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Thanks to Glen Seymour this week for providing a penultimate CYOC panel that -- needless to say -- leaves Carl's means of demise pretty wide open!

Get those ideas ready, People. You have THREE WEEKS to pick the final panel. Join us on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25th for the startling (or at least mildly interesting) FINAL PANEL of Choose Your Own Carl!

Sunday 02/04/2001

L Frank Weber

    I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment.

  • Carl Gets hauled off into some sinister, black coloured vehicle,
  • The Bartender Girl invites carl to go into the back room with her, carl naturally agrees.

    So these suggestions aren't as great as my other ones, I guess I made the mistake of being unable to top myself (I must be getting old).

Patrick A Reid

  • A fork.

Greg Basore

    Thanks for clearing up the confusion about those panels. By the way are you ever gonna do something like this again (I fell so bad comin in at 4 panels left before the big end) or will this be your curtain call.

  • Carl and Daisy (or is it Carl Jr. and the Barmaid?0 standing in front of a judge. Who says: "Well that's the craziest wedding story I ever heard of, hope you two kooky kids lead a long and happy life together." Carls Mom (Ethel is it? she looks like an Ethel) is thinking "yeah right"
  • Same scene as above with caption: 'After the honeymoon' Judge says: "Well that's an interesting tale you kids have to tell, but you're still gonna be executed."
  • Carl (or his son) in his jail cell looking at a sleeping Daisy (or barmaid) and thinks: "wait a minute does this mean I got some/got lucky last night?"
  • A decayed and twisted hand rises out've the toilet. Carl is staring down at Daisy thinking: "Well at least it can't get any worse".
  • an exterior shot of a non descript building. Caption: 'meanwhile outside' some shady looking guy (think cliche cartoonish crook) is setting a pakage next to a building. Crook: "This bomb outta fix that lousy Carl for good.
  • Carl and Daisy (Or Jr. and Barmaid) Standing out side a burning building with a a sign that says "County Jail". Both are holding shot guns. Caption: 'later in the evening' Carl/Jr.: "Baby things aint never boring with you around." Daisy/Barmaid: "The fun's only begun big boy."
  • Close up of Carl and Daisy (or etc.) looking at the rings on their fingers. Carl: "Well this is gonna be a bit hard to explain to mom." Daisy: "Especially since neither one of us is sure how this came about."
  • Enter: Thor Who says "Nuclear war is coming, nuclear war is coming!" Carl Screams: "Help I've burst into flame!" A big ol caption reads: 'Then again maybe not' C'mon it's the one chance I'll ever have to make a smartass suggestion.

    On a serious note, I'd like to put in my two bits and agree with numerous other that yes I'd like to see a Choose your Own Carl Poster.

[I'm definitely going to do some more Interactive comics using Carl, but first I need to take some time off because, um... this took a lot of time! As for the poster, I think it's a great idea, but since I never did one of those "all suggestions become the property of..." disclaimers I couldn't really market it in the traditional fashion. Might try a pdf assemble-your-own thingie or maybe some fundraiser thingie. Don't know yet.]

Lee K. Seitz

    We've got to dovetail two plots and set up Carl getting killed next panel. Hmmmmm...

  • A cop opens the cell saying "your mom posted your bail." A homicidal looking Mom is seen in the background.
  • As Carl/Carl Jr. & Daisy(?) are released, off panel someone shouts, "Look out! She's got a gun!"
  • 100 years later: In a cemetary, a Carl descendent is telling his grandchildren "...and that's how your great-great grandparents began their life together."

    Gee, only one last chance to write that 12,462 word submission.

dan wheeler

  • caption: nine months later ... carl is smoking a cigarette & pacing the hall outside the maternity ward. a doctor bursts through the doors. Cangratulations, Carl! It's a girl!
  • caption: the next morning ... carl and daisy holding hands in front of an AA meeting. Carl: I'm carl and I'm an alocholic. Daisy: I'm daisy and I'm an alcoholic.
  • caption: 20 years later... middle-aged carl talking to his teen age daughter carla. Carl: don't drink and drive carla. Carla: i promise.

Andrew Jones

  • Carl in his suit, with the bartender from panel above and Daisy both in wedding dresses, demanding to know who he intends to marry.

Jason A. Fliess

  • Two months later . . . DAISY: I'm pregnant! CARL: Oh, no!

Brandon Smith

    Since, theoretically, if you follow the trail back in either direction, it's plausable for the mom to be chasing Carl, because she chases Carl after he leaves with Daisy, and also, tries to kill him before they get trampled(yes I know she's trampled to death, but she could be a vampire) then:

  • mom pops out of nowhere, weilding a stake(or brandishing fangs), screaming: "I knew I'd get you sooner or later!"
  • Carl yells: "I don't love you any more!" at Daisy
  • Daisy wakes up next to Carl and says: "what have I done?"

Antonio Jacobs

    What have you done?!? This is really hard!!

  • Uh, Our drunken couple in each others arms... Daisy:"I'll stay wit' u...forever...hic!"
  • Caption: The Next morning A hungover Carl is berated by Mom-woman. Mom:This is the last time I bail you out of trouble!
  • Carl has a flashback: Promise not to drink and drive, Carl. Carl: I promise.
  • Meanwhile... Mom: (With open bottle) Where did I go wrong?
  • Daisy thinks: He perfect! Just perfect!

    I just read a book called The Art of the Comic Book: An Aesthetic History by Robert Harvey. Your work is mentioned as significant, and I happen to agree. I think you have helped to breathe new life into the comics medium, and have made me decide to go back into comic writing. Thank you.
    One more panel to go!

Jake Young

    This has to be the Grand Finale.

  • God Himself appears, one hand reaching for Carl, he says "all good things must come to an end"... Carl, in absolute shock, gives a horrible shriek as his entire body explodes at the sight of the holy Lord, blessed be his name.

    This is the most epic, earth shattering death I could think of. Hope you don't find it to be heresy. (I know I've only been doing this for a month, but it would be cool if my suggestion made it in.)

Michael Rubinstein

  • We zoom back to see Carl at the drawing table, like he was way back in the "ooh, pretty" panel on 08/23/1998, saying "Man, that is one MESSED UP comic!!"


  • Caption reads "Meanwhile..." Show a scientist (maybe Einstein) and, while looking at a readout or something, have him say: "Oh No! There's a disruption in the space-time continuum!" (This would mean that that grave is for the entire universe.)
  • You, Scott McCloud, are sitting over at an easel (or computer). You say: "Oh Crap! Continuity problem!"
  • Carl/Carl Jr. turns to Daisy/Carl Jr.'s girlfriend. Carl asks: "Do you know the Muffin Man?"
  • Carl/Carl Jr. goes to the window. He says: "What the...?!"
  • (he, he, he) A giant foot comes down and crushes everyone (he, he, he. I suggested it again! he, he, he).

    Please, please, please, please do another suggestion-based comic. If not Carl than someone else (maybe even "Zot!"?).

Morgan Doninger

    The Penultimate Panel. Requiem for A Carl?

  • This one is really, really wierd, but: The little floating red hearts around Daisy come to life and try to kill Daisy and Carl.

    I don't know where that one came from. I'm submitting much earlier this week just in case my tardiness with the last panel had some wacky karmic repercussions on your wisdom tooth.

    It would be nice to have 1 happy ending

  • 50 years later: Carl: Marrying you was the best decision I don't remember.

    Let them die of old age


  • It's the prison rodeo! Carl rides an angry bull while Daisy the rodeo clown runs around in front of them.
  • Carl: "Promise me you won't drink and drive, Robert Downey Jr." Robert Downey Jr.: "I promise."
  • A mirror image of the previous "Are you lonesome tonight?" panel, only this time Daisy is saying, "Now you'll never be lonesome again."
  • Close-up of a panicked Carl grabbing the prison bars, shouting, "Trapped in the prison of the mind!"
  • With sad, weary looks on their faces, Carl and Daisy stand before a judge who slams down the gavel and says, "Bail is denied!"
  • Caption: "65 million years earlier..." Cave-mom says to Cave-Carl, "Promise me you won't drink and ride the stegosaurus, Cave-Carl." Cave-Carl says, "I promise."
  • Use the original panel from UC where Daisy says, "I'm sorry, Carl, but I can't go out with you tonight," and Carl says, "Aww!" (Just think about how oddly it would fit into both situations!)

    A question: In RC you discussed problems caused by limited shelf space in stores. But the web appears to have the opposite problem. It's an "infinite shelf" where a single web comic could easily get lost in the vastness of it all. How does the would-be comics creator get his or her site NOTICED?

[Word of mouth has been a significant force in printed comics, but over a network, W.O.M. carries the extra punch of a direct link to the word in question. I think you'll find the internet up to the task of sorting through the pile once there are just too many great many web comics. Sadly, that problem has yet to materialize, but I'm sure it will soon. --Scott]

Jordan D. White

    I just wanted to tell you how incredible your site it, the perfect compliment to your books.

  • Carl (or Carl Jr) to Daisy (or bartender) "What do you mean you're only 16?!"
  • Carl says "Mom will be so proud of me!" (because he found a girl, get it?)
  • Carl, dazed, "What did I drink last night?"
  • Carl walking towards car away from Daisy, still drunk, says "I'll see you tommorrow!"
  • A random guy bursts through a wall, yelling "Carl! Come with me! I'll help you escape her grasp!" Carl says "Fred?"
  • Scott McCloud drawing the new panel, crying. "I can't bear to put Carl through more pain..."

Travis Pelkie

    So, Plastic Man, huh? Maybe they'll tap you to do an Archives cover. And aren't the Wrecking Crew Thor villains? Would the only stipulation be that the next issue blurb couldn't say "Enter:Carl"? hehe

  • This is an excellent way to end out CYOC. (Uh, the sequence in general, not the suggestions I'm gonna give) It says : "9 Months Later..." And then Daisy is screaming at Carl/CJ (Carl Junior, dontcha know) "I never should have gotten drunk with you!"
  • Hey, that was a good one! How about if Carl says "One night in the slammer's enough for me!"
  • Not so good. What if CJ sez: "And they never knew why dad didn't duck" A bit odd.
  • This is hard. What if Carl's mom comes and bails Carl or CJ out of jail?

    Not my best work, but then again... Okay, because I like to type, and this is probably the best place to query this, I'm taking a surrealism/dada class, and as is my wont, I want (clever, huh) to do a comics related project, so I'm thinking something involving Ernst, Roarin' Rick's Rarebit Fiends, 5 Card Nancy, and the 24 hour comics. I might attempt a 24 hour comic or two, and then write a short paper on the subject, and then hopefully make copies and send them to you, Scott. (Was that all a run-on sentence?) Anyway, I'd be interested in trying to obtain as many 24 hour comics as possible, so if anyone, like Mac, for instance, is interested, email me at and we can work out some sort of deal for me to obtain them. Also, Scott, any chance you have, or know of where to get, copies of your 24 hour comic, and what Cerebus issues any appeared in? Don't worry about it if you don't have it right around. I just realized, too, that CYOC is a sort! of 5 Card Nancy. Now, also, did you do just the one 24 hr comic? And do you know of anyone who's done any online ones (how would a page be defined?)? And one other question: would you say that your definition of comics implies that narrative is a major aspect, or am I just inferring that? (little Cerebus joke there) Also, don't forget to link to the Zot! Online Character Guide on CBR. I just stumbled onto accidently.

[24-Hour cartoonists, take note! As for my own, Travis, you're welcome to print out the very first -- and still only -- 24-Hour comic I ever did as linked to in the 24-Hour Comics index in the Inventions Section. --Scott]

Travis Pelkie

    Forgot to mention that any surrealist stuff I do will eventually go onto my educational-type comics website.

  • Carl sez, "Will Travis ever stop typing?"

    Sir Types-A-Lot signing off.

Glen Seymour

  • caption: "20 years later:" aged Carl and Diasy sit in rocking chairs. Carl: After all these years, I'm still glad I married you.
  • Close up of Carl in tux with Daisy leaning on him (the same pose as in the jail cell). Carl "...til death do us part"

    I had a few flashes of ideas of how Carl could kill Daisy this panel, but none of them seemed worth mentioning here.

Dan Pollard

    Once you get stuck on an Oedipal narrative it's hard to stop.

  • CARL / CARL JR to DAISY / BARTENDER CARL: Have I ever said you remind me of my mother?
  • CARL is handed a Microphone from off panel, CARL: And now, the end is near...

Rusty Priske

  • Carl, to Daisy: I paid them. Let's get out of here.

Tad Ramspott

    Boy, now we have not only two Carls, but two Daisys ... continuity is going to be fun.

  • "Daisy", timidly: "Hey, Carl ... say ... do you think we could ..." "Carl", with his back to her, obviously seething (if read from the left) or too absorbed in his own depression to care (if read from the top): "No."

    A great setup for Daisy to go homicidal on him in the last panel. And a good excuse *not* to go with the "jealous bar patron"/"aggressive cellmate" suggestion that everybody else is going to contribute this week. :)


  • picture remains relativly similar with a thought bubble coming from carl saying "why do these nights allways end like this!" or thinking "oh no, not again!" or maybe he bursts into flames or thor shows up or something


  • Close up of Carl... "well I guess that's that then..."
  • Carl: "And that's the last I'm ever having to do with alcohol!"
  • Carl: "You know, I sometimes think theres a group of people who are conspiring to make me have the sh*ttiest life ever lives..."

Aris Katsaris

    Oh boy, this is a difficult one... I'm rather amazed that you chose the earlier panel - it makes linking the two threads quite difficult...

  • Okay, Carl and Daisy/the girl in their marriage clothes hearing a voice saying "The judge will see you now." (It could mean that they are being tried for an offense, or that he's going to marry them) Carl seems vaguely horrified, Daisy still has that lost/hopelessly-in-love look.


    Hoo boy! It's getting close now...

  • Carl looks to his right to see... TUXEDO CARL AND DAISY SITTING NEXT TO HIM IN THE BAR!!! Carls- What!?
  • Umm...
  • Hold on, I'll think of one...
  • I promise....
  • OK, so I lied. So sue me.
  • Good luck with CYOC.
  • c-ya!

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