Full Name: "Oh my God! What the Hell is THAT?!?"

Appearances: Issues #13-15, 26-27.

A monstrous robot with monstrous appetites, Zybox was originally designed to help consolodate communications resources on Zot's world, but his designer, Ernesto Cortez, made some unorthodox programming choices -- with catastrophic results.

Zybox's upper body is fixed atop a 6-foot tall truncated obsidian pyramid. Though no bigger than a refrigerator on the outside, Zybox's cavernous interior is roughly the size of a football stadium.

Zybox swallowed Ernie Cortez as well as Zot, Jenny and Vic, in issue #13 prior to invading and temporarily enslaving the entire population of our Earth. Zot, Jenny and Vic escaped with their lives. Cortez did not.

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