This week's panel suggested by:

  • Piers Beckley
  • Josiah Rowe
  • Lee Seitz
  • Mike Athey

and (sort of) by

  • Douglass Barre

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This coming week is going to be harder than ever as we merge story lines between this section and section one. Good Luck!

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and please join us again next Sunday!

Sunday 05/30/1999

Sean Givan

  • He walks into the bar: "CARRRL!!"

[Whoops. I should put up a "no more posts this week" sign on Sunday mornings shouldn't I? So much to do so little time. --Scott]

Delmar Antonio

    Ay, Foh-get about it.

  • (Car parked/crashed in liquor store, Carl screaming frantically at clerk) "Have you seen my keys!"
  • (While car transforms) "Go go gadget car!"
  • Store Clerk: "Don't look at me, someone stole my keys and my car last week."
  • (Carl driving while finishing a beer) "If they're not there, they have to be at the strip club."
  • (Carl driving with a worried look on his face) "If I don't find them how will I open my luggage?"
  • (Car inching forward) Come on baby. Just a few more feet.
  • Clerk: "Yeah. Here's your keys. Waitaminnit!"
  • (Car parked in front of a salon) "This looks like the place."
  • (same set) "But first my manicure."
  • (same set) "This place looks a little different since last time...."


Marcie Larsen

    Dove Bars are perhaps the best icecream there is on this lonely, lonely planet.

  • Text Box: Shortly...
    Carl pointing a gun at the store owner: "Give me my derned KEYS!"
    Store owner: "GAH!"

    mmm... icecream! Speaking of which! (not really) How did you like Star Wars?

[Actually, ice cream is a nice comparison. I enjoyed it thoroughly for what it was. Missed opportunities abounded and there were some supremely dopey ideas (immaculate conception?? microscopic organisms???) but at the matinee price we paid, I'd say the pod race alone was worth the admission price. Maybe it's time to expand the auteur theory to include effects and design people. There's some terrific work being done these days. --Scott]

Morgan Doninger

    Let's see who gets this reference.

  • Carl stumbles across a robbery in progress. The robber is wearing a red and yellow striped ski mask, and holding up the conterman with a stainless steal fork. Carl: "Have you guys seen my keys?"

    Special thanks to my honey for thinking of the robbery in progress scenerio.


    oh, for a monkey in the carl strip

  • carl walks in and says to the proprietor, "hello. i'd like two bottles of..." carl sees a fez wearing monkey in a cage behind the counter. carl: "say, is that monkey for sale?"


Steven Marsh

    Y'know, I just realized that all the "FORBIDDEN" lines would've made perfectly acceptable Superman Adventures story titles.

  • [in liquor store] Carl: I lost my keys! Clerk (looking annoyed): Then how did you get here?
  • Carl parks in a handicap spot.
  • Carl staggers into the shop. There's a cop there, eyeing Carl.
  • [in liquor shop; Clerk is talking to someone else (who looks like Dad, across?)] Clerk: "...traded in '79, but didn't... LOOK OUT!"
  • Focus on stopped car, dashboard. A hand (Carl's) is reaching for the car keys; thought balloon: "Must... find... keys..."
  • Drunken Carl: "Brake is on... right?"

    I'm realizing this experiment is answering the age-old question: "What do you do with a drunken Carl?"

Tom Dougherty

    I had to try this at least once.

  • God damns those that disagree with him!

    GOD! those are small panels... as you can see, mine is nearly twice the size of yours. It loses all legibility when reduced to your size... so I suggest you don't let it win.

Douglass Barre (Age 28)

  • CARL looks at the liquor store clerk in shock. CARL: "Clerk, give me a-- *GASP!* DAD?!" CLERK (nonplussed): "Nope, sorry."


    it said "push any key"... but I couldn't find the "any" key... damn these techno thingies. It's hard being techno at 3am

  • When Carl asks if he left his keys, the clerk gives him a whole bag full of keys.
  • Carl literally runs into his mother when he walks in the liquor store.
  • Carl walks in to a store next to the liquor store and demands his keys.
  • Carl is pulled over explaining to the nice officer that he couldn't be driving because he lost his keys.

Doug Waldron

  • "On the other hand, maybe not."

    Admit it; it works.

Josiah Rowe

    I forgot to post a suggestion last week-- can I still suggest a web page for Rinny's win? (The "liquor store" idea was hers). She wants people to support the Feminist Majority's efforts to end "gender apartheid" in Afghanistan: see http:/ It's a good cause.

  • If you want to continue the symmetry, Carl (who, of course, is drunk in this continuity) can find his Dad behind the counter of the liquor store: "Shay, have you sheen my -- Dad!"
  • Or you could have the flip side-- it's not Carl's dad, but his mom! (This will be interesting, because we're about to meet up with a panel sequence in which Carl's mom is dead!) Maybe she berates him for breaking his promise.
  • As Carl gets out of the car, he asks himself, "Hey -- how did I get here if I don't have my keys?!?" (He's beginning to sober up.)
  • The guy behind the counter at the liquor store says, "Sorry, all our liquor is in Borneo."
  • The guy behind the counter at the liquor store says, "No keys here. Have you looked in Borneo?"

Ola Fosheim Grøstad

    Ah, read the change in the chess strip. Maybe you should write a strip about understanding comics? Then it would be a meta meta comic. *grin*

  • Barman takes the keys and says "Thank you, I have been looking for those keys!"

dan wheeler

  • carl standing outside liqour store. sign reads "liqour store" in big neon letters. carl: "where the hell is the damn liqour store!" or "Where'd the liqour store go?"
  • the liqour store guy rummages under the counter & says "no carl, you didn't leave your keys here but you did leave ..."
  • the door of the liqour store is shut and locked behind him. His mom, his dad, daisy and other friends & family surround him. carl: "what's going on here?" carl's mom: "carl, we'd like to talk to you about your drinking." oh NO! an intervention!

adam ford

    I've been absent lately, one, because my suggestions never get picked and I'm a child when it comes to rejection (no, not really) and two, I just haven't been able to come up with anything not really really stupid.

  • Carl finds his keys in the bar. So you've got this scene with carl holding up two sets of keys, his head turning between them - you know, like in a cartoon? Carl: "Found 'em. But... if THESE are my keys, WHOSE KEYS ARE THESE?!?" (cue existential theme music)

    I reckon that's the best suggestion I've made so far. nyah.

Mike Taub

  • Carl, looking at a row of BAD bar food (ya know, the pickled sheep's tongues, the pickled onions, and the like..) muttering to himself: "I know what happened, some bat rastard stuck 'em in a can of Vienna sausage. I HATE Vienna Sausage..."

    Sorry, that's all that comes to mind. And of course, I love it to death and will feel GREATLY insulted if you don't use it. Well, maybe only a little insulted... Okay, not at all insulted, but I still think it would be neat.

Michael Patrick

    This one may be a bit obvious, but let's keep with the paralell theme.

  • Carl in store buying a six pack- his mother is working at the counter. Carl- "Mom!" Mom- "Carl!"

    I bet I'm only the one-zillionth person to offer that suggestion.

Jay Sabicer

    Twist O' Fate time:

  • Carl enters the liquor store, just as it's being robbed by a guy in a skimask holding a shotgun at the owner. Carl: Shkews me, didja happn--uhoh!
  • Carl's car crashes through the liquor store's front window. Carl: When did thish become a drive-thru bar?
  • Carl exiting the liquor store, already halfway through a bottle of Tequila (with the worm in it, natch!) Carl: Keys! There you are, you little bugger--GLUGLUGLUGLUG!
  • Carl drives past the liquor store and follows a road sign that says Key West 1272 miles Carl: How did they get that far away from me?

    Glad to see your family joining in again in the quest for Carl's destiny.

Lee Seitz

  • The obvious one first. Drunk Carl: Excuse me. Have you seen my--*Gasp*! Dad?! Dad: Carl?!
  • I don't see my keys, but look at all this beer!
  • Carl calls out, "here keys!" in the middle of the store.
  • Carl walks in and sees someone robbing the store. It's not clear who it is. Could it be someone close to Carl?
  • Or on the other hand, it's clearly [Carl's mom|Carl's dad|Daisy|Carl's evil twin] (choose one).

Octavious "The Candle" Gormander

    Carl stumbles into the off-sale and slurs " I'll have a shix pack of keys pleashe."

A.W. Morgan


  • Carl runs into his girlfriend at the bar.
  • Carl runs into his mother at the bar.
  • "Dang that is one scary person, I better go to the next bar."
  • Carl stops at the library for no apparent reason.
  • Carl just drives on and on.

jeff johns

    I was going to send some suggestions, but am now totally confused. Last time I checked, ther was a new panel in which Carl meets his dad at the bar, and suggestions from last week had been posted. Today, though, all the new panel is missing, and the postings are still a week old. What happened? Or is this some obscure archiving problem on my end?

[The server hosting the site (and many others was down for several hours. When it went back up, they apparently loaded a week old copy. Thanks to Jeff's note I was able to fix it right away. --Scott]

frank episale

  • carl in store "have you seen my keys?"
  • carl in store, looks out window and sees his car being driven away. "my car!"
  • carl, amng stacks of boxes and rows of bottles, holding his keys, looking around, behind, beneath everything, says "nope; not here..."

David Bedno

  • Carl rear-ends a police car, in front of the liquor store. "Maybe the nice policeman will help me find them."
  • Carl holds the keys in his hand, "Aha! Time to celebrate!"
  • Carl is in the liquor store, "As long as I'm here, I may as well buy something for the road."
  • The car is headed the other direction "Or maybe I left them at home!"
  • Carl is driving off the panel saying "Oh my God, I've lost the liquor store!"

    Hrm....a toughie this week. Or maybe it's the lack of sleep.

Piers Beckley

  • Carl enters the liquor store - but he's walking into a nasty situation. A robber with a stocking over his head is busy pointing a gun at the storekeeper. Robber: Hand over the money!
  • Carl stands at the counter of the store Carl: Storekeeper, give me a -- >gasp< DAD?! Storekeeper (dad): Carl?

Patric Lewandowski

  • Carl busts in to the liquor store to find it's actually an alien spaceship about to take off!
  • Carl walks in to the liquor store only to see a multitude of keys everywhere..
  • carl parks car in the store, crashing through the wall.
  • Carl enters door as another Carl exits. Both look shocked! (both have keys)
  • a panel of a war scene "Meanwhile...."
  • a panel a darkened room with a man at a desk... very mysterious.... "Meanwhile..." Man: "Bring me the one you call "Carl"

bryan young

  • Show Carl walking into the store next to the liquor store which just happens to be a lingere store.
  • Show Carl walking into the store next to the liquor store which just happens to be a hardware store.

mike sugarbaker

  • Man behind liquor store counter: "Sorry, your keys are in Borneo."

Bill Schlimme

    I'm pretty sure I haven't already submitted's been a long week...

  • Carl crashes thru the front window of the liquor store.
  • Carl loses the liquor store (i.e., drives past): "Has the whole world gone insane?"
  • Liquor store clerk: "Why no, Carl, I haven't seen your keys lately...did you try the bar up the street?"
  • Uh, nevermind, I hated this suggestion...
  • Carl has a head-on collision with himself, who zooms out of the panel across from his own, in a surreal, alcoholic breakdown of continuity. (Well, after all, looking at them on the screen, it does sort of look like both cars are speeding towards tragedy!) Much mayhem and carnage ensues, and the jaws of life are perhaps called in.

John Kolb

  • Carl is at the liquor store counter, pulls out a gun, points it at the clerk and says "give me my keys and all the money in the register!"
  • Carl sees his drunken mom staggering into the store after getting out of her car.
  • A big Godzilla foot stomps on the store.
  • Carl is stopped at the liquor store by Thor, his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor.
  • Carl's car plunges into a big gaping hole in the middle of the street.

Kean Soo

  • CRASH! Carl, drunk, swerves right into the liquor store.
  • Carl, inside the liquor store, shouts to the manager: "Gimmie a two- *hic* -four of keys!!"
  • Inside the liquor store, Carl shouts, "Have you seen my keys??"
  • Carl drives past the liquor store and around the corner, in a drunken haze. A cop is conveniently parked at the same corner...
  • Carl is walking out the door of the store with a box full of beer... right past a cop...
  • Carl passes out in front of the store (it really feels like I'm going to do that any second now...).

    *Yawwwn* I'm really tired... How about everyone else?

Mike Athey

  • Carl enters the liquor store, only to find it populated by dancing midgets. A dancing midget exclaims "Looking for your keys?"
  • Carl crashes into the liquor store. Man at the counter says "Well, phooey."
  • Carl crashes into the liquor store. He sideswipes two masked robbers in the process; man at the counter (possibly Carl's dad?) exclaims "Saved!"
  • Carl enters the liquor store and shouts to the patrons and shopkeeper "Nobody move! I've come for my keys!"
  • Carl enters the liquor store and sees his father. "Dad!?", Carl says. Dad says "Hello Carl. Just working up my nerve for confession..."
  • Carl enters, sees Dad. Carl says "Dad!?". Dad says "Oh...urk...Carl...I..." He clutches his chest as the surprise gives him a heart attack. Its pathos and slapstick economically packed into one panel.
  • Carl enters and sees robbers holding the place up. Carl exlaims "Dad?!". A surprised masked robber says "Carl?"
  • Carl enters and sees that the liquor store is awash in discarded car keys. "Oops. Forgot all about Lost Key Night..."

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