This week's panel suggested by Mac.


As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and please join us again next Sunday!

Sunday 01/14/2001

Nat Gertler

  • Four words: High Carl, Low Bridge.
  • Time magazine cover: Man Of The Year, Car-Surfin' Carl!
  • Another car with a big muscular guy standing on it comes by. "Wanna race?"
  • Carl: "Next stop, tombstone's 'R'Us"
  • Daisy: "That sign ahead says 'Carl R.I.P.'"
  • Carl: "I feel like an R.I.P.: Really Immortal Person!" (okay, so I have a nagging headache and it's easier to riff on a theme.)
  • Daisy: "That sign ahead says "(You are here) NEXT?"

    This just makes me want to see a line of Carl action figures! Car-surfin' Carl, Drunk-Drivin' Carl, Vampire-slayin' Carl, Hell-burnin' Carl, and of course Mom, Dad, and the Ibex Stampede!

Tod Caviness

  • Carl: "Daisy! Watch out for that cliff!"
  • Carl: "Daisy! Watch out for that tombstone!"
  • Carl: "Daisy! Watch out for that herd of stampeding ibex!"
  • Carl leaning out of the sunroof: "I'm the king of the world!!"
  • Caption: "Meanwhile on Mars:" ... where we see Quarl the Martian Boy hopping into a spacecraft, being scolded by his mother. Mom: "Promise me you wont drink and drive, Quarl." Quarl: "I promise." (Just think of the possibilities!)
  • Carl drunkenly fits a beercan pull-tab onto Daisy's finger, slurring, "Nothin' but blue skies from now on, baby (hic)!"

    Carl: The Sitcom. Every week, special guest stars help Carl on his way to an early grave. 'This week: David Schwimmer as Thor ... And, as always, Brian Boitano as himself!'

Ben Rossi

  • They're about to drive under and overpass! Carl's sure to be thrown off the car! Look out, Carl!!!!!!!
  • A giant bird or pterosaur grabs Carl off of the roof of the car. Poor Carl...

Lee K. Seitz

  • Daisy puts it in reverse and runs over Mom. (She did say to get back.)
  • Aliens abduct Carl & Daisy before Mom's eyes. (We're not gonna get any aliens in before this is over, are we?)
  • A beer truck runs over Mom.
  • Mom turns into that monster from section 2.
  • A giant pink elephant appears in front of the car.
  • Other-Carl (from Section 1) appears in front of the car, gesturing for them to stop. (Or maybe it's Carl Jr. Who can tell?)

    Ever notice how stand-up comics end their act with a reference to one of their early jokes? I thought I'd try it here.

Doug Waldron

  • Aliens. Tractor Beam. Carl. Abducted.


    Carl is a little split between His mother and his love,but he enters his car with his girlfriend drinking nothing.

  • She pukes in his car and he calls his mother ,asking her what to do.

Joe Rice

    Well, here's the obvious one...

  • Carl falls forward, placing him OFF the car and onto the road IN FRONT of the car.

    I KNOW it's obvious, but that way we could tie in the Walking Carl panel in the intersection coming up.

the Marvelous Patric

  • carl, on top of the car does the titanic pose..
    "I'm King of the World!"
  • daisy runs something... or SOMEONE over just like in I know what you did
    last sumer or scary movie.
  • carl surfing on the car while we get some multimedia going with funky
    beach music playing. hang ten!
  • we see carl playing a PS2 game of his life, which is what the panel
    before was.
  • dude, where's my car?

    hey mr. macworld! how surprised was i to be enjoying my passion for all things apple and i got to see my passion for comics to enter in that world. how bizzzaaaaaare.

[Yeah,, keep showing up on the website, but not the paper version. D'ya think they're trying to tell me something? -- Scott]

patrick heinicke

  • Carl's mom jumps into her car and gives chase, screaming "you hussie!"

    "Do or do not. There is no try." - Yoda

W. Tay Moss

    Great style. I am not a regular comic reader, but went through all of
    your posted stuff with great interest.

  • Daisy, driving drunk, crashes into the angel; Carl (and also
    cross/beer/other-prop) is hurled into the next panel.

Antonio Jacobs

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Ha, Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! The new one made me laugh out loud!

  • 1:Daisy hits a tree; Carl goes flying. 2:RIP Daisy
  • Mom: "Hey! I'm flying!" Mom flys after Daisy and Carl.
  • Mom shoots lasers out of her eyes, vaporizing the car (and Daisy) instantly.

gregg lamse

    This is a bit too wordy...

  • 20 years later: Carl & Daisy are couch potatoes. A bit pudgy/ disheveled. Drinking/ drunk... Carl: Remember when you backed over my mother? Daisy: No. Carl. Me neither...

Sean Kinlin

    Bush's Labor appointee has withdrawn! It's the perfect opportunity to install Matt Feazell in the position!!

  • Seeing a dog (or cat or child) in the road, Daisy slams on the brakes, screeching safely to a halt, but Carl goes flying off the car.
  • The car passes a sign that says "Warning: Low clearance ahead."
  • Their car catches up with another car, driven by Dallit. Berbax is 'surfing' on top of the car.
  • They pass by a crowd that hoots and hollers as Carl hangs eight.*
  • Daisy climbs onto roof of car, saying, "I want to surf, too!" Carl looks fearful.
  • Carl breaks into a rousing rendition of 'Surfin USA'.

    *Carl (and other characters) only has 4 fingers on each hand, thus...

[Matt Feazell as Labor Secretary, YEAH! Give Spiegelman the Education post and we're all set.-- Scott]


  • The Car hits a fire hydrant, Carl goes flying

Jake Young

    This... this is ... the end... this is the end my friend... (4 panels left! "Sob!")

  • Mom car surfs up to carl on top of a mean looking hot-rod. She Exclaims "I said get back!!". Carl, naturally, responds "MOM!?"
  • Atop the car still in motion. Close up on carl's face looking with a pensive anime style gaze towards billowing dark clouds which are gathering towards the horizon. Carl mutters "hmm... a bad omen" or something of the sort.
  • a lone unkempt prophet is crossing the street as daisy, still drunk, and Carl, still surfing hurtle towards him. Carl yells "look out!". If there is still room, the prophet's sign reads "The End is Near."
  • Two words: Oompa, Loompas.
  • A fat fanboy runs in front of the car yelling "whoo! ICST Rules!! whoo!"
  • Oww, Hand cramp.
  • "You" (aka, your cartoon self from your books) makes a smart comment about the pacing of multi-branched cartoon style comics in HTML.
  • I see a little silouhette of a man...
  • Use the panel to introduce a contest in which people will actually write, draw, and submit their own panels for the final panel. Thus making the penultimate in "interactive comic" (look for this one next week too).
  • Carl, apparently witnessing something awe-inspiring from above atop the moving car. A lone word bubble contains the words "Carl... this is the Lord..."

    "Whew" like the cheesy ending to a dragon ball Z episode, I have given my all in an all-or-nothing Blast of some farily respectable suggestion! Now, to wobble a bit and collapse... (boom) "oh yeah..."

Josiah Rowe

  • Ethel stands, arms akimbo, looking at the departing car. "One of these days that boy will be sorry he didn't listen to me."

    Don't you just love the word "akimbo"? Akimbo, akimbo, akimbo!

[Other great words: "Gazeebo". "Cumulus". "Spatula".]


  • The car heads into one of those swirly wormole/vortex/space time disruption things. Carl says, "We've reached the speed of light!" Daisy responds, "Hic!"
  • A caption reads, "The next morning..." Carl wakes up, hung over, in a jail cell. He's wearing a tuxedo. Daisy is next to him, asleep, wearing a wedding dress. The two of them are handcuffed. Carl says, "What the hey?"
  • A close-up of Carl's mom, thinking, "What would Neil Gaiman do?"
  • The car screeches to a halt (ert!) in front of a stadium. A sign reads "The Super Bowl."
  • The car stops in front of a liquor store. Carl and Daisy are wearing sunglasses and holding shotguns. Carl says with a smile, "Time for a spree!"
  • Carl: "Daisy, could all of this drunken mayhem be only a substitute for happiness and not the real thing?" Daisy: "Me want booze now."
  • The car runs over a clown. (Why the heck not?)

Tom Scudder

  • Carl is hanging onto the roof of the car, now, as it speeds along (we've got a 3/4 angle from in front. LOTS of motion lines/blurring/what-have-you.). Behind the car, we see a POLICE CAR, with flashing lights an' everything. Maybe Carl says "uh oh", or maybe it's a silent pic, can't decide.

Greg Stephens

  • A cute little kitty cat runs in front of the car! Oh no!


  • Daisy hits a fire hydrant and Carl flies off the car into the stream of water which shoots him way up in the air. He then lands in the basket of a passing hot-air balloon which takes him and then...some other stuff happens but I should stop now because I'm way over the one panel limit already.

Morgan Doninger

    Just one this week.

  • Carl slams into an overpass in the classic Wilie Coyote style.

    And... Where were those car keys? (Funny I make the suggestion, but I don't spot it...)

Aris Katsaris

    This is the first time I make a suggestion for "Choose Your Own Carl": mainly because up to a month or so ago I didn't even know this site existed... Ah, well, I hope I'll have a greater participation in the next online Carl experiment.

  • Carl and Daisy, getting married on Vegas. Carl saying to Daisy (or vice versa): "You think we escaped?" "Ofcourse. We are perfectly safe." Outside the chapel all of Carl's enemies (his mom, vampire dad, tentacled monster from Section 2, Satan, and even that big elephant) are waiting. :-)
  • Same to the above, but without the Vegas marriage, for simplicity's sake...

Travis Pelkie

  • All I can think of is big crash, but that's bad.

    I just wanted to be on the list this week, is that so wrong?


    WEll, it's been a while since I suggested, but I think if this went through all the way (which it probably won't), it would make everybody happy.

  • Carl, still roof-surfing, yells "Daisy! Watch out for that guy in the road!"

    Maan, all my suggestions take 2-3 panels to fully execute. D'oh.

Kevin Ly

  • Carl jumps off the car and rips off his shirt to reveal that he is super carl

Tad Ramspott

  • SFX: "Zoom!" Car (with Carl still on top) races down the road toward the not-very-subtly marked "DEAD MAN'S CURVE."

Dan Pollard

    I can't believe this is nearly over...

  • Carls Mom jumps in a rewd and white Ford Torino, slapping a magnetic flashing light on the roof. CARLS MOM: Hot pursuit!

    See ya.


    Scott, when CYOC is done, please have it made into a poster. Please?

  • Carl falls off the roof, landing on his mother.
  • Daisy reverses over Carl's mother.
  • Carl just manages to hold onto the edge of the roof, feet trsiling along the road, Daisy drunkenly screaming "Don't leave me Carl, you promised!".

    Hey! You! Get down off that hill! I have no commercial interests on the web, I'm not an artist or comic creator, yet I have made a crappy web comic: It's all about the way we can WASTE POTENTIAL.


    I'm fully aware that this is easy to see, and unimaginative.

  • Carl: Hey, Daisy didn't promise! (They are fast approaching a big field of Daisies...)

    Yes, "Daisies" as in mulitple images of Carl's girlfriend. Perhaps half plant. Why not. It's surreal, and they're smashed (or will be pretty soon... not too many panels left) after all.

cuthbert the lesser

  • Daisy in the car gone over a cliff or into a ditch, or perhaps crashed into a tree. Carl shooting forward shouting, "I'm flying! I'm flying!"
  • The car going into a tunnel with Carl pasted, Warner Brothers style, against the wall above the entrance. (Predictable, but nonetheless essential...)
  • The car gone under a bridge, a Carl-shaped hole in the bridge, Carl still on the roof, perhaps holding his head and saying "Ooh, gotta ease up on those herring wallbangers," or "Wow! I need a drink!" or something...
  • Daisy and the car plunged off the road into the ocean; Carl landing on an actual wave, still surfing...

Zack Adgie

  • Carl : "Agh! I thought there was a sunroof!"

zoom out