This week's panel suggested by L. Frank Weber!

(In fact, I used parts of both of L. Frank's suggestions!)

HAPPY 2001!!!!!!


Funny, it doesn't *feel* any different.

As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and please join us again next Sunday!

Sunday 01/07/2000

Ben Rossi

  • Carl thinks his chick's faking being drunk because he didn't see her drink anything that night.

Jake Young

    All I want for Hanukah is ICST #5!

  • Mom, Carl, and Drunken Daisy stand befuddled as an unkempt man runs between them yelling "The End is Near!"

    well... It's True!

[Well, I missed getting it online by Hanukah but I Can't Stop Thinking #5 is now up! --Scott]

Josiah Rowe

    Happy Holidays, Scott!

  • Rather obvious, but... Carl agonizes, "How can I keep my promise?!?"

    Hey, Scott-- it's been a while since we had any suggestions from Ivy, Sky or Winter. Everything OK? I miss them!

[Everything's fine, but our downstairs net access has been spotty lately, and the attention spans of 5 and 7 year old girls is a fickle thing indeed! --Scott]

Joe Rice

    Wow... three weeks in a row. Sorry, but this is a personal record.

  • Carl's mom mutates into the Microsoft monster. Carl and Daisy: "EEK!"

    Okay, so it's been done allready, but the fact that Daisy can't rescue them makes it more interesting... OK, so it dosen't. But still...

Rusty Priske

  • Both Carl and Daisy in the car. Daisy is behind the wheel and drunk. Carl: You had better drive. I'm going to be drinking.

Michael Patrick

  • A dark-haired Girl enters the scene Dark Haired Girl: Carl! You're MINE!!! Daisy, Carl, Mom: Edna!!!???

Antonio Jacobs

    This has been a very fun exercise. Can't wait to see how the last five panels turn out!

  • Daisy: Let's take my car! I'm Driving!
  • Mom: Daisy! Have you lost your mind?!?
  • I apologize ahead of time: Caption:This week on Jerry Springer... Jerry: Carls who promise not to drink and drive while drivng with Drunken Daisys! Crowd is chanting Jerrry! Jerry! Jerry! I apologize again.
  • Carl:It's OK, Mom. She's drinking. I'm driving!
  • Mom: Promise you won't let Daisy drive! Carl:Hey, waitaminute...
  • Carl: Hmm. I Can't seem to find my keys... Daisy: Hic! I got 'em!
  • Carl:Hey, Mom! Can Daisy drive?
  • Carl: You're drunk. Let's go for a walk...
  • Mom (to Daisy):Boo! Daisy is terrified. Eeek!

    Scott, how did you get hooked up with Kitchen Sink?

[Actually KSP "bought" Tundra, the original publisher of Understanding Comics. I'd known Denis of and on for years so I just went with the flow! --Scott]

dan wheeler

  • carl's mom driving recklessly in her car and downing "BUD" like it's going out of business. carl's mom: "if you can't beat 'em, JOIN 'em!"
  • carl's mom points at the drunk girl and says "who the heck is that? where's daisy?" drunk girl: "daisy who?"
  • caption: "meanwhile..." a man in a smoking jacket sits in a leather easy chair smoking a pipe with a toster on his lap. "as i was saying ..."

Greg Basore

  • Carls mom says: Oh no you're not going out with that drunken slut.
  • Carl and Daisy walking to the car, Carl says: Hey she didn't say you can't drinve drunk!
  • Carls mom says: Daisy do be a dear and put out for my boy, lord knows he needs some.
  • Carl and Daisy in car, Daisy says: Hey Carl have a brewski. Carl says: I dunno Daisy.
  • Long shot of the car parked on a hill, Daisy says: Hey Carl let's have some fun!! Carl says: um okay.
  • Carl and Daisy in car at a stop light. A guy in a mask has a gun to Carls head and says: Get outta the car man this is a hold up
  • Carls mom says: Now you kids make sure you're using protection tonight. Carl replies: MOM! Geez!
  • Carls mom slaps Daisy and shouts: Get your hands off my boy you drunken whore!!
  • Carl and Daisy in the car, Carl says: Where shall we go now? Daisy replies: Hey I know of this really great frat party!
  • Carls mom says: What will you two be doing this evening? Daisy says: Well Idon't know about Carl but I was planning to have some sex tonight.

    Love the site Scott keep up the good work.

Ben Cirillo

    Man, I haven't looked at Carl in forever... and it's still going!!

  • Daisy and Carl head to the car: Daisy: I'll drive!
  • Daisy and Carl head to the car: Carl: Maybe I should drive
  • Daisy and Carl head to the car: Carl: Maybe I should drive Adding to that, for foreshadsowing: Carl has a martini glass in his hand
  • Daisy and Carl head to the car: Carl: Maybe I should drive For more extreme (read:ridiculous) foreshadowing: Carl has a martini in his hand, two beer bottles in his pants pockets, and Daisy is carrying a keg that Carl is drinking directly out of.
  • Daisy (or Carl): We should go (Pick one of many activities that are dangerous while intoxicated: Skydiving, skiing, hang-gliding, skeet shooting, yak hunting, business district rezoning, voting, or luge)
  • Carl: (as leaving) Bye! We're going to drive to Super X-Treme World Championship Ultimate Doom Wrestling SmackDown!
  • Carl: Wow, it sure is snowing hard. We'd better do some shots to keep warm.
  • Carl: Say, did you know my car has a complete wet bar AND a rocket powered engine? But no brakes, which is weird, when you think about it.
  • (While driving) Carl: Say, aren't those ibex?
  • Carl: Look out for that hanging chad! I'm sorry, I'll never do that again.


    Ok, now i know that you've all had your fun and games, playing around with my life.
    But i've got to tell you all, i'm just a wee bit sick of always ending up under that gravestone!
    I mean, come on, i've rarely gotten the girl, i don't seem able to learn from my mistakes and i always end up dead (note: i am choosing not to digress into a discussion about life and death and how we will all eventually end up dead, ok? ok).
    How about, Carl goes off to university, has some meaningful experiences, sees the world, discovers that the important things to him are his family and daisy, gets a job doing things he enjoys (drawing comics?) and basically living a wonderful life.
    Why don't you guys (and girls/women/people/humans [not to exclude any non-humans out there]) give me that kind of life? Huh? Why?!

    Ah, screw it, i'm just going to die _again_ anyway.

  • How bout for the next panel have mom help me do an intervention on daisy to help her out with her alcoholism problem.


Markus Gerwinski

    Where in the panel are the car keys Morgan suggested?

  • The obvious one first: A very frustrated Ethel opens a bottle of Whiskey, muttering: "Lushes... they're all drunken lushes..."
  • Completely frustrated, Ethel turns into the Momster again, while Daisy snarls her vampire fangs and, behind the next door, Scott is waiting with an axe. (See UC, chapter 1)
  • Close-up of Carl, who's opening his eyes WIDE: "Um... Daisy? WHERE are we going?!"
  • The car from outside. Word balloons: "I'm driving!" - "No, (hic!) I'm driving!" (With a nod to UC, chapter 7)

    And now for a personal announcement: I finally managed to open the Comics Section of my Web site of Narrative Arts! ( Up to now, there are just some articles about comics on there, but I hope to start at least some of my own online comic projects in 2001. Happy new year!

Paul Shillinger

  • Mom (who decided she was his mom, anyway?): And just WHERE do you think you're taking my little angel? (This would, logically, be followed by Daisy annoucing, "Borneo!")
  • Mom (I mean really, we all just *assumed* she was his mom, didn't we?): So, is this your little floozy?
  • (She could just as easily have been his P.O. like this) Parole Officer: Carl, this violates the terms of your parole. I'm sending you back to prison. (Followed, natch, by a panel explaining that the prison is in...Borneo!)
  • (Or even his wife as in) Wife: Bringing your drunken floozies home again, Carl?!
  • Carl (embarassed): Erm...Mom, meet my, uhm, English Tutor! (Insert your own Tudor puns here)
  • Carl looks ahead several panels and sees the inevitable "RIP Carl" tombstone.
  • Carl: First we'd better cure those hiccups of yours!

    Understanding Comics was great! Mom says if I'm really, really good for the rest of the week maybe Santa will leave a copy of Reinventing Comics in my stocking. (I think I'll order one myself...just to be safe!)

Charles Bagot

    Sometimes, the most predictable path is the best one.

  • Carl: "She didn't say anything about DAISY drinking and driving!"

    Well, I guess this was not one of those times.

Nick Lowe

  • Daisy sits in the driver seat, and while tieing a blindfold over her eyes says, "Let's play the "Trust Game," Carl."

    Hey, it's my first time. What do you expect, Neil Gaiman?

[Insert sound of breaking glass! --Scott]

Doug Waldron

  • Carl and Daisy have just left. Carl's Mom: "Well!"
  • Carl and Daisy get in a car -- Daisy at the wheel. Carl: "Uh, don't you think I should drive?" Daisy: "I thought I was driving."
  • Carl and Daisy climb on a waiting horse -- Daisy in front. Carl: "Uh, don't you think I should drive?" Daisy: "Yippee-ki-yay, Carl!"
  • Daisy starts licking Carl's ear. Mom looks on in disgust. Carl still has that vapid smile.
  • Daisy holds the car keys in one hand while slapping her forehead with the other: "Oh my God," she exclaims, "I've lost my keys!!"

Jeremie Carlson

  • have daisy drunk driving

Adam Stoker

  • Daisy siting on a sober Carls' back as she pretends to 'drive' him like a car.

Travis Pelkie

    Happy New Year!

  • Well, it's the new year in Carl land and he and Daisy are passed out drunk together.

    Yeah, happy holidays with this suggestion

Morgan Doninger

    Happy Holidays Scott. Two ideas:

  • Ethel watches Daisy and Carl drive off thinking "What'll I do with that boy?"
  • Ethel watches them drive off and thinks "I really have to hide those keys."

    I get a bit of satisfaction from haveing won in the end of the beginning of the Carl-a-thon and the beginning of the end. Is there two n's in beginning, I can never remember.


  • Come on in Daisy,but don't puke into my car!

Elliott Belser

    You, my friend, are EVIL! I love it!

  • Carl's mother asks... "Shes driving, isn't she?" Carl: "Yup!"

Tristan Davis

  • Daisy and Carl are in a car, Daisy is behind the wheel when she says: "Hic, no one tole *me* not to drink and drive!"

Kevin Pease

  • Mom: "Promise me you'll stop seeing that lush, Carl!" Carl: "Uh..."

Tad Ramspott

  • Shot of Mom/Ethel (whoever the white-haired lady is in this particular leg of the story) driving. Carl and Daisy are behind her, in the back seat, both drunk or drinking. Ethel has a little thought bubble coming up out of her head with an anger icon in it. Maybe a dagger stabbing a Bud can or something.

    It was either that or suggest something about Carl and Daisy crashing into a car driven by another Carl and Daisy going the other way. I've been playing *way* too much Chrono Cross the last few days.

L. Frank Weber

    I really couldn't give a stuff anymore

  • As carl and daisy make off for the car, carl's mom yells at them "hey! get back here!"
  • Carl is roof surfing on the car while a drunk daisy is madly exceeding the speed limit.

    I don't think you'll even be attempting to read this, I know some sort of hand of fate will denie these otherwise stupid suggestions from your eyes (god i'm so low.)


    Kirsty McColl... Terrible.

  • MOM: "Gimme the keys - I'LL drive"
  • CARL: "Really shouldn't drive, better ride the Ibex instead..."
  • DAISY, OFFERING CARL BEER: "C'mon Carl, one won't hurt..."
  • AN HOUR LATER, MOM, CARL & DAISY SING DRUNKENLY: "War! Huh! What is it good for?..." OR "Who Let the Dogs Out! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!" OR "Bye, bye, Miss American Pie..."... (You can tell I've done karaoke in the past...)


  • Carl looks at Mom, shrugging his shoulders as Daisy hangs on him drunkly and
    says "What...?  *She's* drinking, *I'm* driving...!"

william beckerson

    I'm also a comic artist and I think your books are, as they say, da bomb.

  • Carls mom attacks Carls drunken girlfriend for being the evil harlot that has led her innocent boy to the sin of drinking.

    I like it

Mr. ?


  • Carl's Mom: Promise me you won't let *HER* drive! Carl: Um.. okay
  • Carl is driving down a long stretch of road, a drunk Daisy is asleep in the passenger's seat and a UFO is following them in the rear view mirror or above the car.
  • Carl driving: Wow, what a day it has been. I bet it can't get any stranger, though. Daisy is smiling and her vampire fangs are showing.
  • Oh yea, my obligatory odd caption: Carl: But how can we drive with this army of undead outside?

Glen Seymour

    After reading that last entry, I got several flashes of inspiration... then I realized that you probably wanted to keep the PG rating.

  • Mom pulls out gun, "You're not taking him anywhere!"
  • Daisy is driving the car while Carl is drinking. Carl thinks, "I didn't promise not to drink and ride."
  • Everyone is in the same position but smiling. Carl: "Don't worry, we're taking the bus."
  • Carl is turned toward Daisy. Daisy: "You're mom can drive us." We see a knife in Mom's hand. Mom: "Grrrr"

    Well, I'm sorry I didn't get on the action until the 5th panel. When you start the next collabrative thing, should we expect to see Carl, or will we have a new hero?

[I sort of think of Carl as my interactive clay, so the next interactive comic I do may indeed involve him. --Scott]

cuthbert the lesser

    Wow! What a great concept! This is my first visit but better late than never...

  • Split panel: Carl sitting next to a tombstone w/ "RIP Daisy" (or perhaps holding hands with her corpse) saying "Shoot!" and looking glum. Then, Carl's line of sight intersects... a beer.

cuthbert the lesser

    and another one...

  • Carl with his mom, Daisy with a sawed-off shotgun saying "If I can't have you nobody can!" and Carl saying, "Dude! It's my mom!"

    Okay, it's really late at night. But surely there's some good potential for Daisy to turn out to be a psychotic stalker, with a setup like "Promise me you'll never leave"...

Spencer Visick

  • Mother says: Well if Daisy can do it, why can't I? The Mother then grabs a beer.

cuthbert the lesser

    Okay, next time I'll think about it for a while and put it all together before I suggest... ;-)

  • To clarify: On the above suggestion w/ Carl sitting next to Daisy's grave (or corpse), it should be "years later" (white hair, beard, cane, etc.) to show that he's still keeping his promise but feeling a little sheepish about it now...
  • Show Daisy "years later" with Carl's ghost hovering, looking bored as she watches soaps or outraged as she dates or... something...
  • Daisy offers Carl's mom a beer
  • Carl: "But I can't leave! I just promised!"
  • Daisy falls comatose; Carl catches beer. Or perhaps his mom.
  • Carl & Daisy step into a teleporter. "Good think we don't have to worry about driving any more!"
  • They step out the door and a piano falls towards them.

cuthbert the lesser

    Oh, oh, oh, and... (really, I'll save 'em up next time. Really...)

  • Carl & Daisy depart riding a tandem bicycle.


Michael Patrick

    I finally have a web page-sort of. Therefore I am excercising my right as a previous Carl winner to post my link: I hope to have my URL- up and running really soon.

  • Daisy: Gimmee the keys. hic! I'm drivin'!
  • Mom: Why don't you kids just stay here?
  • Carl has a dream in which Thor bursts into flames which sets off a nuclear war and the only way Carl can save the Universe is by writing, "On the other hand maybe not" 12,462 times on a black board, but istead he dies, um...somehow.

Jay Domingo

  • Carl sees the dead end of his life and vows to reform him and his deadbeat friends. Joins scary non-denominational church. Cut to his mother proudly smiling: "That's my good boy...that's my good boy."

    Stuff like this happens all thing time. Carl's reader will see themselves in this story. Everyone can relate to moral dilemas and spritual awakening.


  • Carl: "Don't worry mom, Daisy's driving!"
  • Mom: "Is she drunk?" Carl: "Nah, don't worry, she's just on drugs"
  • Mom: "You're not getting in a car with that drunken whore, Carl!!!!!!" Carl: "Hey!"
  • Carl and Daisy drive off, weaving and bobbing all over the road, with mom watching... Mom: "Ah, young love..."

    Not far now...

Ben Rossi

  • Carl notices that Daisy's dog is also drunk and is trying to pull the car out of the driveway!! Better stop the drunk-driving dog, Carl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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