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Writing Superman

In 1996, I was offered a job writing DC Comics' Superman Adventures, an all-ages comic based on the then-new WB Cartoon. I liked the cartoon a lot, and was conveniently broke that month so I figured I'd give it a go. I referred to this stint as my "day-job" at the time (every other comic I'd done had been creator-owned and written and drawn by me) but in truth, I enjoyed writing these stories and am even vaguely proud of them.

The first issue had been scripted by show co-creator Paul Dini, so I started with issue #2 and turned in an even dozen stories, ending with #13. Later, I scripted Justice League Adventures #16 in the same vein, and a three part prestige mini-series called Superman: Strength.

superman adventures cover

In 1998, DC put out a collection of the first six Superman Adventures (cover at left). Hopefully DC will do the same for the other stories someday. #6, the last story in this volume is probably my favorite, a time-running-backwards story called "Seonimod."

Justice League Adventures #16 shows up in volume 2 of the digest collection of series.

Superman: Strength hasn't been collected, but can probably be found in its original 3 volume incarnation pretty easily.

Rick Burchett and John Delaney pencilled Superman Adventures and Justice League Adventures, respectively. Superman Strength was pencilled by Aluir Amâncio. All were inked by Terry Austin.