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Pat Grant is Serious About Comics

Hit full screen on your browsers. BLUE by Australian cartoonist Pat Grant is an impressive debut with rich designs and an intriguing narrative style.

Just a few installments online so far, but each one is its own little world and worth setting aside a few minutes to let it all soak in. Grant plans to print the final result, but I think it looks great on the screen as well.

Thanks to Melbourne-based Rebecca Clements of KinokoFry fame for the link. Grant’s guest strip for KinokoFry is up this week.

Laban Alert!

Terry Laban has begun online serialization of Muktuk Wolfsbreath, Hard-Boiled Shaman (gotta love that name).

It’s a funny and smart strip so far, but that’s no surprise. Laban is a terrific writer and cartoonist and I’m sure he’ll have many great surprises up his sleeve in the coming weeks.

Definitely bookmark this one.

If any of you still “bookmark” things.

[link first seen on CR, I think]


Meanwhile, Shaman on YOU, anyone who’s stealing t-shirt designs from Jess Fink (or anyone else for that matter). There are some sick people out there!

Well, Well. Isn’t This the Best Thing Ever.

Doctor Cat is a comic about a cat who is also a doctor.

Doctor Cat does doctor stuff. And also cat stuff. As a result, sometimes things happen.


Doctor Cat!

[via Bonzi77]

Gingerbread Girl

So, there’s this silly, adorable, sexy little comic (NSFW, but only barely so far) called Gingerbread Girl by Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin running on Top Shelf’s ts2.0 section.

Like, I assume, all of the comics on ts2.0, Gingerbread Girl can be read online, but they’d really like you to actually buy the book. Which is reasonable, of course. They are a publisher.

Thing is, I really like the web presentation when you first get there. It’s clean, nicely designed. Colleen’s black and white artwork looks great online and they’ve thoughtfully broken the pages into two tiers each so they’ll fit on most screens.

Best of all, when I’m done reading Page One, I can just click and Page Two instantly loads. And when I’m done reading Page Two, I can just click and Page Three instantly loads. And when I’m…



…which is not true, because there are five more parts online already that I can read.

At this point, if I want to keep reading, I can ignore the alert box, find the drop down menu at the top or bottom of the page (maybe with a bit of scrolling), see the options to remind myself which installment I’m on, based on which installment is missing from the context sensitive menu (sophisticated touch, that) and select the next installment.

And… back to reading!

Fortunately, I only have to do this every three pages so it’s not distracting. No, not at all.

Is this what we’ve come to? When even the best designers (again, I like the way ts2.0 is designed for the most part) have to degrade the reading experience online for fear of making the print version superfluous?

2011, People.


Nancy and… Bucko?

Well, this seems to be the week of jaw-dropping over-the-top tributes.

Gaming in Obscurity’s guide to Five Card Nancy features host Ryan McSwain’s own home-made Five Card Nancy deck (learn about the game here) and a complete explanation of the rules and origins of the game and, um… me.

And then, about seven and a half minutes in, um…


…a thing happens.

I don’t know how to describe it. It’s wonderfully bizarre and funny, and — if you’re me — even more terrifying than yesterday’s infographic, but it’s kind of a must-see.

Meanwhile, back in Scott World Prime, Jeff Parker and Erika Moen have begun an adorable new webcomic called Bucko.

It’s off to a great start. I especially like the local, rainy, Portlandiness of it. Feels like a love letter to that wonderful, cartoonist-clogged city already. Definitely one to bookmark.

Have a great weekend!

Cartoonist Sighting

Natasha Allegri is like the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker* of comics artists. You have to camp out in her old natural habitat (LiveJournal apparently) for weeks to catch a glimpse, but it’s always worth it. Funny, wonderfully-drawn stuff.

There was a time when LiveJournal spread all the way from Venezuela to the northern tip of Uruguay, and Allegri was the talk of the rainforest. Literally the #2 account in terms of popularity at one point.

But her presence — like LJ itself — has dwindled due to… I dunno, actually. Day job, I assume.**

Now she’s joined the ranks of the many great cartoonists that deserves a much more solid web presentation.

Maybe, if we’re lucky, she has a big project on the way, and hasn’t just been struck by that humility virus that’s been going around. [see update below]

Keep your binoculars ready.

*[UPDATE #1: I have been informed that the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker is a bit more than rare. It may actually be EXTINCT. Clearly Natasha Allegri is not extinct. Sorry for any confusion. I just meant her Livejournal comics are rare and beloved.]

**[UPDATE #2: Yup. Allegri’s day job is working on Adventure Time. So yeah, gainfully employed, etc, etc… but I want more comics, dammit!]

[UPDATE #3: Fun fact: Pen Ward, creator of Adventure Time, took my original comics workshop at MCAD several years ago.]

[UPDATE #4: Okay, you can also follow her on Twitter, which links to her Tumblr, which seems to be updated a bit more often.]

[UPDATE #5: I am wrong about everything.]

Not a Dream! Not an Imaginary Story!

Congratulations to James Kochalka Superstar who has been named Cartoonist Laureate of the State of Vermont; the first time a cartoonist has held such a position.

[Correction: See Comment by Pat Race. It seems that Alaska beat Vermont to the punch.]

Anyone want to try to create such a position in one of the other 49? Imagine the competition in Oregon!

[News via Tom. Photo via Robot 6, I think.]

300+ Pages and She’s Just Getting Warmed Up

The Amazing Jenn Manley Lee recently completed Book One of her massive Dicebox story and started Book Two. And now you can order Book One in a swanky new print edition, with a zillion extras, directly from the artist.

When I think of all the rich, multilayered, meticulous full-color legend-spinning that went into Book One, the idea that she’s planning three more books makes my own hands shrivel up with shame. Be sure to help her get there today with your pre-orders.

Have a great weekend!

Well, That’s Just Gorgeous

The Twitterverse was all abuzz yesterday for this wonderful guide to facial expressions by Lackadaisy creator Tracy J. Butler. More than just a tutorial, the thing is a practically a work of art on its own (and should probably be a poster).

And naturally, if you like the tutorial and haven’t read the comic, now is as good a time as any.

And YES, let’s have fewer “Smarm Brows” out there, okay?

I Want to See More of Shel

Koren Shadmi has started serializing a great-looking new webcomic called The Abaddon. Just a few pages so far, so now’s a good time to grab a front row seat.

I enjoyed the Israel-American Shadmi’s 2009 collection In the Flesh. Shadmi’s stories are strange and bleak, and they feature some dark sexual politics, but they’re compelling and memorable.

Also: Love that crazy palette. And the web-friendly page format, of course.

Geez… too many quality webcomics to keep track of this month. Slow down, The Internet!