Full Name: Woodrow Wilson Bernstein

Appearances: Issues #11-12, 17-18, 21-24, 26-34, 36.

When he was first introduced in Zot! #11 and 12, Woody was a short, bumbling nerd with a seemingly doomed crush on classmate Jenny. By the time he returned in #17, though, a full year had passed, Woody had been to Europe with his Dad, and puberty had hit the kid like an atom bomb.

Woody continued to court Jenny, this time with more success. The two developed a deep and lasting friendship, but by issue #34, Jenny had chosen Zot and Woody found himself alone once more.

Woody remembers the social stigma he endured as a brainy weakling in high school. In the model of his activist father, he’s begun to stand up for those less fortunate than himself and learn what being a "hero" of the more down-to-Earth variety can mean.

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