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I Can't Stop Thinking


An online appendix to my 2000 book Reinventing Comics, "I Can't Stop Thinking" provided a forum for ongoing speculations about digital comics.

Click on any of the thumbnails at left (or the links below) to open an episode in a new window.

ICST #1: Intro to ICST and "The HTML Blues."

ICST #2: "The 99.9% Solution" - Diversity Online.

ICST #3: "10 Suggestions for First-Time WebComics Artists"

ICST #4: "Follow that Trail!"

ICST #5: "Coins of the Realm" Part One.

ICST #6: "Coins of the Realm" Part Two.

This stuff is really OLD and in many cases, no longer relevant. If one year equals seven in "internet time," you're looking at a 56 year-old comic, so apply any ideas you find here with caution. Some were controversial too. #5 and #6 nearly got me burned at the stake until I tried a micropayments system myself and failed a few years back, rendering me (mostly) harmless again.

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