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This week's panel suggested by Tod Caviness

Six panels to go!

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and please join us again next Sunday!

Sunday 12/10/2000

Bill Cooney

    I like it a lot. Fleep!!!

  • He turns to embrace her but she has deflated like the blow-up doll she is.

Zack Adgie

  • Carl : "Actually, no, I'm not!" (heck, somebody HAS to suggest it!)
  • Daisy : "Well, I sure hope you find somebody!"
  • Carl changes into an Elvis Impersonator : "Uh-huh!"
  • Carl : "Yeah, why... do you know somebody for me?"
  • Carl : "Naaaa, I plan on DRINKING!!!!"
  • Carl : "Naaa, my mom says I have to be home by ten."
  • Carl and daisy are in Carl's car... Carl(driving) : "Here, you gotta drink for me"



  • Carl: "Wow Daisy... I'm all shook up!"
  • Daisy: "Don't mind if I do..." Carl hands her a small white flower
  • Mom's there in exactly the same position as Daisy in the previous panel... Mom: "What? No it's me, mom!" Carl (thinking): "Gah! Damn my Oedipus complex!"
  • Girl: "No, Sandra. Don't you remember you bastard!"
  • Girl: "No I'm Daisy's identical twin Lulu. I'm afraid Daisy died in a drink driving accident..."

    Sniff... only six panels to go. Hope you have something good planned for everyone's favourite drink-guzzling death-suffering young fop once CYOC's finished, Scotty...

[There'll definitely be more Carl of some sort, but, um... Is it okay if I take a little break frist? ;-) --Scott]

Rusty Priske

  • Carl and Daisy getting into his car. Carl: Do you want to see a movie? Daisy: Right now I just need a drink.

Miles Kear

  • In the next panel, Carl says "What happened to you?" Daisy now has two heads, one of which is his father's.

jeroen dommisse

    regular visitor, non-regular writer. proud to tell you that scottmccloud.com has appeared on our 5 min. tv-show about what to do with the internet, over here in the Netherlands!

  • 'Love me tender' played in background. Daisy kisses Carl, Carl's eyes pop and he gets a heartattack. Sound of heartattack: 'Crack', 'Krk' or the like. Ofcourse, on the next picture his tombstone shows, but there's always a solution to that... (For example, on the next-next picture Carl's shown having a morbid daydream and his mom has to wake him up... I'm pushing it, I know)
  • 'Love me tender' played in background. 'Love me tender' sung in background.Carl and Daisy kiss madly. on the next (bottom) picture they hop in the car together, obviously deeply in love.
  • 'Love me tender' played in background. Carl says to Daisy "where have you been? I haven't seen you for two sections!" (Which obviously isn't true)
  • 'Love me tender' played in background. Daisy syas she's sorry for giving him the boot and saying he should go to hell and offers Carl to fool around anyhow (see section 4). (Next picture: they're fooling around in his car and mom's gazing in despair through the steamy windows. Bit too kinky maybe)

    Uh... That was pretty weird...

Dan Pollard

    'Kay that was weird, the board got stuck on the Nov. 5th square for a few weeks, and when everything gets back on track I've missed out on a whole thread,hmmmmm

  • Seeing as this is Daisy's first appearence on this thread: Maisy(See what I've done there?): Who the heck is Daisy?

    `Cause, don't forget, Carl has a twin too (I suspect that's who we've been following ever since he killed his Mom.). Shame I never found out what you thought of my Evil Jimminy Cricket idea (I guess it wasn't good enough, or you'd have used it, Maybe I've had my time in the spotlight already...).


  • carl: no i can't tonight, i need to die like in all my other stories, sorry....

garth robbins

  • When she asks are you lonely, Carl should say sure-lets hook up.  Lending to driving and kissing and then crash and double tombstone.
  • We just had a string with Carl looking at a can, drinking and driving, car crashes, tombstone.  We had the same sequence a zillion times.   You always know what is next.  Why not throw the reader off a little.   Have Carl look at a can or drink a beer, car cashes (we assume it is Carl - when isn't it?), but then we see Carl standing across the street saying "glad that was not me."  as he hands the keys to someone else.   After all his many lives, he finally learns his lesson.  

Pat In The Hat

  • The Ghost of Elvis (a sheet with holes cut out in a stylin' jacket and tight pants) intones "CLAMBAKE... CLAMBAKE." Carl and Daisy joyously respond in unison... "ELVIS!"

Marcus Cole

    What, exactly, does this Comments box do?

  • Carl turns away from Daisy, saying, "I just need to be alone for a while." Then the panel below it could be Carl driving down the road, thinking, "A nice relaxing drive should help," which fits with the adjacent opening panel as well.

Travis Pelkie

  • Daisy sez, "we have grave matters to speak of"

    Yeah, I used it before, but I like it!

Tad Ramspott

  • Daisy: "There's a party at my sorority house." (optional) Carl: "I'm in!"

    I am sick. Bleack. Urgh. But contributing to Carl makes me feel better.


  • He answers "No," then goes to spend some wholesome quality time with his remaining family.

koby "the interactive bear" chodosh

  • Sorry but I don't really have a suggestion. I'm on a public terminal, so I can't send e-mail... just saying that the latest Carl stuff is absolutely hilarious. great work. hope more online comics are coming, as well as a good micropayment system... i would have gladly micropaid for Zot!... good work, keep it up, talk to you on rec.arts.comics.misc :)

[Thanks, Koby! And thank you for your contributions to the online forums. Your comments have been much appreciated. --Scott]

Tod Caviness

    Hmm. I like this. All the cluttery characters are cleared away. Just a simple story of a boy, a girl, a car, and some beers.

  • Cut to the wedding: Carl carries Daisy into his car, complete with cans tied to the bumper. Carl looks at them, perhaps a little distracted ...
  • Daisy: "Promise me you won't ever leave me, Carl." Carl: "I promise."
  • Daisy: "... 'Cause if you are, how about taking care of our baby tonight." Carl gives an appropriately goofy shocked reaction.
  • Cut to 'Makeout Point', where Carl and Daisy are sharing a backseat and a couple of drinks.

    Just saw Unbreakable today. I'm sure I'm not the first to tell you, but it sure seemed like the plot was cribbing a lot from Understanding Comics, with maybe some Joseph Campbell thrown in. Ya think?

[I heard from numerous sources that Samuel L. Jackson was "channeling" me in Unbreakable, but now that I've seen the movie, I'd have to say that his philosophy seemed to have a lot more to do with the superhero genre than any of the stuff I wrote about. Interesting movie, BTW, but definitely a case of sophomore slump for M. Night. --Scott]


  • Dialogue: "If you're Daisy, then who is this?" and we see a Daisy on both sides of Carl

Amichai Greene

    Simple yet elegant I hope.

  • carl say's to daisy "Yeah, my dad just died. Daisy says "I'm so sorry, how about you meet up with me later. Just don't go drinking tonight."


    Zot kind of looks like Carl on part 13, panel 1 of "Zot Online."

  • Carl says, "I'm not lonesome, but my helper monkey is." The "camera" zooms back to find Carl holding hands with a monkey, while Daisy looks perplexed.
  • Carl and Daisy start smooching, while an off-panel voice says, "Cut it out, you two! This is a cemetery."
  • Hand in hand, Carl and Daisy walk toward a building with the sign, "Heartbreak Hotel."
  • Carl points to his watch and says, "Whaddyamean, tonight? It's 2 p.m."
  • Carl: "I'm a hunk-a hunk-a burnin' love." Daisy: "Yeah, right."
  • Show Carl in the cemetery, kneeling before a grave. The headstone reads, "R.I.P. Daisy." Caption: "One Week Later..." Carl: "Why? WHY?!?"

Michael Patrick

    This week my sunbmissions were donated by my nephews and nieces: Robbie, Chrystal, Emily, P.J. and Christopher

  • Chrystal(age 8) says-The girlfriend (daisy) died and she died from seeing a mouse.
  • Robbie(age 11) says: The mother turns out to be a vampire too.
  • PJ says---un-uh (no suggestion)
  • Christopher (age 4) says- "Train"
  • Emily (age 6) says- nothing

    Well, they didn't all have suggestions.

Dave Smith

    I dunno. I just thought of a few things. I thing we're all getting too desperate for flying monkeys nowadays.

  • "No, actually I'm not very lonesome tonight. Maybe tomorrow."
  • A van that is rocking (with or without the appropriate bumper sticker).
  • Carl, about to get in Daisy's car, a beer in one hand, tossing one to Daisy in another hand, while she's getting in the driver's seat.
  • The same as the above with Carl's car and him in the driver's seat.
  • Carl and Daisy hugging, but with Daisy's back to the 'camera' we see the wings and tail of a monkey! Carl may or may not notice them.
  • Carl: Yes, actually I... Daisy: Too bad, nerdo!
  • Carl: Yes, actually I... Daisy: I was talking to your mother.

Golden Lion

    Carl holds Daisy's hand as she sobs sadly.

  • Carl says: "I'm sorry, Daisy, but there's just too much going on in my life right now. I can't keep this relationship going."

    Hey, it hasn't been done yet!


  • deranged polar bear takes out daisy.

Joe Rice

    Spiffidy! My comment got posted on the list last week! Here goes...

  • The little line thingys shooting out of Carl's head in the prevous panel hit Daisy in the face. Daisy- That's disgusting! I'm leaving you, Carl! Carl- Daisy! Wait!

    (I dunno... this seemed like a good idea at the time...)

Grant Schreiber

    Alas, I'm at war with the phone company and may lose at home access. If so, I'd like to thank Scott for doing this. As much as like many of his ideas for online comics, Choose Your Own Carl might be one of the best. The combination of interactive work between fans and creator, the general relaxed "chat room" atmosphere and the chance to see one's "work" in print! Too cool. As much as I like the way ZOT allows for synchronous panels to finally work in comics perfectly, CYOC may be the brightest hope for online comics to date. Yow! Now it's time to make the swine's life miserible!

  • Carl: Gee, Daisy, I'm more thristy than lonely.
  • Carl: I love you! Daisy: Of course!
  • Carl: Your place or mine? Daisy: We're at my place now...
  • CAPTION: LATER Daisy looking irate at Carl. Both are in an old warehouse. Carl pointing to stack of comics: And Dad left all these to me too!
  • Carl looking at watch, pushing Daisy aside: Yow! 'Buffy' is about to come on!

    Well, I hope at the library I can still be a part of all this. If not, happy trails! Then again, maybe Ameritech will fold to my harsh demands!

[May your data continue to flow uninhibited, Grant. Good luck with the beast that is Ameritech. --Scott]

Antonio Jacobs

    Hi. I'm new to this, but I'm a big fan of Scott and Matt's work. I'm looking forward to adding a few new ideas to this comic book stuff. And if you haven't seen "Unbreakable", you should. Right up a comic fans alley.

  • Daisy says to Carl: "Hey, how about a beer?
  • Carl:"I can't live with the guilt!"
  • Daisy:"Carl, I'm your sister!" (I know, too much Star Wars...)
  • Carl:"Let's celebrate! Beers for everyone! Everyone:"CARL!!!"

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner

    I was trying to think of something that would lead to a good cross panel, and came up with the idea of Carl being asked to drive and get something. Then a bit more humorous thought came to me -have him blisfully unaware what Daisy was really saying...

  • [shot of carl and daisy as above] Carl: Great, I'll go rent a video for us![daisy glowers]

    Well, I thought it was funny.

Markus Gerwinski

  • The obvious one first: With an evil grin, Daisy changes into some devil-like creature, saying: "No... NOT Daisy... ha ha" ha HA HA (The laughter breaking out of the balloon)
  • With a look at a black-haired beauty, Carl says: "Um... no." (I know, I already had this one, but I still think it's good.)
  • This night, Carl and Daisy make love on his father's grave. (See "Sambre", issue 1, the love scene of Julie and Bernard - you know that comic?)
  • Carl: "Uh... ask me some other time, okay?" Saying this, he looks behind Daisy, where flying Carl, the pink elephant, the momster and the 7th cavalry are approaching. (Optionally some more characters from the other CYOC parts.)
  • The Grim Reaper appears on the scene, asking: WHO'S NEXT? (With a nod to Terry Pratchett)
  • Scott appears on the scene, inconspicuously putting some flowers on Bert's grave. (There's nothing to comment here, but I like brackets.)

Bob Capps

    Just found your site! Wow, have I missed Zot and Jenny! Keep up the great work!

  • "Let's get cloned!"
  • To expand: "Let's get cloned and party with ourselves!"
  • "Johnnie Walker has always been one of my best companions when I'm lonely. Is he around?"
  • "Y'know, that guy over there looks a lot like the King."
  • "No, It's me, Donna, the other twin!"
  • "I think I want to be alone now."
  • "We could get the old gang back together!"
  • "It's feels like I'm never alone anymore." says Carl as his Dad's spirit rises up.
  • "Why is it we're never our true selves, unless we're alone?"
  • "No, I have my other personalities to keep me company."

Glen Seymour

    Before I start, I will point out the flaw on the "Big Picture" The "If only dad" panel is in there twice. Uh-oh, is criticizing the author an easy way to get your suggestions ignored?

  • Shot of Carl in center of panel grabbing his head shouting, "I must be hallucinating!"
  • Daisy stamping off, "It serves you right, loser" Carl looks on, confused
  • Carl to Daisy (same pose as above), "I have seen you since that AA meeting!"
  • Carl and Daisy embrace, "I've missed you so much!' Little heart surround them.
  • Carl stakes Daisy, "Die you succubus!"
  • (Same pose as above) Daisy asks Carl, "Buy me a drink?"
  • (Same pose as above) Carl "Can I see you tonight?"
  • "Daisy" hits Carl, "No, I'm Daphne you pig"
  • We zoom out so we can see the truck coming at them Carl yells "lookout"
  • We zoom out so we can see that Daisy has no legs, but a ghost trail like Casper. Daisy says, "well, it's almost me."

    I think that about wraps it up.

[Thank you for the heads-up regarding the "Big Picture." I've fixed that glitch.--Scott]

Thomas White

  • Carl: Well, yeah, but it's just noon. Let's have lunch.
  • Carl: Oh, Daisy, I've wanted you since the third grade!
  • Carl: I've got two tickets to tonight's Red Sox game.
  • Carl (enraged): Oh, so NOW I'm good enough? Get lost!
  • Show a parked car, rocking. Yeah, it's suggestive... but this is a suggestive suggestion.

Michael Rubinstein

  • Carl yanks at Daisy's face. "I know you're not really Daisy!" or "Who are you THIS time!?"
  • Daisy bashes Carl's head in. "This'll cure it!"
  • Carl cries on Daisy's shoulder. OPTIONAL: Unseen by Carl, Daisy grins and bares fangs.
  • Daisy: "If you are, there's someone you should meet..."
  • Daisy: "Have you tried LSD? It's way better than beer."
  • Carl: "How about a sympathy marriage?"
  • They embrace, while Daisy thinks: "Damn! What does it take to kill this guy?"
  • Daisy becomes Ethel again, who says "'Daisy'? Who's 'Daisy'?" (you see, Carl was hallucinating...)
  • Carl: "Actually, I'm a hunka burning love."
  • The Beast of Armageddon appears and wipes out everybody. (at least it's not nuclear war...)

Nat Gertler

    AAUGH! I don't remember if I already posted my entry for this time or not! So if I duplicate myself, forgive me!

  • Daisy: "Stop by later, and promise you'll be drunk?" Carl: "I promise"
  • Close up on Daisy's grin, showing fangs. "Yes, but not the daisy you remember!"
  • Carl, grasping at his own heart. "Seeing you fills my heart with... UNGHK!"
  • Another pretty lass appears from the other side. "Hey there, big boy!" "Rose!?!"
  • Suddenly, the alien chest-burster springs out of Carl's chest...
  • Enter Peabody!

zoom out