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Cartoonists with Spare Time

Chris Duffy presided over years of wonderful comics in the recently demised and dearly missed Nick Magazine. In the best of all possible worlds, he’d still be hard at work on that front, but if Chris and the great cartoonists who worked with him are saddled with a little spare time, at least they found a fun way to spend it last weekend creating the July 4th Project.

Here’s Chris’ call to arms (and here’s the post at the Beat that led me there).

Winter, Neil, and the Postcard Avalanche

I took the pictures, but Ivy has all the details.

Thank you to all who responded to Neil‘s Twitter shout-out for postcards to help Winter’s class win their competition!

Winter was very touched, excited and grateful to all of the writers from around the globe. It would take her all summer vacation to respond personally to each, so we’re going to have to opt for the less personal forum of the Web to convey her thoughts, but know that she enjoyed each one. Thank you from the whole class and the whole family.

Thank You…

…to everyone who disagreed with yesterday’s post (or with each other) for doing so with such energy, good-humor, wit and intelligence. It’s fun to rant once in a while, but it’s also healthy to have that rant thouroughly tested from every direction. You guys are the best.

Off to Toronto now with the whole family. More news after the weekend.