This week's panel suggested by Doug Waldron!

Okay, but don't get carried away!

I knew I was just asking for it when I picked our first visual suggestion, but, but, dammit... It was the best!! Now promise me, all you art geeks – don't do this every week, okay?

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and please join us again next Sunday!

Sunday 04/25/1999

adam ford

    look, i'm running out of creative energy, but i can't stop this suggesting anymore. Help! I'm a Carlaholic!

  • Same as last week - carl lying in the middle of the road, talking to himself "NOW how am I going to get home?" His speech bubble is that drippy, shaky wavy "I'm drunk" thing. In the background, we can see a Taxi bearing down on Carl.

    it is a little different after all, but there you go. bye.


  • "I'll drink! And make DAISY drive!" says carl tossing back his bud. Daisy is driving and giving him the most foul look.

frank episale

  • pull back to computer with unseen typist; carl is on the screen, looking out. "so, what's it gonna be, smart guy?"

    yet another attempt to break the fourth wall...

Lee K. Seitz

  • Carl drinks beer, thinking "That's it. I'll drink, then drive."
  • Carl looks at keys. "Hey, these aren't my keys."

Greg Lam

  • Carl sprawled out on a stationary horse, glugging away.
  • Repeat of last week: Angel Daisy on shoulder, saying: "Do what you think is right, Carl."
  • Looks on a poster on the wall. "I wonder what Thor would do?"
  • Enter: Sky and Winter. Mother: "Look who's come to visit." Carl: "Hi Sky. Hi Winter."
  • "I need some help in my decision." Carl walks to a psychic's place. Sign reads: "Fortunes told."
  • Carl with a big thought balloon showing him drinking with buddies.
  • Carl with a big thought balloon showing him driving with Daisy.
  • Enter: Sandman (ask Neil Gaiman & Metallica for permission)
  • While Carl contemplates, a black cat crosses in front of him.
  • Carl points out at us, asking "what would YOU do?"

    Just wanted to use ALL the boxes for once

Doug Waldron

Catt Jan Roxxanne

  • Carl, drunk as a skunk, thinks to himself "Uh-oh, whoose gonna drive me back?!"
  • "Whups, this is a gay-bar, oh well.." (I pretty much stole this suggestion from Matt Groening... sorry Mr.G!)
  • Carl walks into the bar and yells "Excuse me! My mother has informed me specifically NOT to drive drunk! Would one of you kindly escort me home at about, say... 2 a.m?!!?!??!?!?!?!?"
  • Caption: "Little did Carl realize he was being pursued by- HIS OBSESSIVE STALKER GIRL-FREIND DAISY!!!!"
  • Carl:"Ohmygod, is that my old grade school bully serving drinks at the bar?!?!"
  • Forgetting to bring his wallet, Carl applies for a job as a cocktail waitress...
  • Carl walks in the bar and sez "Gimmie a whisky sour!" Wait... is Carl even old enough to drink? I mean, look at him, he looks like one of those people who lost the part of "Danny" in a high school production of "Grease" to a jock...... hey! That could be a suggestion! Carl goes into the bar tries to get a drink with a fake I.D! Or better yet, the bar tender happens to be his ugly gym teacher or something........ look, Carl's still living with his mom... it's logical!
  • Carl swings open the bar door really fast and smashes some tough guy standing behind it. -SLAM!- Carl:"I wonder if its happy hour!" tuff guy:"HEY!"
  • Enter: The Powerpuff Girls.
  • Carl walks up to the Bartender: Carl: Could I get a six-pack? Bartender: This is a BAR not a liquor store, STUPID."

    While thumbing through my copy of "Understanding Comics" I noticed you didn't mention Los Bros Hernandez's "love and Rockets" (Or maybe you did and I just didn't look hard enough). I recently recived a copy of "Music for Mechanics" and I thought it was great.

[Los Bros are my heroes! They show up in several collages in UC. I wasn't really reviewing specific works in the book, but I was certainly reading and enjoying Love and Rockets at the time. --Scott]

R David Francis

    obviously, any suggestion from last week (well, almost - one or two were positional) could be used this week. However, it won't hurt to come up with a few new options....

  • A guy walks in: guy: Gimme my beer! Carl: Sorry, Bud.
  • Pull out from the previous shot, showing that Carl chose drinking; and that he's living in a refrigerator box (look at the previous panel's background).
  • Carl says "OK, Drinking!" However, the 'king!' part of the balloon is covered up with a >fizt< SFX, as the can sprays beer all over.

    Of last week's suggestions, I like the fourth-wall breaking look at the "driving to the bar" panel, saying "Sure glad I didn't do that!", and the 'surf the web' (so we can have Carl find this site) options a lot.

Michael Patrick

    Well, I suppose this one is the most obvious choice; a simple reversion of the other option.

  • Carl at home- I guess I'll drink...then drive! (which is not the same as drinking AND driving).

    Scott- Has anyone one seen the comic-strip format chat room apparetntly invented by Jim Woodring? It's pretty unusual (to me anyway-when I was a young'n folks only chatted through' we liked it!)

[Microsoft's Linda Stone demoed Comics Chat for me at San Diego a few years ago. I wasn't able to give much useful feedback, partially because I hadn't done much thinking about chat at the time, partially 'cause it was 1:00 a.m., but I indicated some vague discomfort about non-customizeability of avatars (you could choose from a handful of Jim's brilliant characters but that was it). I always felt bad that I wasn't able to give Linda better feedback, since she was clearly one of the coolest, most dedicated people in the business. In retrospect, I think my main concern about both Comics Chat (and V-Chat which I also saw that night) are the fact that both avatars and environments were rendered much the same way. I tend to think of the two as visually functioning very differently. The Palace seemed to follow the avatar/environment split more faithfully. I can't really comment on it's relative effectiveness though as I still avoid chat in general. I expect that to change in the coming years, but for now I'm just too worried about the time-drain. BTW, Peter Bagge and, I think others, also contributed to Comics Chat and I don't think Jim "invented" it, just contributed. --Scott]

Tom Dougherty

    I decided I'd be cute this time. I predict none of these suggestions will win.

  • CARL:"I like keys, but there is something strangly compelling about this can of BUD. Shall I drink it? Is it possible to drink such a thing? (Would I even be facing this delemma if I was not an alchoholic?) My god... am I saying that I'm an alcoholic?! (I sure are. How many people do I suppose wonder to themselves every day as to whether or not they should have a drink?) Well, I don't really know... (I'll tell you: NOT THAT MUCH! I am an alcholic, I need to deal with that!) Boy, this is heavy, perhaps I should take a drink to settle my nerves just a bit. (No! Only fools drink to think. Think you fool!) I guess you're right, but how can I stop? {Well, I could kill myself...} Who was that? {Me... er, you. I mean: I!} (Are you trying to kill us?) {Why would I do that? We are the same as I aren't we?} [Yes, we are currently suffering from multiple personality disorder. A fairly messy proposition, especially considering that all our personalities! are conscience at the same moment. Has anyone thought of the body here? Think of what the body is going through! So, I think you should all leave and let me take over...] {ok} (sure, you're right, you know) I could do that, sure. [Good, now get going] ^Don't listen to him!!! He's trying to take over the body! Fight him!^ {Hey, that guy is right!} [Pay no attention to the I behind the subconscience] What are you talking about? You just tried to trick us into oblivion! {Lets get him guys!} (Okay!) *He's dead meat* ^Time to slice^ @My eyes are burning@ (Hey your right, they are!) [Thats right! You think I would leave the subconscience without bringing protection?! I brought an easily consealed bunson-burner!... Now leave me alone in this body, or I melt our eyes!] No! {Stop! We'll do as you ask! Just don't hurt us!} (He's bluffing.) ^No he isn't, just look at him... he's willing to do it^ [Whats that I smell? Is that burning eyeball?] Oh my God!!! ! Stop! We're leaving! [Ooops, to late...]" OUTSIDE CARL'S BODY: "HELP!!! I've burst into FLAME!!!"
  • CARL: "Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're going to get (unless, of course, you look at the directions). Where are the directions?! My mind is blank! Find me the directions you foul and decrepid killing toad" KILLING TOAD: "The directions say that the only answers come when you take your life into your own hands." CARL: "How do I do that?" KILLING TOAD: "You must take on your alternate personality, become powerful!" CARL: "Of course! Why didn't I think of that before?!" CARL CHANGES INTO THOR! CARL: "Enter: THOR!" KILLING TOAD: "Thats the ticket!" CARL'S MOM: "Oh Carl, how many times must I tell you? Its forbidden to be Thor." CARL: "But Mom... its the only way I can be in control of my own life." CARL'S MOM: "Thats not true son, you can become Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Then you'll be in control of your life as well as others' lives." CARL: "Don't try to trick me, Mom. I've read that comic. 'Nny' was a flusher. He was used and manipulated just as much as I am. CARL'S MOM: "Well, honey, its not like you have a long life-expectancy. You'll be dead in just a few panels anyway. You can last longer if you take the right path, but eventually you'll die like all the rest." CARL: "You're right! What an aweful alegory for life! Why has God forsaken me so?! That I be cursed to an infinite number of deaths!" CARL'S MOM: "Oh, don't be such a ninny... You're fictional." KILLING TOAD: "Yeah, deal with it, dork." CARL: "All of you shut up! I may be fictional, but that doesn't mean my life means nothing! All this pain I've endured-- Daisy telling me I'm too gay to be her husband-- whats it all for?! I deserve better than this!" CARL'S MOM: "Well, how do you think I feel? My whole role in life is to tell you not to drink and drive. The only two times I've been aloud to do something else has been hell for me! First time I get run over... the second time I'm a monster. How do you think that makes me feel?" CARL: "I'm sorry mom. I just didn't see it that way." KILLING TOAD: "Selfish jerk!" CARL: "What are you talking about? What has ever happened to you?" KILLING TOAD: "Well, the whole time I'm not in the action I'm forced to wait in this one room... and all that they have to eat there is purple jelly beans... ...and salsa!" CARL & CARL'S MOM: "My God! The horror of it all!!! How can you bear that?!" KILLING FROG: "I can't... *sniffle* I can't go on! Leave me to die in the Sun's heat. Let it end here!!!" CARL: "Fight that desire to kill yourself! The writer is forcing you to feel like this, don't let him control you any longer." KILLING FROG POURS KEROSINE ON HIMSELF, PULLS OUT A PICTURE OF GILLIAN ANDERSON. KILLING FROG: "Good-bye my sweet. May we meet in Heaven..." KILLING FROG LIGHTS HIMSELF ON FIRE, CARL JUMPS ON HIM TO PUT OUT THE FLAMES. CARL: "Help! I've burst into flame!!!"

    If these win, I'll cry.

Barney Sheehan

  • Carl inside the bar looking very drunk. carl:"Now I can drive again."
  • Carl leaving the bar obviously drunk carl:"Hey! someone stole my car!"
  • Inside car Carl can't find his wallot. Carl:"oh no I don't have my ID"
  • Carl does a u-turn. carl:"I forgot to pick up Daisy"

Howard Ian Schiller

    I'd like to thank my parents for their guidance... My 5th grade teacher for opening the world of art to me... and... oops. sorry. Here's my site of recommendation... I don't know what it is, it just makes me laugh. (make sure you have the plug-in, the music makes it)

  • Poof... The Carl Angel and Devil appear on his sholders.
  • Carl drinking his beer while on the phone... "Daisy can you pick me up?"
  • Carl swilling down some Tequilla... "If I'm going to drink, I might as well DRINK!"
  • Carl driving in his car... "God knows I don't want to die!" (oh the irony!)
  • Carl trying to start the car... "Hey, these aren't my keys!"
  • Carl drinking his beer... "If i only could have remembered that 12th step!"
  • Carl trying to pour the beer in his mouth but its empty... "Drat! Empty! I guess driving it is!"
  • Carl driving... "Driving sober's no fun though."
  • Carl's in his car drinking... "as long as im under the legal limit, im fine!"
  • Carls car driving past a sign that says "tiajuana"... "How about I drive, then REALLY drink!" (hey, you liked it once! jk)

[Thanks for the link, Howard, and remember everybody, that's winner's only... 'cause we all know what would happen otherwise! --Scott]

Douglass Barre (Age 28)

    Is it me, or is this the first time that we've actually done a response to a single panel two weeks in a row? Usually you continue in the direction we're going. (I know we did the "What is this, Groundhog Day" panel twice, but they were different positions with an added intersection the second time.) Oh, well. I'll get creative later, and lazy out by reprising my sections from last week, still believing them to be pretty good.

  • We see CARL, still sitting in the car as the sun rises, holding the keys and the beer. CARL (thought balloon): "Man, this is harder than I thought."
  • CARL lifts up a can of gasoline and a cocktail glass. CARL: "Hey! The best of both worlds!"
  • CARL is sitting in one of those sit-in driving arcade games, drunk. An ARCADE PEON is dragging a large bag next to him. ARCADE PEON: "Your quarters, sir..."
  • (Hey, was that whole new Thor proscription there just to stop me from this? I'm so bad at taking a hint.) A meteor falls from the sky onto CARL's car, totalling it. GOD (o/s): "Oops!"
  • CARL is rollerblading while holding on to the back of someone else's car. In his other hand is a beer hanging off of that plastic six-pack holder thingie. (What the heck is that thing called, anyway?)
  • CARL is at a mall, holding a clipboard. Behind him is a poster that reads: "BEER vs. CAR" and under that, "The Eternal Question." He asks a passerby, "Can I ask you a quick question?"
  • We see a cutaway of CARL's skull. Inside his head, there's a LITTLE GUY asleep in a chair. ANOTHER LITTLE GUY is anxiously prodding him. ANOTHER LITTLE GUY: "Hey! Wake up! He's trying to think!"
  • CARL sits dejectedly, thinking, "No matter which one I choose, Neil Gaiman's going to make me want to kill myself..."
  • We see CARL insert the car keys into the beer can and turn them. SFX (from can): Vvvvrrrrmmmm, vvvrrrrmmmm...
  • CARL is flipping through a Logic 101 textbook. CARL (thought balloon): "Now, was that an inclusive-and or an exclusive-and?"

    I'm sure they lose all their punch being read a second time, but I'm stubborn that way.
    Since everyone is so into Sky and Winter's stuff, have you ever thought about doing a comic written by them? Just let them loose and see what sort of strange synergy you get by trying to give artistic form to their wild child minds? I know I'd love to see it...

[That's not a bad idea! --Scott]

Jay Sabicer

  • Carl has just entered a tavern, Daisy in tow with the keys in her hand. A large Nordic God is just exiting the building. Carl: 'Bye Thor!

Morgan Doninger

    So what do we do now, stick to our original ideas and hope for clemency, or create anew??? Hmmmm.

  • The beer can and keys come to life, and attack each other in front of Carl. Carl thought balloon: "Uh-oh."
  • I am shocked that none of us went for this oldie but goodie last week: Devil Carl appears on left shoulder, Angel Carl on right shoulder. Devil Carl: "Drink!" Angel Carl: "Drive?"

    I'll drink on the car is pretty good Scott... Give the kid the panel.

Guy Nelson

    I can't resist... must... make... Thor... suggestion...

  • Enter: Thor Thor: "A Pree Pree! rrrt rrt!" Carl: very confused...
  • Carl: "Well, I drink this beer while I decide..."
  • Carl: "I know! I'll have a mouthfull of beer while I drive, but I won't swallow it!"
  • Caption: 6 HOURS LATER... Carl: "Boy I Love Beef Jerky!" (scarfing down a bag of beef jerky like Cookie Monster would)
  • Carl, in tears: "I can't bear the segragation of my favorite pastimes!"
  • Carl begins singing "Any Way You Want It" by Journey.

    Just out of curiosity, If you HAD to choose between my First (Thor) and my Last (Journey) suggetions, which would you pick? If it were me, I would just shut down the site :)

[um... --Scott]

Josiah Rowe

    Well, last week's mammoth posting was a bit of a damp squib (what is a squib anyway, and what are they like when dry?), so I'll do a bit of self-editing this time. (Sort of a "best of" suggestion.) (Oh, Scott -- "THE STORY OF MAC DATHó'S PIG" certainly has me beat for length, but how about number of suggestions in one week? Plus, my entry has the advantage of actually being about Carl... :)

  • Carl throws the beer can out the car's window and says, "I think I'll drive to -- BORNEO!"

    That's it.


  • carl drives past the bar and stops in front of a smoothie joint.
  • carl walks through the door of the bar and into a meadow where he sees daisy's face in the clouds. when you double-click on a cloud it turns into popcorn, and carl eats it.
  • carl's mom is in the bar.
  • carl goes into the bar, but he forgets to get out of the car first.
  • carl drinks a beer. "good drink!"
  • carl walks into the bar and it is full of sad, lonely old drunks and the bartender is scary-looking. carl decides he's not thirsty after all.
  • carl walks into the bar and its full of drinking carls.
  • carl.
  • ...and he never ate another ham sandwhich again.
  • carl wept.


toaster danger

  • i think i'll eat these keys then i'll drink this beer

David Leonard

  • Paralyzed with indecision, Carl blows it off and decides to stay home and watch "America's Funniest Home Videos" ... sober. (A huge mistake if you ask me, but then Carl doesn't seem like the sharpest pencil in the box).
  • Still wracked with indecision, Carl has a Hamlet-esque moment in which he sizes up the merits of drinking or driving ("Ahh, the feel of a powerful machine obeying my every whim without question! But then again, there's nothing like a cold frosty beer."
  • Enter: Thor! Just kidding.
  • Finally: Carl opts for a drive, but discovers the car isn't Y2K compliant and won't start!

    Enough madness I think. Enjoying the site!

Dark Artist

  • Carl says: "I know! I'll get stoned!" and as he does so he is already losing the capability to stand upright.

Jason Fliegel

    You know, between my busy schedule and my inability to remember to put on pants when I leave the house, let alone visit a web site, I only get here once every three or four weeks. Thus I didn't find out until now that Scott's put up the complete panel suggestions from Section 2 that so many people had such nice things to say about my winning suggestion way back when. So a belated "Thanks!" to everyone who said they thought it was cool! As for this week:

  • A big thought bubble. Inside, we see an old fashioned scale, a la the scales of justice. On the left, Carl is in a gorgeous convertible, Daisy on his arm, having the time of his life. On the other, Carl and Daisy sip martinis at the most exciting party of the year.
  • Carl points straight to the reader. "Which would YOU chose?" he asks.
  • Caption: Ultimately, Carl forgoes both drinking and driving in favor of ..." Word Balloon: LIMBO!!! Picture: We see Carl going as low as he can go under the limbo stick!
  • Carl as an old man, sitting in a rocking chair. A group of children are clustered at his feet. Carl says "Of course, even as I asked the question, I realized there was really only one choice."
  • Carl's guzzling a beer. A thought balloon reads: "Duh! Like there was ever any doubt."
  • Carl is drinking and driving. "I want it all!" he says.
  • Caption: "But before Carl makes his fateful decision:" Picture: A UFO has Carl's car caught in a tractor beam. It floats 5 feet off the ground, it's rear slightly higher than its front. Carl is being kidnapped by aliens!
  • Caption: "Carl's Journal. April 21, 1999. Decided not to drink or drive. Will find mask killer instead." The art is simply a close-up of a smiley face, an odd stain over its right eye.

dan wheeler

  • carl "i can't decide and now my head hurts. ow!" little lightning bolt "hurt" lines strike the top of carls head. carl has a big frown on his face. boo-hoo! poor carl! too much thinking made his head hurt.
  • a little devil carl appears (POOF!) on carl's left shoulder. little devil carl: "go on. drink the beer. mmm. it sure looks good."
  • the ghost of obi-wan kenobi appears behind carl. obi-wan: "drink the beer, carl. drink the beer."

Jeff Clear

  • A large man in a cape appears and grabs the hand which holds the beer. Caped Man- "Don't do it, Carl!"
  • Carl says, "Neither!" and throws both keys and beer over his shoulder(s).
  • Carl says, "Drinking!" and opens the can.
  • Carl thinks- "I'll call Daisy- she always knows what to do."
  • Carl joins the Detroit Red Wings and helps them win a thrid straight Stanley Cup.

    Go Wings!!!!

Faith Peterson

    Well, this is my first try. I'm hoping for beginer's luck.

  • Carl says: "Well, I guess I should drive in order to get to work, wait a minute, do I *have* a job?"
  • Mom says: "Just walk! It's better for you and the ozone layer!"
  • Daisy drives up and exclaims "Caaaarl! What are you doing standing around here? We have to make wedding preperations!" Carl gives "help me" look.
  • same as previous only Daisy says "Caaaarl! What are you standing around here for? You have to meet my parents!"
  • Carl looks between beer and car and finaly says "Y'know, for some reason I just get the feeling either way I destined for desaster."

    Well, I hope I did as well as I know you guys do every week.

Matt Ryan

  • Top view of keys and beer on a table. Carl is resting his elbows on the table, chin on hands, looking at them.
  • Carl drinks and drives. "Both! Life is too short!"
  • Carl drinks and drives. "I can't stop myself!"
  • Carl drinks and drives, thinking: "Am I forgetting something?"

Kyle Hollingsworth

    I like Sky's idea of drinking on the car

  • Cloudy fringed panel with a Frog (or Lizard) saying "Drink it, Bud!"
  • Carl chugging beer thinking "drive!"
  • Carl, tossing beer, "I can't make up my mind"
  • Carl, tossing beer, "I'll go for a walk"
  • Daisy, grabbing beer "You drive, I'll drink."
  • Daisy, from drivers seat of car, through open door, "You drink, I'll drive"
  • Carl, lying on top of pile of cans: "D-rin-k"

    Looking forward to Zot #34 being republished in Zot 4.

[Me too. ~Sigh~ --Scott]

Travis Pelkie

    Eschewing any silly comments this week.

  • Carl pours booze into the car's gas tank. "She never said the car had to be sober." This would cause the car to get drunk, and would lead to ha-ha silly fun.
  • So Carl's walking in the woods drunk when he finds a walking stick with Norse runes on it, and Carl, when drunk, gets like the Shadow or Doc Savage and acquires powers beyond the mere ken of mortals (or something, remember, he's drunk). Anyway, he reads the runes, which say in big letters "TAP ME"
  • Carl decides not to drink or drive but to go to happylalaland (TM) and have fun frolicking with bunnies. Fun, fun fun.
  • A talking goat comes in...
  • Scott himself comes in to tell him he's a mere fictional character, the shock causes him to drink himself into oblivion.
  • A talking monkey...
  • Carl decides that he just can't wait to see the Phantom Menace, gets in line like right now, baby. Since it's kinda boring and everyone smells funny, he drinks. All of the sudden, a car comes barreling towards the people in line. Premeditated murder, or just a silly accident?
  • Carl drinks, reads a book upside down (Donald Barthelme, howzabout?) and thinks "Hmm, startin' to make sense."

    Silly comments afterwards have also been eschewed. Of course, so have intelligent ideas, but that's another matter.

Jenny Anders

    I'm Drew Hart-Shea's girlfriend, i could embarrass him by talking about his Zot! fixation, but I suppose I'd better not. Scott, your comics are cool.

  • Carl says, "Hey chocolate keys!"
  • Carl says, "Hey what am I thinking, it's poetry class tonight" (hee, hee, hee!)
  • Carl says/thinks "wait I've just remembered what I have to do tonight..."
  • Carl looks out of the window and someone is in the process of stealing his car. He shouts "Hey!". Who might this joyrider be? Find out in the next panel maybe?

Louis Mastorakos

  • Carl thinks: "I know, I'll drive my drink" as he sticks his key into his Bud.
  • Carl puts down his Bud as he reaches for another drink. "I'll just drink dealcoolized beer.", he thinks.

Bill Schlimme

  • Carl: Drinking!
  • Carl: Driving!
  • Carl: That's it! I'll drink THEN drive!
  • Carl (thoughtfully): Why do I always need to drink to have a good time? Maybe I DO have a problem...
  • Carl (thoughtfully): Why do I always need to drive to have a good time? Maybe I DO have a problem...
  • Carl standing by the side of the road, beer in hand, trying to hitch a ride with cars passing by...

Kean Soo

  • Carl drives through traffic at breakneck speed. Carl: "Driving it is!"
  • Carl: "Well, drinking it is!" Carl moves to take a drink, but instead throws his keys into his mouth, still holding the beer in his other hand.
  • Carl: "Naah! I think I'll take a bike ride. She never said anything about drinking and biking!"
  • Carl: "I guess I'll have a beer. Then I'll go driving!"


  • okay, eating and flying instead !
  • (as I suggested before - sort of) drinking then TRYING to drive but too drunk to get in the car

Robert W. Armstrong

  • Carl is trying to pry a key under the pop-top on the can of beer. His dialogue balloon reads "NNngh! Stupid can won't open."

Ethan Heitner

    Gee, why not just reuse everyone's comments from last week? Damn branching panels....

  • Carl: I guess I'll drink, THEN drive!
  • John Cleese (or the cartoon equivalent) sitting at a desk: "And now for something completely different...."
  • The Beercan and the Key each start urging Carl to choose one of them.
  • The camera pulls back to reveal that Carl is in a TV public service anouncement about drinking.
  • Carl shouting and clutching his head in his hands: "I can't take this stress anymore! YEEAAAARGH!"
  • (___) Mooooo! \oo/-----------------\ / \ / | | \ | |-------------| | * ^^ ^^

[Hmm...If that was ASCII art, you might want to try the <br> tag 
for  line-breaks and <pre> and </pre> for that monospaced look. 
I'd do it for you but I'm not sure how to construct a cow (if it 
is a cow). --Scott]

Sky (age 6)

    I like other people's suggestions more than mine. And thank you for the "Happy Birthdays", and I liked the things about Winter's suggestions, I thought they were funny, and cool.

  • His mom thinking, "I hope Carl is doing what I said." and then Carl drives into his mom and she gets wet. She doesn't know what's getting her wet.
  • He thinks, "I'll" Then there was a big pause and he says, "First I'll drink and then I'll drive."

Winter (age 3)

  • Preeka Preeka prish of soda, it's spelt R-I-T (and those are all in my name).
  • winterskythdfkflcdkx,mnjxkckdlxkzmapsirdd


  • We see Carl, beer in hand, rather intoxicated sitting in the back seat, Mom is driving, looking none too pleased. Carl: "Thanks-hic-Mom".

W skrause

  • It sure would be a difficult decision if I had a car.
  • I'll drink and walk.
  • I'll sell the beer for gas.
  • I'll drink the gas.
  • This could be the start of fond memories.

    zoom out