This week's panel suggested by Lee K. Seitz!

Short but Sweet!

One of our shortest-ever suggestion lists this week, no doubt because I sent you all away last week to see the new Links section! (whoops, just did it again).

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and please join us again next Sunday!

Sunday 05/14/2000

Lee K. Seitz

    Well, there is no red dot, but I'll assume it goes in the leftmost of the three panels left.

  • Bert bites Carl.
  • Suddenly a shot rings out and Bert is knocked back. (He's not dead, just stunned.)
  • Mom (it's been so long, I've forgotten whether she's Fran or Ethel) breaks a bottle over Bert's head.

[Yeah, still gettin' those New-IPP bugs out, though the red dot mistake was entirely on my end. Sorry about that. --Scott]


  • Dad bites Carl, as Mom watches on in fright. Carl is going to become a vampire now!

Nat Gertler

    AARRRRGGGGH! I made some *killer* suggestions last time, but for some reason they appear not to have gotten through!

  • An overweight guy with a cigar is holding up a cue card. It reads "Mom?!"
  • Carl's Mom and dad, both with vampire teeth, are attacking Carl from both directions. A little girl who looks suspiciously like Sky is saying "It's two vampyres, Carl!"
  • Carl rear-ends a truck marked Acme Tombstones. Dad is sent flying through the windshield.
  • Close up on mom, shouting "Your car! The maker just recalled it!"
  • "Skip ahead two spaces"
  • Dad chomps his fangs into a can of Bud. "Ah, that full-bodied taste!"



  • Mom stands there... "Get your hands of our son, Bertram!"
  • Dad turns into a bat and flutters off
  • Dad lunges at Carl, misses and hits his face on the chiller cabinet
  • Dad sinks his fangs into Carl's neck, while mom looks on... Mom: "BERT, YOU UNDEAD GIT!!!!!"
  • The store detective comes along STORE DETECTIVE: "Everything alright, people?" Mom, Carl and Dad try to look innocent...
  • The chiller cabinet falls on Bert
  • The lights go out. Carl: Who turned out the lights... Mom? Mom: Carl...?

Travis Pelkie

    Hey, thanks to Wade Bowen (I hope I spelled that right) for making a suggestion about the Greyshirt story in Tomorrow Stories 2. If anyone else has anything, email me at and I'll get back to you. If you'd like, I can post a brief synopsis of my paper next week. If you don't like, just say so.

  • All I can think of right now is Carl does a Gerald Ford, falling down and avoiding dad's attack. More later, maybe.

    Last week the stinky computer apparently lost my 2nd suggestion, and one was sorta like one posted. This isn't sour grapes, in fact, it's great mind think alike. Sorry, another suggestion/query: can Carl's dad burst into flame? See ya around.

[gnarrh!... FORBIDDEN!]

Glen Seymour

  • The three panels going left can be nicely filled with this sequence: #1) Mom (off-panel) yells "Too late" as Carl gets bit. #2) Mom kills Dad. #3) Mom kills Carl.
  • Since I know you don't usually do multiple Carl panels at once, just show Carl's dad bite Carl.
  • Carl's dad says, "Just joking son"
  • Carl's Mom says "Now you can join us" and bars her fangs.
  • Picture of Brian Boitano, saying "No, not your mom - It's me!"
  • Drawing of female vampire holding Carl's dead mother, "Mom? Not!"

    I think that's fairly good variety for my first suggestions. No?

Masha du Toit

  • Carl's Vampire father bites him and gets intoxicated by the level of alchohol in Carl's blood.
  • Bert has car crash due to intoxication - Carl joins his dad in world of undead.

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