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This week's panel suggested by Morgan Doninger

Happy Holidays, Everybody!
See you in 2001!!!

Just Five Panels left!

Things are going to be pretty hectic for the next couple of weeks so Carl's taking a short break. Get those suggestions ready though. We're heading down the home stretch!!

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and please join us again Sunday, January 7th, 2001!!!

Sunday 12/17/2000

Zack Adgie


  • Carl crosses his fingers!

Grant Schreiber

    Wow! Ameritech failed to pull the plug on me Friday - not that I'm complaining! Quick, before it's too late:

  • Carl, over his shoulder: "Well, see ya later!"
  • Carl, slapping his forehead: "Oh shoot! Larry's Comic Shop closes in ten minutes!"
  • Carl by car, "Let's get out of this graveyard!"
  • Carl, turning back on Daisy: "Ha Ha! Foolish female!"
  • Diagonal split panel: Top: Carl smiling: "Later, baby!" Bottom: Daisy, enraged: "Fink!"

    Whoo whee!

Paul Winkler

  • (Carl, walking away, waves goodbye to a silhouetted female figure) CARL: "I'm just going down to the store for a pack of cigs!"

    Can "silhouette" be a verb? Oh, you know what I mean. I just finished reading the whole Zot Online story. It is SO good.

[Hi, Paul! Yes, "silhouette" can indeed be used as a verb according to my ancient American Heritage. --Scott]

Greg Lam

  • Daisy is driving Carl around and drinking a beer. Carl says: "Are you sure you should be doing that?"

Rusty Priske

  • Carl (waving): I'll only my gone for a minute.

    You that Unbreakable is a somphomore slump? I consider it superior to Sixth Sense. It is a great movie!

[Just for the record, I did like Unbreakable, just not as much as 6th Sense. --Scott]

Ben Dooley

  • I've got to get some champagne for Daisy.

Sean Kinlin

    Tomorrow the Florida Legislature will meet to certify electors for: Scott McCloud! Scott, have you set up your transition office, yet?

  • A little Carl with horns appears on Carl's shoulder and says, "Aw, let's have some fun! A promise is just words!"
  • Dallit and Berbax show up with beer and say "Hey, Carl. let's party!" Carl looks enthusiastic.
  • Caption: "1 hour later..." Carl is seen with beer in hand, stumbling down street, singing "You made me, promises, promises..."
  • Dallit and Berbax show up with beer and say "Hey, Carl, is your Mom home? We wanna party!"
  • A little carl with a halo appears on Carl's shoulder and says "Promise your conscience you'll keep your promises." Carl says, "I promise."

    And so I end much the same way I began this list.

[Even G.W. would demand a recount if that happened! --Scott]

Joe Rice

    Wow! My stuff got on the weekly list again!

  • Caption- The next day... Carl is waking up from a hangover. Behind him is a sign that says "Welcome to Borneo" Carl: Where am I?

    I was thinking about the three-dimensional comics thing, and I had the bizarre idea of a mobile. It would be hard to read, but it might work well with something like CYOC.

Bob, Lord of Evil

  • *grabs beer* Ah to heck with it, I ams what I ams!
  • Carl: oh, fiddle sticks! I left my keys in my car! Be right back
  • Carl: I am a hermaphrodite.
    Okay, I know he's not, but think of the possibilites McCloud! OPEN YOUR MIND AND THINK OF THEM!
  • *awkward staring between Mom and Girl*Carl: Oh, heheh, Mom, this is (whatever the girls name was)... Heh... aheh heh... Woo doggy...
  • Carl: Oh, no! Jesus is descending from the clouds!
  • Mom: And don't forget to wear clean underwear.
    Carl: Yes, well... I wasn't looking for a relationship right now anyway...
  • Carl: What a second- what are your views on the 2000 election?
  • Carl: To prove it, I will smash this beer bottle over my head.... Repeatedly.
  • Do you like monkeys? Well I sure do. And I think monkeys should infets this panel.

Dave S.

  • Have we explored the "Mom didn't say not to drink and FLY. Heh heh heh." thing yet? This opens up...well heck, it opens up DOGFIGHTS, for one thing.

Nicholas Burns

  • ART: Medium shot of Carl kissing and hugging Daisy (or draw them doing something more explicit, if you are so inclined) while driving with one hand. CARL: (thoughts) Mom didn't say anything about SEX!

Federico Gobbo

  • Carl walks on the way thinking "why i promise? Will my love stay til i die?"

Morgan Doninger

    Sorry I haven't been around, but life is well life... But, I will be sticking for the last six panels.

  • Daisy walks in on our everlovin' "I Promise" panel with car keys in one hand and an open Bud in the other. Daisy: "Come on Carl. Hic. We gotta go."

    I just thought that Daisy has been a little too goody two shoey lately. I also have a great idea for our last choosing panel, but I'll keep that one to myself for now...

Kevin Pease

  • Carl looks at his watch. "Whoa, look at the time! Gotta go."

Antonio Jacobs

    Wow! I feel like a member! Tod had everyone beat. The Romantic ending tops all takers.

  • A Difficult One: R.I.P. Daisy & Carl.
  • Satan: Curses! Foiled Again!
  • Voice: Not so Fast! A 50 ft. Beer Can attacks!!
  • Carl: Will you marry me? Pulls a beer tab from can as a ring. Clik! Daisy looks confused, slightly shocked...
  • Daisy: And Forever and ever.... We see Daisy's fangs before Carl does...
  • Carl behind bars: I promise not to make any more promises.
  • At Heaven's Gate with St. Peter: Next! Carl crashes into the pearly gates?
  • Carl:Whoa. Deja Vu.
  • It starts raining...But not water. Carl: Beer!?!

Craig J. Clark

    Wow, we're in the home stretch.

  • [Carl looks at his watch and rushes to his car, leaving a surprised Daisy/Mom.] CARL: Whoops, I'm going to be late. Gotta run!

    Thanks for Reinventing Comics, by the way.

noam g.r

    im a 13 years old boy and im your fan!!!! i do comics too (for 4 years now) and i started doing them online a month ago, my web page is (no www): justjokesandcomics.homestead.com/index.html

  • this is knda dumb sujestion, but it'll be funny: daisy: what do you wanna do now?... carl: dunno... LET'S GO DRINK N' DRIVE!!!

    your books and web site are the best!!!! would you make another carl comics next year??? pleeeeeez? noam: p.s: did i mention to check my web site at: justjokesandcomics.homestead.com/index.html adios!

Mike Yi

    No comment. No, really.

  • 20 years later... Carl stands by Daisy and Carl Jr: No alcohol, here with my gal and boy, I feel great!
  • Close up of Carl: "OK."
  • Carl: "I think we should have a drink to celebrate my decision."

    Ack. The two panels were similar, and yet so different. Very hard to come up with ideas. I don't think we could do much with that second idea. ^_^

Evan McLain

  • Carl hops into car. "Ha! Had my fingers crossed!"

Tad Ramspott

  • Carl, walking down the street alone, with car keys in one hand and a Bud in the other: "Good thing I lie so well."

Robin Burke

  • Carl and Daisy sitting next to each other in a car. Carl is driving with his arm around Daisy, and they're guzzling a bottle of wine and singing (the Carpenters') "We've Only Just Begun"

Thomas White

    Hmm, the button wasn't working, so I'll do this the olde-fashioned way.

  • Just the one suggestion: Carl, blotto, behind the wheel, and guzzling away, thinking "Well, I promised I wouldn't drive AND leave a drink... something like that..."
  • OK, one other: "Hey, let's play golf." (this is to set up another approach to "drive", and get Carl done in in a new way)

Casey Parkman

  • For the next Carl section: Carl's back is turned toward audience with his hand behind his back and his fingers crossed. Carl is looking over his shoulder at audience with his other hand over his mouth holding back a mischievous smile.                     Carl: "Tee-hee!"

nick frumkin

  • a picture of carl driving a car, sitting next to a girl who is not daisy, with a beer in his hand. The thought bubble says "I hope nobody expects me to keep my promises" or"good thing nobody expects me to keep my promises" or "Man being a pathological liar sure does make life easy"

Glen Seymour

  • We see Carl's back. He has his fingers crossed, "yep, I promise."
  • We see Carl behind the wheel of a car with a beer in one hand, and with Trixie (the raven haired beauty) sitting next to him. "Aww, promise shmomise," he says
  • Carl in center of frame, "Okay but you have to promise me something too." (I just want to see what everyone else thinks Carl's mom and/or girlfriend would promise him.)
  • We see Carl's car going down the road. Carl's word balloon above says "Going to the Chapel" with musical notes around it.

    When looking at the big picture, I suddenly realized that I had missed a suggestion last week's. She should have introduced him to his clone! Oh well.

Travis Pelkie

    I can't remember if I've posted or not this week. Finals is hard!

  • Drunk Carl, alone, sez, "Promisshes were made to be broken"
  • Some weird Freudian thing, where mom and Daisy combine.
  • OOh, too weird. How about Carl, drunk again, lamenting that he don't know who the parsident is
  • Too topical, like certain creams. How about he's drinking, but it's Cream soda? Aah, refreshing.
  • Wow, this is a lame run. A rip in the space time continuum! Yes, that's it!
  • No, not that either. Just have Carl about to drink, and everyone from the whole strip shows up. Really little.

    Yeah, that'll do. Scott, I assume, although I don't know, that the tools you use to make webcomics can be hooked up to any brand of computer that has the hardware to handle them, right? In other words, they aren't just Mac tools, or Microsoft tools. I hope I don't sound too dumb.

[There are no dumb questions, Travis, but the answer to this one is a bit complicated. The web itself is "cross-platform" -- any kind of computer can view these words and images -- but the tools used to create them vary. Some, like Adobe Photoshop, are available for both Macs and PCs. Others might not be. I'm not sure about Adobe GoLive which helps build web pages, for example. Most programs that are available for both platforms still need to be purchased as Mac OR PC version. They rarely offer both on the same disc as entertainment CD-ROMs sometimes do. --Scott]


  • Show Carl's mom behind the wheel of the car saying, "Finally, I get the car to myself!"
  • Carl stands nervously between Daisy and his mom as Daisy angrily asks, "Who's THIS?!?"
  • Carl strikes a heroic pose, and says, "I am a new man. My journey begins today."
  • Show Daisy and Carl's mom with evil grins. Carl's mom: So it's agreed. We beat up Carl and take his beer money. Daisy: Heh, heh.
  • Go back to basics: Carl saying, "One beer won't hurt."
  • Of course, it would be quite appropriate to put the "RIP Carl" tombstone here, but that leaves the problem with what to do in the next panel. Maybe Zombie Carl could crawl out of the grave or something.
  • Close-up of Carl as he thinks, "She doesn't know my secret..."
  • A lot of people will probably suggest this one, so I guess I will to: While drinking and driving, Carl says "Promise, shmomise."

    If you want to take a break from Carl, how about doing something with the "At least Jerry never called" couple from UC, page 71? (I always wondered what their story was.)

[I was always secretly proud of those panels. --Scott]

Markus Gerwinski

  • The obvious one first: Text box "meanwhile", somebody is instructing a mafia killer: "Promise me he'll not last his father more than three days!" Killer: "I promise."
  • Carl, driving along a road with pubs and... um, other etablissements, muttering: "Promise... promise... what am I _there_ for!?"
  • Text box: "One year later". Daisy and Ethel are putting some heavy weaponry into a car, saying to each other: "Let's make him never lie again!"
  • Carl, obviously quite confused, is riding the pink elephant, while the ibex herd, the momster, the angel, the devil, and the 7th cavalry are roaming around him. Carl shouts: "What's THIS??! I DIDN'T drink, I'm SURE!"

Drew Melbourne

  • Carl walks off towards his car with a beer in hand. "Okay, see you later!"

Ethan Gilchrist

    So when is the next book coming out? I have the first 2 and I want to see more!! :)

  • This one's easy. Carl walking out the door shown in profile as he walks down the steps in from of a house. Who's house it is isn't said that way it works as both Daisy's and Carl's Mom's house.

[Y'know, when Understanding Comics came out, people asked me the same thing and I told them I'd probably wait until I had another 7 years of ideas before writing another book like UC. Sure enough, it was almost exactly 7 years until RC. Guess I'll wait another 7 for the next one!--Scott]

Fernando Fuentes MÈndez

  • Carl promises Daisy that he never left her. The next picture we could see two graves, one for Daisy another for Carl.
  • In the next picture Carl "rebirth" like a zombie and kill himself when the two lines crosses.

    Excuse my english, I'm a boy from Spain. why not a spanish translation of yout site?

[We are looking into the possibility of translations. Stay tuned! --Scott]

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