Consulting and Visualization

I’m a cartoonist, first and foremost, but I do consult with companies and organizations on a part-time basis. If you want help developing an idea, or want to incorporate comics directly into a project, let me know.

Past clients have included The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the National Cancer Institute, Google's Tilt Brush team, and The Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. In some cases, consulting services were requested in conjunction with a general lecture to members of a corporation or organization.

I'm wary of stepping too far outside my area of expertise, and I've declined to consult in cases where I thought my experience was too limited, but the projects I have agreed to consult on are an eclectic list to say the least. Drop me a line if you think we might have something to talk about.


chrome comic cover

The Google Chrome Comic. In 2008, I created a comic book for Google explaining the inner workings of their new open source browser Google Chrome.

The comic itself became a Web phenomenon when it shipped ahead of the browser and for two days was the only source of information about this major software release throughout the world.

Google Chrome Comic

“...a masterpiece of software documentation.”

-- Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“...akin to hiring Paul McCartney to write a jingle.”

-- The New York Times

“...one of the friendliest technical descriptions the software industry has yet produced.”

-- Forbes/Newsweek

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