on the way up, who grabs him and both fly off.
  • Cord snaps and carl end up in a lake/sea (prepare for the adventures of Submariner Carl :)

Douglass Barre (Age 28)

  • Carl, propelled high into the air, sees GOD hanging out on a cloud just out of reach. CARL: (reaching) "Augh! Almost there!"
  • Carl climbs out of the river onto a pier, bungee cord still dragging behind him. Next to him on the pier is a sailor's pub called something threatening like "The Dive" or "Davy Jones' Locker". CARL: "Maybe someone in there will beat me to death!"
  • We see the bungee cord hanging straight down into the water, obviously too long to actually save Carl. Carl's thought balloon comes up from beneath the water... CARL: (o/s, thought) "Hey, this might work after all!"
  • Carl hanging in the air, is holding the bungee cord in both hands, peering at it. CARL: "What's this stuff made of, anyway? And what does bungee mean?"
  • Carl grabs the "Noose" arrow and tries to stab himself to death with it. (Hey, it's in both leading panels...)

    Entertaining Question of the Week: If in one panel we show Carl doused with lighter fluid and lighting himself on fire with a match, does "Help! I've burst into flame!" become no longer forbidden? Just curious...

[As you've guessed, it was actually spontaneous combustion I was trying to discourage, so yes, your example would be just peachy. --Scott]

dan wheeler

  • at the apogee of his bounce, carl's neck is broken by the bungee cord. SNAP!
  • a resue helicopter approaches. carl: "just my luck. a rescue helicopter."

David Goldfarb (age 30)

    So now we have Carl dangling from a bungee cord, simultaneously off a bridge and off a precipice. This'll be an interesting juggling act.

  • One possibility is to simply change the setting entirely. Perhaps he arrives in a futuristic cityscape; or maybe we're in an artist's studio and he pops out of the paper on the drawing board. If dialogue is needed we can have Carl say something original, such as, "How did I get here? Where am I?"
  • Or we can simply show Carl dangling from the bungee cord making strangling noises, since after all a noose made of bungee should strangle a man just as effectively as a rope would. The background can be conveniently vague.
  • Or a convenient superhero can swoop down and grab him. "Don't worry, citizen -- I have you!" Again with background conveniently vague. It would be really cool if Kurt Busiek would let us use Samaritan, but Captain Maximum would probably do as well.
  • One final idea -- it's sort of stalling, but -- We could have a closeup on Carl as he clings to the bungee cord (which has come loose from around his neck). The shock of the fall has restored his perspective on life, and his face is transfixed with emotion as he says, "I -- I want to LIVE!!"

    That's all my febrile brain can devise at the moment. A pleasant Winter Solstice holiday of choice to all.

Doug Waldron

  • Carl hanging from the end of the bungee cord, swaying ever-so-slightly in the breeze: "Sigh. Now what do I do?"

Kenneth Applebaum

  • Consider, if you will: Nightmare ("Momster", vhichevva) has one end of Carl's bungee noose wrapped around one of its claws, and is bobbing Carl up and down like a yo-yo in and out of the water. (Variation: Nightmare has produced a giant wooden paddle and is batting Carl against it like some Boschean paddleball.) Perhaps while being bobbed or batted Carl could be postulating, "This is SO Freudian... or is it actually Jungian?"
  • Carl is plucked out of the air by his flying doppelganger. "Don't worry, Carl," aeroCarl says, "we're safe now!" The nightmare is looking up from the lower right-hand corner, holding the end of Carl's bungee noose, chortling, "Ohoho! Dat what YOU think! I just LOVE fly-fishin

    Yes, I'm pretty sure my brain was deprived of oxygen at some point.

Doktor Pete

  • The nightmare beast now has Carl on a piece of elastic, which is a *really neat* toy. Cue Carl the Human Yo-Yo.


  • okay. i don't know if this is allowed. but here goes anyway: in this panel, carl actually dies. Then, in the next panel he is resurrected (sp?) as a zombie by the momster.

    you don't have to use the second suggestion, but i think it would be interesting to see what people come up with if carl were to die before his time (or, more correctly, before his tombstone panel). remember, there is also another carl in the storyline, so technically carl is still alive. i dunno. anyway, that's my suggestion. carl dies.

Matt Ryan

    We've got to be consistent with both a cliff-jumping chase and a bridge-jumping suicide here...

  • A hand from a cloud (or an angel) removes the bungee cord from Carl's neck. Fancy text: "Your time has not yet come, Carl."
  • Carl is hands-and-knees on the wing of a 1-seater airplane. The bungee cord, severed by the propeller, falls away below. The end around his neck blows back in the wind. Carl, befuddled, looks at Carl, the pilot, who is grinning.
  • Close up on Carl's face at an odd angle, air rushing by. Thought baloon:
    - "Mom, can you ever forgive me?"
    - "I think I left the faucet running."
    - "Something very strange is happening to me."
    - There is a tear in his eye, and in a thought baloon
    is an image of panel #1 ("Promise me...")
  • Long shot of the Earth with a line snaking out to a speck indicated by an arrow as "Carl".
  • Two Furies grab Carl by the shoulders in their talons. One cuts the cord in its beak, the other leans forward to screech, "There's no escaping Destiny, Carl!"
  • Carl, tumbling in the air, removes the noose from his neck. "Maybe I can catch something..."

Jason Fliegel

    A few suggestions for Choose Your Own Carl, but first a request: Is there any way you can bring back the old suggestion lists? For Section 1, clicking on any panel gives all the suggestions for that panel; for Section 2, I can only access the suggestions for the most recent panel. I'd love to be able to see suggestions for older panels in Section 2.

    Anyway, for the current panel, how about:

  • The bungee cord springs Carl into outer space. He can see the whole world from where he is, and a little bungee tether leads back to whence he came.
  • The bungee cord deposits Carl right back on the bridge he started from, where he sits, dazed, and thinks "Well, that didn't work."
  • As Carl hurtles upward, the bungee cord breaks with an audible "SNAP." Carl thinks "Uh-oh."

[I'm currently planning to make all the suggestions for this section available as soon as the section is done. Until then, though, I'm concerned about it all becoming too confusing, especially for newcomers. --Scott]

Jesse Rimler

  • In the next panel, Carl should (because of the bungee cord) bounce back onto the bridge, facing oncoming traffic.

Linda Delorey

  • Carl is at the bottom of the bungee about to spring up with sharks below him in the water with open mouths just below his feet.

Jon Delorey

  • The bungee cord propels him back upward into the arms of his mother.
  • The bungee cord is too long and he is left floating in the water.
  • On his way down he wonders if it is OK to drink and bungee.

Rachael (Sky's 5 year old friend)

  • Carl gets wrapped in the bungee cord and falls in the water

Catherine (Winter's 3 year old friend)

  • Carl gets eaten by the elephant.

frank episale

  • carl in the clouds, bungie noose tied to neck. a nearby "air surfer" and a flying elephant are visible

Matt Ryan (writing again)

  • Carl whams into the underside of something. Could be drawn ambiguously as either a cliff overhang or bridge-part. (He should know better than to refer to his luck, ever.)
  • Carl, still hurtling upwards, catches the "noose" arrow in the stomach.
  • Carl is swinging back and forth on the end of the cord. Thought baloon: "Maybe there's a moral here..."

R David Francis

  • Carl is shooting into the sky, upside down, clouds in the background, pulling loose from the noose. No dialogue necessary.

Tim Maly

  • As Carl flies upwards, he crashes into another bungee jumper who was on her way down.

Tim Maly

  • He bounces so fast tht he rips a hole in the fabric of time and falls through it.

Michael Avolio

  • Close-up of Carl: "Wait a second -- this isn't a bungee cord!"
  • Carl slams into the side of the cliff/bridge.
  • Carl is hit by a passing plane. (could say "Darn! Airplane! Just my luck!" or whatever)
  • Carl's body swings and bounces in the air as he thinks (aloud?). ("Hmmm. What am I going to do now?")
  • Carl could get shot and just hang there for the remaining panels until they bury him.

Bill Schlimme

  • The noose turns out to have been prepared by Carl No. 2 (See section one), because obviously the guilt of killing Mom was too much for him to handle, as well. He had left the scene to get a final Zagnut bar from a 7-11. He doesn't notice Momster, but he's furious that Carl no. 1 has co-opted his suicide.
  • It's a ploy by Carl No. 2 to eliminate the Carl competition, and Mom is neither a monster, nor dead -- it's all been an elaborate hoax designed by the evil mastermind Carl 2! Ha ha ha ha ha!


  • Carl is catapaulted into space by the force of the bungee cord. "Wow, that's a nice view!" or something along those lines...

George Broderick

  • Carl rockets skyward (through clouds, past quizical birds, etc.) as the Bungee cord snaps. Carl thinks to himself "Ulp! This can't be good!"


  • Suspended above the water, Carl sez to himself "y'know, mabey I was over reacting a bit." And while he says that, a guy heading right for him in a speed boat shouts " hey! look out!"
  • the rope snaps sending carl flying somewhere near a u.f.o
  • time freezes. period.
  • Carls mom's ghost is standing back holding the rope carl was going to use and saying "yes carl, I switched the ropes, I don't want you kill yourself." have carl say "MOM?!!"
  • A giagantic monster/fisherman comes out of the ocean and says "hey, live bait. already strung up too!"
  • A little girl closely resembling mom walks over to him and says "Hey Mister! How comes you wanna jump offa the bridge?"
  • carl is wrapped up in the bungee cord and says "uh-oh. Whaddo I do now?"

Addison Godel

  • Carl finds himself grabbing on, in midair, to the bottom of a smallish helicopter piloted by none other than...
    Carl: DAISY?!

    Good heavens these last few have been tricky. Not as much room to fool around when you have to reconcile a cliff and a bridge and the fact that he can't bounce up further than the top of where he jumped.....Although I'm sure someone else has a cleverer answer.


  • Carl:(bungeeing around) hey, I'm pretty hood at this! (lightbulb appears above his head)
  • It's not a bungee cord, it's a snake!
  • Carl: Help! Let me off! (puking) RALPH!
  • Zoom out to the mother (or Momster) as a giant, manipulating Carl's bungee cord like a puppet. Mother/Momster: Heh heh heh...


  • Carl flies into the air and lands in a hot air balloon with a robotic man in it.

Joseph Anthony

    The Passaic, New Jersey Run.

  • Carl lands in the back seat of a WWI biplane, in flight. The pilot, a Smilin' Jack type, says "Welcome! We shall destroy Passaic, NJ together, no?"
  • Carl zooms up into space, and grabs for dear life onto an old satellite. Will he drag it out of orbit to fall and hit Passaic, NJ?
  • Carl zings off a missile on its launch pad, causing it to aim towards Passaic, NJ.
  • Carl gets his nose caught in the rudder of a blimp, which may very well cause it to carom into Passaic, NJ in the next panel. "Owie!" says Carl.
  • Carl has been shot into the sea by the bungee cord, giving him just time enough to grab a passing swordfish before he is jerked back. As a result, the fish of all the seas arise to destroy the surface world, starting with Passaic, NJ.
  • Carl, boinging back up, meets Carl #2 coming down with a rope around his neck. "Forget it - it's just a bungee cord!" shouts Carl #1. As a result of this treachery, both vow not to rest until Passaic, NJ has been laid waste.
  • Carl is simply zinged by the bungee cord into Passaic, NJ, utterly destroying it. He zings away again.
  • Carl is rescued by Captain Jack Courage of the United States Army Air Forces First Personal Rocket Division. Captain Courage's rocket backpack is deflected, causing him to arrive too late to save Passaic, NJ from the Nazi Menace From The Moon.

    (Note: Passaic is a place in NJ which has a funny name, but not as funny as Whippany, Teaneck or Fort Dix.)

[Does Hoboken no longer qualify for some reason? --Scott]

Douglass Barre (age 13, down from 28)

  • Carl suddenly finds himself in the Microverse of Nataal. It's a subsize kingdom that exists on the third hair on the left eyebrow of a man named Walter Valavoodra who lives in a yurt in Yashree, a small village in Tibet. Carl finds himself surrounded by the Silver Fist, Queen Trillarillia Cararia's personal chastity guard. They are all in the process of carrying telephone directories to the topmost tower of the Castle of Blemishes where prophecy states they will be transformed in the fires of heaven into the nicest cat that ever was. The Queen plans to name this cat "Mittens," but her husband, the scheming Black Regent, hopes to name it "Zipzip." Carl notices with amazement that the banner of the Silver Fist bears a striking resemblance to the map that has been tattooed on his back since childhood. CARL: "Yee!"

    (This is what I get for posting this late on a Saturday night.)

Sky (age 5)

  • Carl reached the bottom and says, "Where am I?"

Winter (age 3)

  • Lumpy, I have cookies. Pooka peeka pooka peeka, lee silly. Pooka peeka

Ivy (age suppressed)

  • Shot of Carl plumetting through space saying "Oooh, pretty"

zoom out