On the Drawing Board: An Update

Flame chasing a man down the stairs.

This probably won’t be in the book. It just makes me smile.

As some of you know, I’ve been working diligently on a big fat book about visual communication. It’s turned into an unusually complex project and it’s taking a long time, so thank you for your patience.

Long story short; I set out to catalogue all the fundamental design principles that successful visual communication is built upon. Early on, I was describing it as a kind of “Elements of Style for Visual Communication.” The problem is that as gargantuan a project as that was likely to be on its own, all of those design principles kept leading me back to the underlying principles of visual cognition. And visual cognition kept leading me back to evolution and biology. So the book kept growing and… Well, here we are.

I’ve finished the layouts and I’m working on revisions. Then on to finished art.

I’m still traveling and doing lectures and workshops, of course. I’ve also taken on some side projects here and there; mostly nonfiction technical comics explaining everything from neural networks to block chains. But the visual communications project is still where my heart lives most of the time, and where I’ve directed most of my work hours.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter for the occasional update (this blog will stay pretty quiet for a while until I can clear my drawing desk), or if you catch me on the road, you may see some of these ideas flying past you at a rate of 30-slides-per-minute. I’ve had a lot of fun working them into my talks!

Assuming that America is still standing when I’m finally done, I hope you’ll join me as we kick off a whole new great debate on a topic that’s increasingly important to me.

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