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As always, suggestions are listed in the order they were received. Thanks for playing and please join us again next Sunday!

Sunday 01/28/2001

NOTE: Once again, my demented mail server has delivered a group of old posts that never reached me the first time. To see if one of your posts is among them, click HERE.

Golden Lion

    A police officer slaps handcuffs on Carl very suddenly.

  • "Sorry kid. You're under arrest for jaywalking."

    Carl is shocked and says "WHAT?"

greg basore

    The smaller picture shows the panel below carl mourning his dad but the bigger file shows the one after carl is in jail with daisy. So a 1 before the text indicates that it's the one below carl mourning his dad while a 2 preceding the text is for the panel after he's in jail.

  • 1 Carl sees some guy walking the road, thinks to self "if I kill that guy I bet I'll feel better"
  • 1 Carl accosting a clown "Why Bobo why did dad have to die like that?"
  • 1 Carl strolling by a liquor store thinking "hey since life sucks I might as well rob a liqour store"
  • 1 Carl in front of a church holding a priest by the collar "tell god if he doesn't bring back my dad then one of his employees is gonna be getting early retirement".
  • 1 A police car pulls up. Cop says over the bull horn "Carl your under arrest for Vampire Slying don't move."
  • 2 Carl in front of a Judge "young man considering your messed up in the head your free to go".
  • 2 Carl in jail getting bailed out by his mom. Carl: Gee thanks mom. Carls mom: Don't thank me buster that money came from selling your car.
  • 2 Outdoor scene of Carl jumping out the jail house window. Carl says: "they can cage me for my crimes but they can't hold me".
  • 2 Carl in a court room. Judge says "young man for your horrible crimes I condemn you to bite the big one, that is to say your sorry but is gonna die."
  • 2 Carl getting bailed out by his mom. She says "Oh Carl I'm so ashamed of you I could kill you"

    I still am not sure which panel you're actually doing next but I like what I've seen so far.

[Yikes! Sorry for the confusion there, Greg. It was number 1. --Scott]

Dan Pollard

    Okay this isn't really much of a suggestion, more of a chance to make an observation: The way I see It, there's a bit of a dilemma here- Two Carls, one gravestone. So it could go one of two ways... Either Carl JR unwittingly kills his Dad (Then perhaps marrying his Mom and plucking out his own eyes leading an eminent Austrian Psychoanalyst of the future to hypothesise the Carloedipus Rex Complex, where the sufferer seems to repeat the same actions over and over again but with twists that get ever wilder.). Or Carl is in some way responsible for the death of his son (Carl fans say YAY! we knew he'd survive! but at what price? Surely Daisy'll hold him accountable for the death of her First born child, their life together will be a constant misery, their relationship a sham, and his Mom (Ethel?) is obviously going to side with her... So who does old Carl have to turn to? The bottle, leading to a tragic accident with a flask 0of scothch, a speeding car and a tree.).

  • Carl Jr looks up and sees he's at the Police Station.

    or on the other hand, Enter:Thor.

Rusty Priske

  • Close-up on a policeman. PM: Jay-walking's against the law in this town, punk!


    I did it! I did it! I completed my very own 24-hour comic! And THEN, I come here to discover I'm this week's Carl winner. This whole weekend has been one big McCloud-o-rama.

  • A mysterious stranger comes up to our hero and says, "The future is unwritten, Carl."
  • Close-up of Carl, saying, "I'll make it up to him, somehow..."
  • Carl honors his father's memory by paying for a round of beer at some dive bar.

    I'm very tired.

Tad Ramspott

    I hope this one strikes your fancy. I've only got three more panels to get my name in lights! YOW!

  • Carl (Jr.?) stands in front of a tombstone, in silent contemplation. A sign in the foreground says "KEEP OFF THE GRASS!" A passing policeman notices Carl's flagrant violation of the law.

    How are you going to announce the last panel's winner, by the way? Will it be up on the site for all eternity? Will you only post it for a week? Will it not be announced at all? Will the "Grand List Of All Successful Submitters" be revealed on its own page?

[Hmm... All good ideas. Hmm.... --Scott]

Michael A. G. Cohn

  • Carl smiling, holding up a can of Bud and maybe a six-shooter
    Carl: But hey, that makes my family dysfunctional! Yee-haw!
  • Same scene the previous panel, but extreme close up, very dark
    Carl: ... and left me full of bloody murderous RAGE...
  • Carl sees a billboard: "Feeling tragic? Try ACME explosives!"
    Carl: Hmmm...

Joe Rice

    I WILL make my mark on CYOC, even if it kills me.... HEY! Wait a gosh-darned minute! The Big Map and the section 6 page show different panels as the current one! Guess I'll have to give TWICE as many suggestions... (Evil laughter) Suggestions 1-3, 9 for panel bleow walking Carl. Suggestions 4-8 are for Prison Carl.

  • Suddenly, a group of policemen appear! Police- "Your under arrest!" Carl- Wha?
  • Carl- I think I'll go steal a Tuxedo!
  • Carl sees a sign that says "Texas State Penitentary" Carl- Oh! I think I'll go on a tour!"
  • We see Carl's mom, dressed in a police officer's uniform. Mom- I knew you were nothing but trouble... Carl- MOM?!
  • Warden- It's the chair for you, Carl! Carl- What!?
  • Carl (pulling out a hammer) They'll never take me alive!
  • Carl- I know! I'll call George Stien, the DUI lawyer!
  • Panel zooms out. We see a sign that says "Welcome to Shawshank Prison"
  • The next day... Carl- Wha? Where am I?

    So, Scott- what are you gonna do with Carl after this is all done?

[I'm going to Disney World! Oh, wait. I already did that... --Scott]

Glen Seymour

  • Carl, still on the crossroad, but turned toward the reader. "...or if I hadn't got married so young."
  • "...or if I hadn't got married while drunk."
  • A policeman puts handcuffs on Carl. Carl - "What?" Cop - "Cause a stampede, go to jail!"
  • A nice box says "Meanwhile." We see Carl behind bars, "I wonder if my son knows I'm still alive, or that I'm his real dad?"
  • We see Bert behind bars, "I wonder why Carl never visits"
  • Carl behind bars yells, "Nobody get arrested for Jaywalking any more!"

    3 panels left! It's almost over!

Mr. ?

  • Carl Jr. Passes an inventor working on something in his yard. Inventor: "Hey, you want to try out my new time machine!?" Carl Jr. thinks, 'This could be my only chance to save Dad!'
  • Old Daisy has just finished her time machine. Old Daisy, "Hold on Carl. I'm coming to save you!"
  • Carl Jr. remembering how Carl dies: Carl is in jail when Daisy turns into a tentacled monster and eats him! Carl Jr.: "So tragic..."
  • Same as above, but no mental image. Carl Jr.:"Dad, eaten by a tentacled monster in jail. So tragic.."
  • and my final obligatory nonsensical caption. Carl Jr.: "Dad, run over by a pack of stampeding Ibex while in jail. So tragic..."

Antonio Jaocbs

    I gotta get better at this!

  • Caption: Mom & Daisy drive up in the car. Mom:Carl! We've been looking all over for you!

    Oh, I just know I need to make some better suggestions! One day, I'll start at Step One instead of Step Six!

Althea K.

  • Carl Jr. has a flashback that ends up tying in with the Carl waking up in jail married to Daisy thing and concludes with Carl's tragic death.
  • The notorious pink elephant returns for an encore, crushing Carl Jr. (poor dear. perhaps he met the same fate as his father)

Dan Pollard

    Hey, to tie in with the Elvis theme from earlier and the Drunk Tank episode below

  • Somebody invites Carl JR to a Party at the County Jail...

    Then he kills his Dad, marries his Mom and plucks out his eyes...

Lee K. Seitz

    Only three panels to go and I'm stumped!

  • Aliens abduct Carl and force him to put on a tuxedo. When they throw him in a holding cell, he discovers they've already kidnapped Daisy and forced her into a wedding gown.

    Whaddya mean that won't fit into one panel?

Morgan Doninger

    Here we are 12:18 AM EST, Sunday January 21, Man I am cutting this one close.

  • A Cop Grabs Carl. Cop: "And we have some questions about this "Tragic Death". Carl: "Eeep!"

    Wow late and lame. Well at least I'll get to see if I'm the last suggester this week.

[Obviously, Morgan didn't know I was going to get a toothache and skip last week when he wrote this. --Scott]

Naomi Bampton

    Hey, I know it's predictable:

  • Carl run over by beer truck

    But it's also classically simple!

Travis Pelkie

  • Carl Jr. sez "It was just after mom and dad got married. . ."
  • A giant robot comes in singing "Daisy, Daisy" Man, I haven't even seen "2001" and I can reference it. How cool am I?
  • Not very. That's why I'm suggesting a giant steamroller accident.
  • Whew, that bites. Howzabout Carl Jr. sez, "Dad was walking a road not unlike this one"

    Yeah, as usual, my suggestions bite. Maybe they'll get better for the last 2 panels, but I doubt it. I was gonna talk about comic strips, but I don't feel like it. Until next week. . .


    following my bro's advice i read U.Comics,which was class! (i.e!) now starting on reinventing comics!

  • In the box underneath where carl says "if only dad hadnt died so tragically.." a little irish leprauchan appears and says "no no your dads not dead, in fact none of this is real, your names not carl and you're destined to live FOREVER....". Then in the box underneath that, carl screams "noooooooooooo!!!" This then also comes after the box where carl & daisy are married and are in prison! Following thatbox his mother appears and says "so you didnt listen to your mother & look at the mess your in!"
  • OOPS! I went into the wrong section, i only had the one suggestion! hey, i'm new at this!!! :D


  • "...hip" As in, "tragically hip", the phrase to describe people who are just too cool. Sorry, you just reminded me of the phrase. I suppose it's not much of a suggestion, but Dad lying around dead in cargo pants and sunglasses would be cool. :)
  • Bring daisy back into the discussion by having her hit Carl as he enters the crossroad.


  • Kind of obvious, but: "Gee, I need a beer."
  • Also rather obvious: Dad pops up from his grave. [que menacing music]
  • Aliens appear and notify Carl that they have Dad's brain. (come on, there have to be aliens in here somewhere. Then in the next panel down, the aliens can whisk Carl and Daisy away and then the saucer crashes, but I'm getting ahead of myself)
  • If I take the new panel to be as shown in the "Big Picture" (next to the Daisy and Carl in jail, rather than under "If only Dad hadn't died): Daisy and Carl discover they are actually in Hell "Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Markus Gerwinski

    Tricky, tricky, tricky... Now we get the conflict between Carl and Carl jr.: Will Daisy be his wife in the next panel, or his mother?

    Anyhow, kudos to Mac for "The next morning..." - the panel is marvelous!

  • The obvious one first: A jail building falls from the sky, and the cell hits the ground exactly as to enclose Carl.
  • Suddenly, Carl is surrounded by FBI men who're threatening him with guns. "Mr. Carl, we still got some questions about your father's death!"
  • Thoughtfully regarding the ground, Carl runs into Daisy resp. a girl looking like her. (Dialogue: "Oops!" - "Sorry!")

Jake Young

    I think I speak for all of humanity when I say "make a giant print of the whole project!". Yeah. I know. Flat dead wood... but last time I checked. Huge hangable computer moniters are quite expensive.

  • Carl yells to the heavens! What did I do to deserve this!

Travis Pelkie

    Comic strip stuff first: about a month ago, Family Circus was running a week where Dolly went around doing variations on "Mirror, Mirror" (not the Star Trek episode, cuz that would've been neat). It wasn't very funny, but I realized that someone at Family Circus Central probably read Understanding Comics and said, "Hey, we are too comics!" Also, a while ago in Dilbert, there was a play on Napster, where one character invents a web browser to allow all human endeavors to be available for free online. Dilbert said that this would cause all human creativity to collapse. I don't agree, and from ICST #5 (you're welcome for the ability to link it here), I would guess you don't agree, but would say that it would just be made harder. Any thoughts?

  • Now I've forgotten all I was gonna say. Carl Jr. sez "you know, that night in the jail..."
  • Something involving flying monkeys. Please?!?
  • A tombstone falls on someone. Hip irony!
  • Giant rabid radioactive squirrels. (wait, wasn't that an 80's comic?)
  • Carl Jr sez "Well it involved something on the forbidden list of suggestions, so I really can't talk about it"
  • I liked that one. Let's see, Carl Jr. shows us a birthmark shaped like jail cell bars, and sez "That's why I have this birthmark"
  • Blew that run. Carl Jr. sez "How did mom put it on the tomb... he dropped the soap?"
  • That one made me feel dirty, and I apologize to anyone offended. But on an offensive note, I could make a drunk driving joke about W., where he crashes a car through the jail cell, killing Carl. But that would divide, not unite. Again, apologies.
  • Look out, here comes the icepick to the forehead!
  • Carl likes jail food so much, he eats a lot and turns into a giant rolling ball of flesh.

    Ooh, that last one was gross. My apologies. I'm sad CYOC is ending soon. It'd be neat for the next one to go from the tombstones backwards, if you wanted to do the same sort of thing. I hope some reader participation is involved. If I get my project up and running soon, would you, Scott, be able to answer any interview type questions if I emailed them to you? (About comics stuff, of course). Also, if I get a website up and running, would you have a link to it on this page if I emailed you the address? Finally (yay, right?), just as a lark, I know you said that Superman Adventures was more survival than art (in TCJ 211, I think), but it was a sort of wish fulfillment to do Superman. Anyway, if Marvel or DC offered you a boatload of money (this is a fantasy here) to do any character, team, or concept, which ones from each publisher would they be? I'm more interested in what sorts of characters you feel are cool and would be cool to work on, even in just a fantasy. The form mail better not boot me.

[Okay, here goes!:
1. Family Circus has long done some comics sequences, just not usually.
2. No, I don't agree with Dilbert, but I don't think it'll happen that way either.
3. Can't do email interviews (I'm too slow a writer).
4. Link away, no problem!
5. Depends on the amount -- but probably Plastic Man or The Wrecking Crew.


  • Carl: "Beaten to death by a prison guard like that... hope that doesn't happen to me..."
  • Carl: "Ah well, at least I'm not in prison..."
  • Carl sees a talking owl. "Hello talking owl" says Carl. "Hello Carl" says the talking owl.

    Not long now!

Doug Waldron

  • "... He could have helped me rob this bank."

Aris Katsaris

    Anyone else thinks that Carl has something of an Oedipus complex? :-) I mean not only his dad dies in pretty much every storyline, but one Carl has gotten married to the other Carl's mother... Sheesh... :-) Given the above:

  • Carl: If only I didn't have an Oedipus complex... A thought balloon shows him imagining a woman (which could be Daisy or it could be Ethel) in a wedding gown.
  • Carl passes by a "Wanted" poster. It says: "Wanted - Carl - Patricide". Carl doesn't notice it.
  • Carl: But atleast nobody knows I had anything to do with it! (leading smoothly to the next panel of him him behind bars)
  • The above two suggestions combined. You can even add a police car in the background. :-)

Travis Pelkie

    This is more in praise of you testifying in Texas. Thank you for defending comics as a viable medium, and I suggest Carl posters visit Hey, any chance a CYOC poster could be a cbldf benefit?

  • Carl Jr. sez "It was something about selling adult comics to adults"

    Okay, that was bad. Hey, I'm posting when we've got a new pars'dent!

Tod Caviness

  • Carl: "... It wouldn't have driven me to drink!" (As he is seen heading into the nearest bar)
  • Carl is seen setting fire to a liquor store, shaking his fist into the flames. Carl: "It's all your fault, demon alcohol!!"
  • We see Daisy (or 'Darla' or something, depending on which thread you're following) staggering down a road drunkenly. Daisy: "If only I could find someone who (hic) shared my love of beer ..."

Michael-David Blostein

  • I think Carl should remember how his dad died: killed by his wife after promising her he wouldn't drink and drive.

Greg Lam

  • Carl speaks: "IF only I could go back and prevent it..." while a vortex opens up just behind him.

Michael Patrick

  • A blond girl walking face down-facing stage left (could be Daisy or just a young girl who looks just like her) Girl Thinking: If only Carl hadnn't died so tragically...

Travis Pelkie

    Sorry, I can't resist.

  • Carl Jr. "Dad died of that horrible toothache, damn HMO's!"

    Not that I'm wishing you any ill health, in fact get well soon. It's just that it's timely.

Jason Fliegel

  • A police car, lights flashing has arrived. A policeman is talking to Carl, saying "We'd like to ask you a few questions about your father."

Chris Shumway

  • Carl (Jr) finds himself in front of a liquor store... we see an idea lightbulb over his head.
  • Carl finds himself in front of a tv studio with the signs "Who Wants to Marry a Playmate?" "Auditions today!"... again with the idea lightbulb.
  • Carl is sitting, brooding. He sighs wistfully, "If only I had someone to share my pain with." Could we have a thought balloon encasing the final three panels, like he's imagining a happy ending? I guess that would interfere with the other storyline.
  • (caption)Later... Carl is sitting in a bar, very drunk, saying "...and that's why I'm so lonely" to a blonde Daisy-looking girl, possibly the bartender.
  • (caption)Later... Carl is behind the wheel with a bottle in hand and a crazy look in his eye. "I'm comin' to meet ya, Dad!"
  • I got one! I got one! Have a split panel exactly like the one above-right. The top panel is Carl looking at a beer can going "hmm..." (same as above-right, lower panel), but the lower panel is Carl making eye contact with a blonde Daisy-looking girl, who is smiling back.
  • I'm using Netscape 6 and it is incredibly frustrating. You can't tab between boxes in forms, and you can't scroll-wheel in dropdowns. Choosing between AOL/Time Warner and Microsoft is like... voting, pretty much.

Michael Rubinstein

  • Carl picks up a snow-globe and shakes it.
  • Carl reaches for the Monolith.
  • Carl sees a large figure poking out of the sand, and realizes it is the Statue of Liberty.
  • Carl blows up the Death Star.
  • Carl decides that tomorrow is another day.
  • Carl accepts that he will never enter the Holy Land, and climbs a mountain.
  • Carl makes a wish and jumps off the mountain.
  • Carl notices a fat lady who looks like she's about to sing.

Nana Yaw Ofori

  • Carl, back pressed against a brick wall, wearing a zorro-style mask, and pulling apart his shirt to reveal a tuxedo, "...I never would have become... Best Man, Scourge of Evil!" A shout of "Help!" comes from off-panel.

Antonio Jacobs

    Scott: Hope you feel better!

  • Carl is tried by a jury of his peers (drunken, lookalike Carls and Daisies) Judge:...And you are hereby sentenced to hang by the neck until dead... Carl:?!?
  • The aliens observe Carl and Daisy. Alien 1: Fascinating specimens! Alien 2:(Drinking the rest of the beer) Glug! Glug! Glug!
  • Close-up of Confused Carl: "I thought I just proposed a toast!"
  • Carl:That nice lady who asks me to promise all the time warned me about this! Daisy (who removes mask to reveal `Mom', aka the nice lady Carl has to promise to all the time):You got, that right! You
  • We see the bars are really Mom's view... for inside! Carl: What are you doing in jail!?!

[Thank you for the well-wishes regarding the tooth, Everybody. It was a wisdom tooth and was indeed pulled. I am now officially 25% less wise, so don't ask me any taxing philosophical questions from now on. --Scott]

Greg McElhatton

  • Carl stands outsides the entrance to the Zoo. "We used to love going to the zoo!"

L Frank Weber

    There's no way I'll chosen again, It would take an act of god to do otherwise

  • * A police-man comes in and apprehends carl saying "hold it right there son, you're under arrest!"

    Well, there you go, my silly little suggestion.

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