Sample Engagements

• Google
• Princeton University
• Sydney Opera House
• Disney Comic Writers Seminar
• New York University
• Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
• Stanford University
• Carnegie Mellon
• Savannah College of Art and Design
• Mitre
• Shanghai International Schools
• Texas A&M
• Ohio State University
• Adobe Systems
• eBay
• Comic-Con


• Pixar
• Harvard University
• The Smithsonian
• Microsoft
• National Cancer Institute
• Xerox PARC
• Game Developers Conference
• Georgia Tech
• Electronic Arts
• Lake Placid Film Festival
• Chicago Humanities Festival

Public Speaking
and Teaching


At Texas A&M, 2007. Photo by Peter Franklin for The Daily Texan

Since 1994, I've given hundreds of visual lectures at universities, computer events, corporations, museums, cultural festivals, and government organizations. And starting in 2002, I've also taught day and week-long seminars in the art of making comics for both amateur and professional groups.


The ever-evolving visual lecture includes a cascade of fast-changing images (as many as 700 in a single talk) from the worlds of comics and communication. Topics include comics culture, storytelling, innovation, media evolution, and the power of visual communication.

See an example of my presentation style from the 2005 TED Conference.

Length is 40 to 70 minutes depending on the occasion. Q & A can last as long as my hosts want. I've never gotten tired of answering questions. See the sidebars for a sample listing of past and future engagements.


On stage with "The Sims" creator Will Wright at the Game Developers Conference, San Jose 2002.

For more information on bringing me out to your event or organization, please contact me at the address at bottom.


In the Summer of 2002, I created a five-day seminar in comics storytelling for the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I've since developed one, two and three-day versions as well. Each class combines in-depth visual lectures, discussions and intensive hands-on exercises.


Class group shot from the 5-Day MIT comics seminar, 2003 (including Gan Golan, front fourth from left, who went on to draw the hit book Goodnight Bush!)

The focus is on visual communication, not virtuoso drawing ability. Newcomers and experienced artists are equally welcome.

Seminar locations have included such diverse locations as the Massachussets Institute of Technology, the Boston Arts Academy (a magnet high school) and a 3-day retreat in Spain for professional Disney comics writers.

For more details and pricing contact me at:




Recent and Upcoming

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europe map

June 7-8, 2013
Oslo Comics Expo

July 18-21, 2013
San Diego, CA
Comic-Con International

September, 2013
Brussels, BELGIUM
Comics Art Conference
Details TBA

September 26, 2013
South Hadley, MA
Mount Holyoke College
Details TBA

October, 2013
Muncie, IN
Ball State University
Details TBA

About the lectures

"The best Powerpoint presentation I've ever seen didn't use a single bullet point. It was performed by Scott McCloud..."

-- Tom Negrino
Creating a Presentation in Powerpoint

"...so good it will make your head explode."

-- Garr Reynolds
Presentation Zen

About the workshops

"...[McCloud] proved a personable, highly knowledgeable and engaged instructor, one who plainly cared and had thought a great deal about his subject. His ability to distill, organize and present his material seemed appreciated by and productive for his students."

-- Rich Kreiner
The Comics Journal