Full Name: "The Disciples of the Holy Church of the Blue Monkey." More commonly known as "The De-Evolutionary Hordes" or simply "The De-Evolutionaries."

Appearances: Issues #1-2, 9, 16, 26-27, "Hearts and Minds."

With cries of "Revert!" and "Back to the Trees!" the Devoes have crashed, uninvited, into four Zot! storylines so far to fight against the power of technology using, um, the power of technology.

The De-Evolutionaries were begun by inventor Selrack Nyrad (introduced, sans name, in #9) after a severe blow to the head. His electronic "obedience masks" have converted many unwilling subjects into fanatic mind slaves while his patented rayguns have turned many others into monkeys (including Jenny's brother Butch).

Nyrad was not seen in the latest story, nor were his monkey guns. We don't know why.

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