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Zot! The Complete B&W Collection

All 576 pages of the classic late '80s series in one volume.

“A brilliant superhero series that still holds up to the test of time 20 years later.”

-- New York Daily News

Making Comics

A classroom in a book. The ultimate how-to for visual storytellers.

“Scott McCloud's brilliant treatise [...] will delight amateur and artists and curious fans alike.”

-- Salon

Reinventing Comics

Exploring the past, present and potential futures of sequential art.

"Scott McCloud has got to be just about the smartest guy in comics."

--Frank Miller

Understanding Comics

The book that started it all: A 215-page comic about how comics work.

"Understanding Comics is quite simply the best analysis of the medium that I have ever encountered."

--Alan Moore

Older Printed Comics

The Original Zot!


Superman Stories

The New Adventures of Abraham Lincoln

The Big List