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32 pages. Black and White one-shot.
Oversized - 11" x 15"

(A smaller 3-D version was also produced and may be floating around somewhere.)

destroy!! cover

After Zot! finished its first ten issue run in late '85, I took a year and a half break (not entirely voluntary, since the book was losing money at the time) and, apart from moving office furniture, I also decided to do a giant-sized one-shot filled with nothing but pure senseless violence from beginning to end.

I got the idea when I first heard people complaining about a Marvel comic called SuperBoxersand claiming that it was "nothing but senseless violence from beginning to end." I thought this sounded cool, but was disappointed, upon acquiring a copy, to discover that SuperBoxers included a plot, characterization, and other distractions. It wasn't PURE. Destroy!! was my attempt to get it right.

Destroy!! was half-jokingly credited by Alan Moore with getting the Image-era `90s started early.

Finding Destroy!! will require a trip to book reseller sites (or the brick-and-mortar variety), but I seem to recall a big pile of them turning up a few years ago, so it might not be too difficult.

destroy 2-page excerpt