Full Name: Zachary T. Paleozogt

Appearances: Issues #1-36, "Hearts and Minds."

He's the most famous hero on a world where humankind's brightest dreams for the future have all come true. Zot's greatest superpower is his optimism and faith in the intrinsic worth of all people (though he also has a shiny golden 10-shot raygun and cool anti-gravity rocket boots).

Zot's parents died when he was very young at the hands of the intergalactic assassin, 9-Jack-9. Zot chose not to become a grim, gritty avenger of the night, much to the relief of his fans, but did avenge his parents' death (in issue #25) and continues to fight for the rights of people on both Earths to this day.

Zot is honest; Zot is courageous; and Zot is the only hero in all of comics who regularly lets people with fewer items go ahead of him in the supermarket check-out line.

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